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Chapter 7: Love is a strange feeling.

~ little flasback to get y'all back in the mood ~

The elder Uchiha quickly found his way to the front door. He definitely needed some fresh air. Grabbing a drink on the way he stepped outside and leaned on the railing of the balcony.

Several stars were shining brightly in the night sky. They seemed like a sparkle in someone's eyes. Madara tried to focuss on the peace of outside, but behind him he heard yelling mixed up with music. His headache started to get more severe. The cold wind blew through his night black hair and made a shiver run down his spine.


"Hey what's up with you?" Tobirama asked his brother as he walked into the kitchen. He was holding a drink close to him as he approached the older Senju that looked rather sad.

"Hey." Hashirama started with a quiet wisper. He turned around and faced the concerned look of his otouto as he quickly looked down to the floor. Although he didn't want Tobirama to get worried he also wanted to talk to someone whom he could share anything with

"Why are you here? Did'nt Madara go outside?" Tobirama looked questioningly at his brother while he took another sip of his drink. He wondered why his brother wasn't having any fun like himself. He and Izuna were having a great time together and got to know each other quite well. Tobi knew how much his brother thought about the Uchiha and it seemed that said person was the cause for Hashirama's sad behavior.

"Yea, he did." Was the only respons coming from the oldest male. He doubted that Madara would appreciate company after that 'truth-or-dare' game. After all that was the reason for the Uchiha to leave the house. Hashirama couldn't take his mind off thinking about the black-haired male.

"Shouldn't you go and see how he's doing?" Tobirama folded his arms over each other as he tilted his head staring at his nii-san. It was rare to see the older male being confused and doubtful; normally Hashirama was such an outgoing person and was always in for a chat. It annoyed the younger Senju that the Uchiha has such a big influence on his brother. He couldn't get himself to understand how Izuna and Madara could ever be brothers. Izuna was such a sweet, cute and nice young man while on the other hand his older brother was a sadistic evil creature. However that didn''t change the way Tobirama felt about his own nii-san. He wanted to get Hashi back into a cheerful and happy mood as soon as possilbe so they would both be enjoying the party.

"Maybe. I don't know."

"So.. Are you going to avoid him all night?" Tobi questioned.

"No.. well.. maybe.."

"Alright, that's it! You're going to talk to him NOW." Tobirama got a firm hold on his brother's wrist as he pulled him (Hashi) along to the front door. If he had to go about it this way it left no other choice for Tobi but to force his brother.

"Hey Tobi! Wait.. I'm not ready.." The older Senju stumbled after the younger as Tobirama pulled the door open and shoved Hashirama outside.

"Hell if I care. Just make yourself ready already." And with that Hashirama received a slam of the door in his face. The last thing he heard Tobirama say was: 'Talk'. He sighed deeply and turned around seeing the Uchiha lean on the railing with his arms. He saw Madara look at the stars and being lost in thoughts as the Senju carefully approached the other male.

"Beautiful isn't it?" He slowly leaned down to rest his arms on the railing aswell. He looked up and wondered if Madara liked stars. After a while the raven turned his head toward the brunette and stared at him as they made eyecontact. Nothing happened for a full minute and then all of a sudden the Uchiha rose and turned around heading back inside. The Senju stood perplexed at what just happened. Madara was already back inside the house while Hashirama was left alone.


'I can't do it,' Madara thought as he walked past all the other people in his house trying to reach his bedroom. 'I cannot betray Izuna.' He continued as he saw the younger chatting with some friends.

"Izu, I'm going to lie down for a few moments. You are in charge so don't make a mess of it!" Madara commanded as he saw his brother give him the ' thumbs-up' signal. He trusted his brother in taking care of the party for a while when he felt a headache come up. As he walked into the bedroom he refused to switch on any kind of light. He just wanted to get some rest and maybe sleep for some time.

His mind however continued thinking: 'I cannot forgive those Senju's for what they have done to Izuna. They are all the same. He (Hashirama) won't be any different from the one's whom tried to rape my precious otouto.'


Hashirama didn't want to believe that Madara had just left him there standing on his own. His mind trailed off as he figured it would be best to go back to Tobirama or some other friends. 'So that's it hm? He won't even talk to me anymore. I was so stupid for thinking that we could be friends or even more.. That would never happen of course. I'm too different.' He closed the door behind him when he saw Tobi approach him with a curious look spread on his face.

"So.. what did he say?" Tobi asked.

"He didn't say anything at all; he just stared and walked back inside." Hashirama told his otouto with a sad expression in his eyes. He avoided any eyecontact and rubbed his fingers together not knowing what to do with his hands.

"Hm." Tobirama said with a frown. "So now you're giving up?"

"What else am I supposed to do Tobi? He made himself perfectly clear; he doesn't want to talk to me."

"And you never even wonder why he doesn't want to? I thought you always wanted to know the 'why' behind everything." Tobirama was surprised that his brother took no for an answer. He wasn't at all used to that. Normally Hashi always got what he wanted. Why was it so different this time?

"I do, but I can't force him to talk to me. That would make me feel guilty." To Hashirama it felt like this was the first time he was actually in love and he wanted to make it work. Not just some one night-stand or an unsteady relationship, but a real honest relationship that would last long. And he knew that he wanted no one else than Uchiha Madara.

"Just go talk to him bro. Convince him to spend some time with you." Tobirama encouraged. His brother just needed that little push in the right direction.


"No.. no but's.. give it a try."

"Alright..I'll go." The Senju gave in with a little smile at seeing his brother wink at him.

Hashirama quickly followed Madara to where he had gone to. Once he saw the door standing open he peeked inside to see that it looked like Madara's bedroom. He stepped inside quietly and closed the door behind him when he saw the Uchiha turn around to see whom had followed him.

Upon seeing Hashirama inside his bedroom Madara's eyes widened a little and the surprise was shown on his face. He took a few steps back as he saw the Senju come closer and closer to him eventually putting an arm around the Uchiha's waist and pulling him close.

Hashirama knew what to do for he had fantisized about this kind of scene since long time ago. Having the beautiful raven-haired man all for him self.. Touching every part of his skin.. Looking deep into his eyes. This was the moment for it all to happen. He reached on of his hands out to place it in Madara's neck so he could draw their faces even closer. Softly grabbing the silk hair he was now inches removed from the pink soft lips. Hashi gathered his courage and with that kissed the Uchiha on the tasty lips.

It only took a few seconds for Madara to finally give in. The raven opened his mouth inch by inch and let the taller male explore his mouth. All the while Hashirama pushed their bodies together and moved closer to the bed. When Madara's legs hit the side of it Hashirama pushed him (Madara) down onto the bed.

Slowly he got on top of the Uchiha whom seemed to understand what was happening. It was like his mind had gone blank for a moment and he had forgotten all that had happened due to the Senju's. The pleasure took over and soon his whole body was in heat. It felt great to receive this kind of affection from the other male even though it was very wrong. On top of that it had always been very hard to impress the great Uchiha, but somehow Hashirama had found a way.

Madara lay on his back while the strong hands of the man above him ghosted over his body. The hands went lower and softly grabbed the shirt and removed it from Madara's flawless body. Madara stared up to Hashirama whom was studying the body of the man he had yearned for so long.

A good looking chest, abs, pink nipples.. It was all just too cute. How could you not adore this man? And then his face.. Lust filled eyes, moist lips, black spikey hair all over the pillow. It was a sight one would never forget.

Hashirama had never expected cooperation from Madara so he was surprised that everything had went smoothe so far. The Uchiha's breaths were a little quickened and he was already slightly panting. He needily grabbed Hashi's shirt and gave a tug at it. Hashirama caught the hunt and removed his own shirt and tossed it on the floor carelessly. Madara's hair was all messy now and the Senju loved it. The wildness of the Uchiha was something that turned him on beyond normal. Tracing his fingers over Madara's face bending over for a kiss he started to mark the younger male with marks on his collarbone.

"Ngh." Escaped from Madara's mouth. He squirmed at the feeling of Hashirama biting his skin carefully and moving his hands over his (Madara's) nipples. At first the Senju was just rubbing, but soon he pinched and licked them aswell. Madara didn't want to moan or make pleasured sounds. It was making him feel way to easy to get. Although it didn't help that the older male kept on making him feel good.

Soon Hashirama wanted more than just kissing and licking Madara's mouth and chest. He moved his left hand to the waistband of Madara's pants slowly undoing it. Madara was getting impatient and feeling painfully hard already so he decided to help the Senju out a bit by pulling his own pants down as quick as he could. The taller male chuckled softly at the needy behavior of his obsession.

Suddenly the Senju stopped moving. He realized something very important; if he would continue doing this to the one he loved it would be no different than the one night-stands or unsteady relationships he had had in the past. It would be wise to stop now and discuss the situation with Madara first.

Sitting up on the bed Hashirama spoke: "Madara, I don't know how you feel about me, but I want you to know that I'm serious about this. There is nobody else I want and all I really need is you to be with me. I will love you no matter what happens."

"..." Madara remained silent.

"All I want is you to acknowledge our relationship as lovers."


"Mada say something please?" The Senju cupped Madara's cheek with his hand as he stared into the deep black eyes. Madara still hadn't replied and all he did was stare at his hands which were in his lap covering his hard-on. Hashirama couldn't wait much longer and pulled the lightweighted man into his own lap.

"Please tell me how you feel?" Hashirama really wanted to know why his love was being so silent. It was a little bit making Hashirama feel uncomfortable with such an awkward silence. He knew that Madara never spoke about feelings, but he was silently hoping that the Uchiha would show him some.

After a while Madara finally looked up into dark brown eyes and said: "I don't feel anything." His face was emotionless, but something in his eyes made Hashirama understand that what Madara had said was a lie. They both knew it was. Though the look in Mada's eyes seemed like a bit of anger and a bit of sadness. Of course the Senju didn't want to provoke his love any more, but he wanted to know his love's true feelings.

"If that is so then why didn't you stop me? You wanted this just as much as I did." Hashirama said.

"I... I was going to but.."

"But what?"

"..." Madara quickly looked away not knowing what to say as excuse. He felt a little blush spread over his cheeks and he saw the Senju stare at him while holding his hands around Madara's waist... very low..

Annoyed as he was the Senju knew that this was all he would get out of this conversation. "Alright. If that's the case.." He carefully placed Madara next to him on the bed and rose. He turned to look at the raven's face one more time before heading to the door.

"Hey wait! I didn't mean it like that." The Uchiha spoke up. He didn't want to appear as weak, but he knew for sure that Hashirama was hurt. He bit his lip as he walked up to Hashi and tried to grab said man's hand, but Hashirama couldn't let Madara touch him anymore. It hurt his heart that Madara would never truly love him or acknowledge him.

"No Mada, if you don't feel anything I will leave you alone." The Senju said while he hid a tear under his dark brown locks of hair. He saw Madara stand behind him not knowing what to say or how to say what he was thinking.

"Wait.." Madara tried one last time as Hashirama walked away from him, but it was without result. Madara now understood what it felt like to lose someone you care about. He felt so empty and cold and alone.. He knew that he had feelings deep down for the tanned male, but he had no idea how to voice them. In any case it would be very hard to make this up.

"Hashirama don't do this.. don't leave.." Madara pleaded as a last resort.

"I have to. I'm sorry, but you will never acknowledge me. It's too late. I'm sorry." Hashirama spoke as you could hear his voice tremble from both pain and tears. So this was this end of their friendship and Hashirama's hope to be more than friends.


"Man," Tobirama thought standing on the other side of the door to Madara's bedroom, "They really have been long in there. No wonder if they're having sex already." Although he couldn't hear anything that might've pointed out they were indeed having a go at it. Though suddenly the door opened and revealed Hashirama with tears on his eyes.

Tobirama watched his brother worriedly and tried to soothe and calm him. Hashirama quickly closed the door behind him so Madara wouldn''t follow or hear him anymore. Tears streamed down his cheeks while the young Senju put an arm around his (Hashi's) shoulders.

"It's alright nii-san, he's not worth it trust me." He soothed. "Let's just go home and get you in bed." Hashirama replied with a nod and let his younger brother take him home.


"You stupid stupid idiot!" Madara screamed at himself. He was very angry at himself for hurting Hashirama like that. Usually he didn't care about insulting anyone, but Hashirama had been so honest with him and so open. He had never experienced that with anyone. He never loved, he never cared for anyone, he was just living with Izuna whom was the only person he truly care about.

"What is this crazy feeling?" He said aloud as he felt his heart race. It was so weird to him. Like a fire was over his whole body and he couldn't think straight anymore.

After a little while something else occurred to him which he thought would never be possible to happen to him. A colorless liquid streamed down his cheeks. He collapsed to his knees and just sat there crying his heart out. He didn't know how to stop it, but neither did he want to. The tears just kept rolling down as he hugged his arms to his chest trying to get the broken feeling away.

When Izuna came inside the bedroom and saw his brother lying on the floor he immediately understood what had happened. He hooked his arms around Madara's thin body and lifted him carefully. Izuna noticed the soaked-with-tears face from his nii-san's face and felt a little bad for him.

He laid his brother down on the bed and pulled the covers up over his whole body. Madara's eyes seemed to open a bit to see whom was comforting him.

"Don't leave me.." He spoke while he closed his eyes thinking: 'Hashi..'

"Shh, it's okay aniki. Go to sleep." Izuna said to him while lying down next to his brother. The young Uchiha stroke his brother's hair out of his face softly and sang a song in Madara's ear. About ten minutes later the tears finally seemed to have disappeared as Madara sighed and slept.

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