My attempt at a multi chapter story.

Summary: new born Rosalie is having trouble trusting Carlisle and Edward, Esme sets out to help her in any way she can.

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"She has been in her room for 4 days Carlisle, she only leaves it to hunt, I'm worried about her"

Carlisle listened to his Wife has she stood staring out the window of his office, he strolled slowly over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder,

"she has been through a traumatic experience Esme, it will take her awhile to heal, but honestly I did expect her to feel more comfortable around us by now"

Esme lifted one hand rubbing her husbands forearm and relaxing into him

"Edward finds it too hard to be around her, her thoughts and memories are too much for him to deal..."

Esme was cut short mid sentence as a loud thud filled the house, they ran at vampire speed to find the source

" how dare you enter my room without permission!"

Esme and Carlisle quickly took in the scene in front of them, Rosalie had Edward lifted off the ground pinned against the hallway wall by his neck, her figures twisted in anger and fury,

"I heard your thoughts Rosalie, I couldn't let you do that! Even if I do despise you I won't let you kill yourself"

A loud gasp escaped Esme's mouth at Edwards words, Rosalie and Edward turned quickly to Carlisle and Esme, Rosalies expression flashed from anger to guilt for just a split second before she turned her attention back to Edward

" stay out of my Head! "

" don't you think if I could I would! This isn't something I can control "

Carlisle took a few steps forward

" please Rosalie, let Edward go "

Her eyes narrowed and she loosened her grip on his throat, then released him watching him slide down the wall to the ground, she took a few steps back

" I can't do this anymore, I don't want this.. You should have left me to die "

She turned to Carlisle has she spoke, Esme took a few steps forward standing in front of Carlisle

" please Rosalie darling don't speak like that, I know what your going through, the pain and memories will fade in time "

Rosalie growled and spoke through gritted teeth

" how can you possibly understand what I am going through? Don't insult me by pretending to know my pain! "

Rosalie quickly turned and jumped out of her bedroom window running at new born speed into the forest.

" I will go talk to her "

She looked at Carlisle as she spoke knowing he would know what she wanted to talk about


She turned to Edward has he spoke her name

" be careful.. Shes isn't thinking clearly, she was thinking about setting herself on fire.. She wants it to end "

Esme looked saddened at his words but simply nodded her head and kissed Carlisle before quickly following the young blonde vampire into the forest.

Esme ran at vampire speed through the thick dense forest following Rosalie's scent, she slowed down as her scent grew stronger, reaching a clearing Esme spotted Rosalie sat at the edge of a small lake, her bare feet dangling in the water,

" Rosalie? "

Rosalies shoulders sagged as she slowly turned making eye contact with Esme for a brief second before turning back towards the lake, Esme saw her silence as a good sign but walked towards her slowly with caution

" may I join you? "

Rosalie nodded still looking out at the lake, Esme sat next to her removing her shoes and dangling her feet in the water too, the sun choose that very moment to shine through the clouds, the vampire women looked down at their legs and feet as their skin sparkled like a thousand diamonds

" I don't think I will ever get used to that "

As Rosalie spoke Esme was sure there was a hint of a smile on her lips as she spoke,

" I remember when I was changed.. I found it very hard, back then I had only Carlisle and Edward, I found it very hard being around them, it took me years to trust Carlisle, many more for me to trust Edward and especially regard him as a son "

Rosalie took in her words then turned her head facing the other vampire woman, her eye brows were knitted together in confusion

"why did you find it hard?"

" you aren't the only one who's Human life ended so tragically Rosalie, I understand your pain and distrust because I went through something very similar myself "

Rosalie gasped

" it's ok dear, I'm over it now "

Rosalie bit her bottom lip for a few seconds then asked

" would it be so rude for me to ask how you meet your human end? "

Esme smiled then turned towards the lake

" I was married to a man I thought I loved, he wasn't the man I thought him to be, he abused me for many years "

Rosalie gasped and reached out placing her hand over Esme's

" I'm so sorry Esme "

Esme smiled at the small gesture of contact, a first between the two

" don't be Dear, I stayed with him spite the abuse until I discovered I was pregnant "

Rosalie listened and felt her dead heart sink

" I left him one day and never looked back, I didn't want him to beat our child has he had done me, my babies safely was all that mattered "

Rosalie couldn't believe what she was hearing

" my son didn't live long, he died shortly after childbirth, he was very sickly "

Rosalie quickly pulled Esme into a hug

" I'm so sorry Esme "

Esme rubbed the young vampires back then pulled away

" I couldn't imagine living on, losing my son was the end of me, I jumped off a climb to end my life, but Carlisle found me in the morgue believed dead, but he heard a faint heart beat and changed me "

Rosalie sighed in disgust

" please Rosalie, Carlisle and I met a few years before I married, we had an instant connection, I broke my arm and he was my doctor, I think from the first moment I met him I loved him "

Rosalie smiled alittle and relaxed

" when were you able to... be with Carlisle? "

Esme knew the question was hard for Rosalie to ask and simply took her hand

" not for many years, I didn't allow him too close to me and I wouldn't stay in the same room as Edward, it took along time for him to gain my trust "

Rosalie nodded her understanding

" I thought once I.. Took care of them it would be better.. "

Esme knew instantly she was referring to Royce and his friends deaths that Rosalie personally took care of a few weeks ago

" didn't.. I can't stand to be around Carlisle and Edward "

" you will in time Rosalie "

As Esme spoke she lifted her hand and tucked a loose stand of blonde hair behind Rosalie's ear

" I will help you any way you wish me to "

They sat in silence for a few moments before Rosalie broke the silence

" I wouldn't have done it.. I though it yes but I wouldn't have gone through with it "

" I know dear, poor Edward.. I don't think he knew what to do with himself "

They both chuckled slightly

" I will apologise to him when I return, I know his intentions were good "

" in your own time dear, they are both good men, patience is something we have all the time in the world for "

" will you join me in a hunt? "

Rosalie asked while standing

" of course dear "

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