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Chapter 3: A Walk in the Park


A mop of black hair bounced up and down while running laps around a young, arm-linked, smiling couple.

People that passed them wouldn't normally react, being used to the toddlers energetic behavior… but, what it wasn't normal, was the sight of the world's most powerful shinobi arm in arm with the world's best medic-nin, each sharing a love-struck look with the other.

People who usually worked with the pinkette were stopping in the middle of the street, shocked at seeing that look in a women who never showed the slightest interest in even the most gorgeous specimens of either male and female that crossed her path on a daily basis… even if those people displayed interest in her.

Those that were familiar with the blonde hero were the only ones not affected enough, by the startling picture, to stop their stride. As in their mind, they always knew that there was no limit to what Naruto could accomplish. And the Jinchuuriki's infatuation with Sakura was also known to those who were very familiar with both.

For the remaining population that passed them, you could see females glaring fireballs at the pinkette, while the males were wishing that some galactic force would switch their lives with the blonde's.

Izumi suddenly changed trajectory and ran up to a women and a man that had stopped close to each other, looking at the happy couple with jealous eyes.

She stuck out her tongue at them, "Na-ahahaha! They are already taken, suckaaaaars!" she shot the words at them before running away while laughing out loud.

Sakura shook her head at her daughter's behavior while Naruto chuckled at her enthusiasm brought by their union.

"Izumi… behave" her mother tried, but it mostly fell on deaf ears as they had been entering the park, which made the little girl bounce away to the nearest ice-cream seller… hands full of money previously given to her by her father just after leaving home. "I wonder if she isn't somehow related to you or the Uzumaki clan. She has as much spunk as I remember you having when we were younger…" The young female voiced, with a sigh, to the young male next to her.

They walked in the direction of a nearby bench. "Well… she isn't related to Uchihas nor Naras that's for sure, even if she has black hair." Naruto said with a chuckle.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Thank god! I've had enough of being around emos to last a lifetime. And not that I don't like Shikamaru and his family… but unless the will of fire is pushing them to do something, they just sit around all day doing nothing interesting… hm, poor Temari" she commented, making both laugh as they sat down.

The Hokage to be made some space for his fiancé to sit down next to him, but she surprised him by just dropping her weight on his lap, making him release a 'Hoof!', before chuckling and readjusted himself so both of them could be comfortable. "Now now, Saku-chan… who gave you permission to use me as a chair?" he playfully asked.

She smirked, "I don't think I need permission to sit on a chair that belongs with me."

The blonde raised a brow. "You mean 'belongs to me'… no?" he questioned her. She smiled mischievously while wiggling her bottom to get side-ways on his lap, before placing an arm behind him to grab a fistful of blonde mop.

"Yes, that too…" The pinkette declared before going down and pressing her lips against his. It started out slow and passionate, but it quickly took a turn… for the worst?

( ?-rated)

Both moaned as the kiss deepened into a tongue 'tug of war' with no end in sight. Naruto wrapped his left arm around her waist and his right one pulled her legs closer to him, while Sakura had hers wrapped around his neck. The blonde grazed her tongue with his teeth, drawing gasping moans and shudders from the pink bundle on top of him. Her own mind started screaming for more from him, and she could feel her blood flowing to her chest and bellow her belly.

The blue eyed male was also feeling intoxicated by the kunoichi in his arms. While his left arm was busy keeping her from falling backwards, his right hand was free to explore the layout of her sensual body. From her thighs to her hip, he felt every inch, and heard every resulting moan. Naruto moved his hand inside her shirt, feeling the green eyed female's soft, tantalizing skin and drawing even more moans… which she tried her best to suppress by continuing to battle his tongue with her own.

His hand eventually reached up to her left mound, swelled from all the ecstasy that she was going through. Sakura gasped aloud, her hand flying instantly inside her shirt to grab his, and the blonde immediately thought he had gone too far too fast. But instead of pulling it away, she pressed her hand down on his… making it roughly squeeze her bra-covered breast and crushing her hard and sensitive nipple in between. This ended up 'numbing' both their minds enough that they actually thought they were in their bedroom… alone.

( ?-rated)

So when they heard a loud throat-clearing noise beside them… the shock was enough to propel them both against the bench at high speeds. Too bad that bench had not been nailed to the ground, as the kinetic energy created from their motion was enough to make it fall backwards, "Woah!-Kyaah!" came the astonished cries of a falling blonde and pinkette, respectively.

Izumi, the owner of the throat-clearing sound, watched her parents collapse in a messy entanglement with a sigh and a shake of the head, before proceeding to lick her ice-cream. "My parents are so… err, what's the word? Goofy? Yeah, that's it…" the brown eyed child thought with several giggles before looking to her side at her company, who kept staring at her parents with a very wide-opened mouth.

"Forehead?" The newcomer inquired to the groaning female currently rising from the ground behind the bench. Not a second later, a mop of blonde hair also tried to rise, which elicited a gasp from this newcomer, "N-Naruto!"

(About 5 or 6 minutes ago)

The black haired toddler reached the ice-cream man, "Err, excuse me?" The man was startled when he heard the voice as he was looking in front of his counter… but saw nothing. Figuring it may have been his imagination, as the voice hadn't felt that loud, he continued organizing his products.

Izumi got annoyed at the "baka ice-man!", so she went around his counter and stopped behind him. "Hey!" she shouted, making the guy jump out of his skin with a scared 'Gah!'.

He quickly turned around to spot a mop of black hair, so he looked lower to see an annoyed little girl's face under that mop. "O-oh… sorry, I didn't see you from behind my counter young miss. Would you like something?" he asked after apologizing.

Her face quickly gained a smile as she imagined her order. "Yeah! I want one of those triple cones! The flavors are dark chocolate, brown chocolate, and white chocolate! Oh! I also want some of those chocolate sprie-sprykles… errr, sprinkles! On top please. And while you're at it, stick in three of those chocolate-cracker tubes inside each flavor ball!" she finished enthusiastically. The ice-cream man looked at her with a sweat-drop at the chocolate overkill she ordered, but then he just sighed and got to work.

"Wow, that is some order you made there Izumi-chan" declared a voice coming from behind.

As Izumi turned, her face changed into a big smile at seeing who it was, "Ino!" Said person smiled and went down to hug her best-friend's adopted daughter.

"He-he, how are you? Eating well I see!" Both chuckled, the toddler did so with an embarrassed scratch of her head like Naruto usually does. "Is your mom here with you?"

The black haired girl nodded enthusiastically as she went to receive her ice-cream and pay the man. "She is over there… come, I'll lead the way!" Ino nodded with a smile and proceeded to follow Izumi, looking down at her. "She is soooo cute" the blue eyed blonde female thought.

When Izumi stopped near a bench, Ino turned a questioning gaze towards her, and was going to ask why they stopped here… most of all, so close to a couple in the middle of a heavy make out, or at least looked like it from her peripheral vision. But then the little girl cleared her throat loudly, and Ino widened her eyes at what would possibly infuriate the couple.

To say that she was not expecting to see what she saw next would be an understatement… as the couple jumped, scared half to death, releasing shouts of "Woah!-Kyaah!" And something caught her eye… a flash of pink from the person on top, before they fell backwards with the bench. Her mouth and eyes widened a lot. Ino knew there was only one person in the entire village with that hair color. Hell, not even that person's parents had it, as it belonged to a great-grandmother's genetic line.


To think that Sakura… who never had a relationship in her entire life, or better yet, hadn't had a kiss in her entire existence, "Or so I thought" was currently making out with some stranger in front of her daughter… it made Ino mad. Not because of the activity, but because she apparently isn't the women she appears to be in front of her blonde friend. She may secretly be, after all, a man-eater.

Ino's current thoughts about the pinkette made a one-eighty turn when a blond unruly mop of hair arose from bellow her friend. "OMG!"… "N-Naruto?" she asked after a shocked gasp. Her best friend wasn't a man-eater! The blonde female now felt kind of silly for thinking it. BUT! Sakura was still in a looooad of trouble… how dare, she not tell Ino about her and the Jinchuuriki.

Sakura, recognizing the voice, looked at its owner. "Aaaaaaah… fffffffffffudge…" she voiced with a grown. If the face of her second best friend (Naruto being the obvious first) was anything to go by, she was in for a bothersome talk, as Ino was sure to press the pinkette with details down to the very movement of each atom.

"O-oh… h-hey Ino." Naruto greeted with a blush, still tangled with Sakura on the floor. The blonde female huffed, looking at the medic-nin on the ground with piercing eyes.

"Well well well! You have some explaining to do forehead! As it appears the Uzumaki family is more united than everyone thought!" she let out, calling them the 'uzumaki family' by making a reference to Izumi's last name after her adoption: Uzumaki Izumi…

However, the little girl in question did not catch on that meaning… and… "How did you know Ino? They only got engaged a few hours ago…" The Yamanaka snapped her eyes back at Sakura, flabbergasted by the revelation.

"Aaaaaaah… double ffffffffffudge…" the pinkette let out in frustration. Scratch atoms… the gossip junkie would want details even on the energy levels of every electron.

The interrogation prodigy blinked in realization. "Wait a minute… was this the reason why I had to fill someone's place in a classroom just a while ago, at the request of the Hokage?" she inquired with an outraged expression.

"Oh bloody hell…" forget electrons now. It would be on the freakin' 'gluon and quark' detail level… "Triple fudge…" Sakura mumbled.

Izumi looked at her mother, "Fudge? No mommy… it's triple chocolate ice-cream" she corrected, completely oblivious to de despair on the pinkette's face. Naruto was the only one laughing at his daughter's cluelessness, thinking that maybe his fiancé was right… maybe the toddler really had some Uzumaki blood in her.

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