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Pairing: Madara Uchiha x Hashirama Senju ((slight Iruka x Hashirama))

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns ;)

Warning: contains yaoi (male x male), OOC-ness, blood, foul language.



Chapter 11: Stop lying.

"Well?" Madara said as he turned impatient, staring at the Senju who wasn't sure what he was going to say. He leaned back, letting his body rest against the soft couch. "Madara, I honestly didn't mean what I said. I hope you realize that I really do care about you." Hashirama said as he watched the Uchiha snort. Madara knew that the Senju was the caring type of person and ever since Hashirama had seen him injured he had insisted that he would look after him. So far Hashirama had done a fine job at that. "I apologize 'dara. Please don't hate me over it. If I could reverse time I would do it, but I can't. Please give me a chance to prove that I lied back then." Hashirama asked kindly.

Madara sighed and rubbed the back of his head, comtemplating about what to do next. The Senju seemed genuine about his intentions. Madara thought of the night of the party, repeating everything that had happened. He had never had so many different emotions running through him. He had been so confused about everything. His body had screamed for more of Hashirama's touches, but his mind had screamed that Hashirama was a Senju and Senjus couldn't be trusted.

Madara was afraid that Izuna might never forgive him if he gave in to the feelings his body had. Though it seemed that Izuna and Hashirama got along pretty well. Madara sighed: "Fine". He said it so quietly that Hashirama could barely hear it. The senju's face lit up and he stared at Madara with slight disbelief. This was his chance to make the Uchiha his. After the party had ruint every chance for him to ever be more than friends with him this was the first new opportunity. "Thank you 'Dara. I won't disappoint you." Hashirama said, smiling at the raven.

Hashirama knew that he'd have to put a lot of effort into this chance. It would probably be best for them to start on more friendly terms then rushing it into a relationship straight away. Hashirama was overjoyed and spent the rest of the day trying to do things with Madara that they both enjoyed. The raven seemed willing to play video games so they spent the evening playing until they had to make dinner. Madara suggested that he would make dinner and Hashirama offered to help him, but the raven refused any help. Hashirama chuckled at Madara's stubbornness, but let the Uchiha have his way in the kitchen.

Dinner had been one of the most delicious meals he had ever eaten. Madara's cooking skills were excellent and it made Hashirama somewhat jealous that Izuna would always eat this kind of amazing food every day at home. Madara displayed the smallest of smiles when Hashirama complimented him. It seemed like Madara was finally opening up a little. Even if it was only a little. They cleaned the dishes together and afterwards Hashirama watched Madara get some stuff for the night. Hashirama had asked the Uchiha if he needed anything, but Madara had said that Hashirama had already done enough for him, seeing that Hashi had made the bed and cleaned the guest room before he even arrived.

The brown-haired Senju had left Madara alone so he could change and get ready for bed, doing the same in his (Hashi's) own room. Hashirama prepared some tea in the kitchen, taking two cups with him and knocking on the guestroom door. When he didn't receive an answer he quietly opened the door and saw Madara lying in bed, breathing softly and slowly. Hashirama's face turned happy and he smiled, closing the door and letting Madara sleep. He walked to his own bedroom and put the cups on the nightstand, getting into bed himself as well. He drank his cup of tea and read a book, relaxing before lying down and going to sleep.


The night had been quite peaceful for a change. Madara and Hashirama had both slept until nine in the morning, without any interruptions during the night. In the morning they drank tea and ate cereal together, slowly waking up with the sun shining through the windows. They hadn't bothered to get dressed yet and sat at the dining table in the kitchen with the Senju wearing a robe and underwear, while Madara wore a grey night shirt and his boxers. The Uchiha's hair was a mess, but somehow it made him more attractive to Hashirama. Madara noticed the glances of Hashirama that were aimed at him, but decided not to look up. They ate in silence, both still a little sleepy and trying to wake up.

When they finished breakfast they cleaned up and Madara went to the bathroom to shower and to do his hair. Hashirama cleaned up the kitchen table and went to his room to pick out a set of clothes he could wear today. By now it was eleven in the morning when Hashirama heard knocking on his front door. Madara just got out of the shower and was rubbing his wet hair with a towel, standing just outside the bathroom door to see what was going on. Hashirama smiled briefly at him before making his way to the front door to see who was on his porch.

"Good morning, Hashirama-chan." Iruka smiled wildly, looking at Hashirama whom was still not dressed properly. Hashirama blinked, not expecting to see Iruka at his front door at this time of the day. "Good morning, Iruka." Hashi said, opening the door a little wider. "What brings you here?" He asked, tilting his head slightly. Iruka explained to him that since it was beautiful weather he wanted to do something outside. Iruka blushed slightly, which confused Hashirama, but he soon understood why Iruka was being flustered. "I was wondering.. Would you like to go out together today?" Iruka said, avoiding eyecontact for a moment so he wouldn't get more embarrassed. It was his first time asking a guy out and he was quite nervous about it.

Madara, still rubbing his hair, had followed Hashirama, but remained hidden from sight. He stood in the livingroom listening to the two brown-haired males. He overheard most of the conversation and growled inwardly. He was confused by this, because he didn't understand why it would make him feel annoyed if Hashirama was asked out by someone.

"Uhm.." Hashirama wasn't quite sure what to do. He was looking forward to spending the day with Madara, but it would be rude of him to decline the request from Iruka. Iruka had been a good friend of him for a while now and Hashirama knew he had to be careful with what he said, because Iruka was unsure about asking people out. "I don't have anything planned for today yet." Hashirama said, not directly saying 'yes, I'm free to go'. Iruka smiled, blushing more and looking a little more confident about the whole situation. "Shall I pick you up at one?" He asked. Hashirama nodded and smiled friendly, saying 'see you later' to Iruka before closing the door. He was hoping Madara hadn't heard, but when he turned around he saw Madara glaring at a wall. Hashirama closed the distance between them, but Madara didn't move an inch. His posture was tense; his shoulders broad, his hands into fists, his eyes narrowed; glaring.

"Madara?" Hashirama spoke softly, reaching his hand out to Madara's arm. The Uchiha yanked it away before Hashirama could touch him. "Don't touch me, Senju." Madara snapped, looking directly at him, his glare having softened a little. "I need to get dressed." He said, looking down at himself, seeing that he was still wearing his shirt and boxers. He turned and walked back to the bathroom, tossing the towel into the sink and grabbing a comb to brush his hair. Hashirama had followed quietly, going to get dressed into his own room. Madara minded his own business, greatly confused by his mind that was telling him he was angry at Hashirama. He had no reason to be angry or whatsoever, because they were barely even friends. But something inside him wouldn't let the situation rest.

A few hours passed while the both of them did things to entertain themselves. Hashirama tried to make a conversation sometimes, but Madara's replies were either short or 'Hn'. Madara was studying scrolls when there was knocking on the front door. Hashirama knew it was Iruka and said to Madara that he would be out for a few hours. Madara didn't make any sign to confirm that he heard the Senju. Hashirama looked down, smiling a tad sad, but leaving nonetheless. He greeted Iruka and they went to the parc together to spend time together.

After Hashirama had left Madara got up and walked to the bedroom. He collapsed on the bed, tangling his fingers in his hair and pulling harshly. Why was he getting so upset about Iruka and Hashirama going on a date? He shut his eyes tightly, letting out a scream and rolling over onto his stomach. "Stupid, idiotic Senju." Madara snarled, getting even more annoyed with himself. Why did he ever agree to stay at the Senju's residence to get looked after. He could look after himself. The wound hadn't reopened anymore after Hashirama's stitching so it would've been fine if he had just gone home. But instead he had agreed to get pampered by someone who was doing this mindfucking to him.

After contemplating whether to stay or not Madara finally found his resolve. He got up from the bed and grabbed his stuff, shoving them back into his bag. He worked quickly and made sure to leave the room cleaned up and tidy. He held his bag in his right hand and closed the door of the guestroom behind him. He was startled to see Hashirama come in through the front door. He looked at the Senju surprised before he turned to face him, walking to the llivingroom. Hashirama looked at him confused, a frown covering his features.

"Madara, what's going on?" He asked with concern. He didn't like the look of things; Madara standing in front of him with a packed bag in his right hand. Hashirama knew that going on a date with Iruka would create an awkward situation, but now things were getting out of hand.

"I'm leaving. I can look after myself. I have no reason to stay." Madara said sharply. He looked at Hashirama one last time before moving past him. Hashirama reached out quickly and grabbed Madara's left arm, holding him back and stopping him from leaving.

"What brought this on? Why do you suddenly want to leave?" Hashirama asked, having a firm grip on Madara's arm. The Uchiha glared and yanked his arm loose, ready to storm out of the house. Hashirama's eyes widened, but he wasn't about to give in.

"Madara!" He yelled angrily, grabbing the Uchiha's arm once again and yanking him back before he could reach the doorknob of the front door. "Don't act so childish. What is going on?" Hashirama demanded to know. Madara che'd and replied angrily. "If you want to talk about feelings you can go to that damn Iruka. Spare me the nuisance."

Hashirama looked utterly confused. Why would Madara think that he wanted to talk about feelings with Iruka? They were just friends and went out to have a fun afternoon together. Hashirama had no intentions of it being anything more than a friendly day out. Hence the reason why he had left early and told Iruka that he wanted to go home to spend time with Madara. "Madara, all I care about are your feelings. Why don't you ever talk about them? It's not good to keep things hidden inside yourself." Hashi tried, hoping that Madara would stop his idiotic behaviour.

"Che. Don't you remember? I don't feel anything." Madara replied, using the same words he had used during the nigh tof the party, hoping that Hashirama would be just as upset now as he was then so he could leave already. He didn't actually want to leave. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to hit Hashirama for doing this to him and tell him how he actually felt.

Hashirama noticed how Madara said the same as he had said at the party, but this time he wasn't about to give in to Madara's manipulation. "Lies, Madara. You're upset, because I went out with Iruka, isn't it? You're angry, because you wanted me to decline his invitation. You wanted me to take you out on a date, tell me I'm lying Madara. Tell me. But you can't." Hashirama closed the distance between them, looking straight into Madara's eyes.

Madara angrily yanked his arm loose again, turning around and reaching for the doorknob. "Madara, quit it!" Hashirama slammed his hands into the door, aside Madara's body, pinning him against the door. "Stop running away." Hashirama leaned closer, his face inches from Madara's. "I love you." He whispered, connecting their lips together in a rough forceful kiss. Madara gasped and whimpered, dropping his bag and pushing with his hands against Hashirama's chest. The Senju didn't give in at all, instead licking at Madara's bottom lip and pushing his tongue into Madara's mouth, licking and battling with his tongue. Madara whimpered quietly and his hands stop pushing Hashirama away. He was enjoying the kiss far too much. His mind went foggy and he decided to stop fighting his feelings, kissing Hashirama back and allowing him into his mouth. Hashirama pulled away, leaving the both of them breathless. "Stop lying to yourself and be mine." He said, not allowing Madara to reply and instead kissing him roughly again.

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