Chapter 6

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Rosalie's eye brows knitted together has she looked down at the young man's body. She was still holding her breath, his scent was calling to her. Intoxicating. She wanted nothing more than to devour the little blood he had left flowing through his veins. He called her Angel, he couldn't be more wrong. She was a monster.

She stood up and backed away. Internally debating just what to do with him. 'Humans die all the time.. Just walk away and leave him here' she thought.

His heart was slowing down and she panicked. There was something about him that kept her planted to the spot when she should have been running away.

She threw caution to the wind and bent forward, gently picking him up, cradling him in her arms. Holding her breath, she started to run.

The world blurred has she charged forward occasionally looking down at the broken man in her arms. His curly dark hair and the memory of his dimples has he smiled earlier reminded her of Henry.

She had been running for nearly two hours, no sign of tiring but his heart was slowing. It was barely beating. she quickened her pace, pushing herself until she saw the house.

'Carlisle! I need your help!' She shouted knowing if he was home, he would hear her.

As she reached the front door to the house, she was greeted by Carlisle and Esme. They could smell the Human's blood.

'please Carlisle.. help him! He can't die!' Rosalie begged

Carlisle took the dying man from her arms and rushed to the spare room laying him down. Esme followed him carrying his medicine bag.

'what happened Rose?' Esme asked as she took in the state of the young man.

'bear attack, I couldn't leave him Esme'.

Esme nodded her head in understanding, and turned to Carlisle 'can he be saved?'

Carlisle checked over his wounds and his vitals then sighed heavily meeting his wife's eyes and turning to Rosalie 'I'm sorry, he won't make it. He's lost too much blood'

Rosalie's dead heart sank. She looked down at the young man who slowly half opened his eyes

'I don't want to die' he whispered, pain evident in his deep voice

'Rosalie? What do you want me to do?' Carlisle simply asked

Rosalie's eyebrows raised as the meaning of his question sunk in.. He was asking if she wanted to change him or let him die.

She looked down at the young man again, feeling the tight knots in her stomach, a filling she had never felt before, she looked back at Carlisle and simply replied..

'change him.. Please'.

Rosalie looked down ashamed of what she had just asked, she hated this life. Frozen forever, never moving forward. Her decision had just cursed another.

Carlisle bent over the young man's body biting into his neck. The young man's body tensed and weakly attempted to push him away. Carlisle quickly bite his wrists and ankles aiding the spread of his venom in the dying young man's body.

Carlisle stood wiping his mouth of blood and glanced at Rosalie.

'He is weak, but he should survive the change' he turned and walked out the room.

Esme sat next to the boy, wiping blood from his face. She jumped back as he withered with pain, screaming as his back arched off the bed

'fire!' he simply said.

Rosalie rushed forward, sitting next to him. She gingerly held his hand. 'I know your in pain now. But it will be over soon. I promise'.

His grip tightened on her hand as his head turned facing her, he half smiled


Rosalie frowned

'I'm not an Angel' she stated.

He simply smiled before he passed out from the pain.

For three days Rosalie sat by his side, holding his hand. Esme helped her clean his healing wounds and dress him in clean clothes.

It was easy for Esme to see the torment Rosalie was going through. She knew she felt something for the young man but was guilty for asking Carlisle to change him.

Esme ran her hands through Rosalie's hair, smoothing her 'don't let the guilt get to you Darling, you followed your instants. What do you feel for this young man?'

Rosalie sighed and turned 'Esme, Edward was right. I am selfish. I hate what I am but I agreed to turn him simply because..' Rosalie turned away not finishing her sentence.

Esme held her chin softly turning her face forward 'Rosalie, please don't felt guilty because..'

Rosalie snapped her head away 'I asked Carlisle to change him.. Selfishly I asked him, even though I knew I was condemning another life to this hell, all because I have feelings for him'

Rosalie stood turning and watched the still body of the young man 'he will hate me for what I have done.'

Esme opened her mouth to protest but Carlisle choose that moment to enter the room with Edward. Edward glanced at Rosalie and she turned away not meeting his eyes.

She knew he would know all the thoughts she had had over the last few days. The guilt she felt. The way she felt for him. Rosalie thought she was in love with Royce, but this stranger had ignited something inside her, and it terrified her.

'it won't be long, his heart has stopped' Carlisle stated 'Esme, Rosalie get behind Edward and I'

Esme and Rosalie held hands has they moved standing behind the men. Edward tensed listening to the young man's thoughts.

As the young man opened his eyes, he bolted up quickly. Shock evident all over his face at how fast he moved. His eyes quickly scanned his surroundings.

'where am I?' he asked, surprised by his own voice, that sounded deeper.

Carlisle stepped forward a little and replied 'you are in our Home, we are the Cullen's. A clan of Vampires. You were found three days ago dying from a Bear attack. You were changed in a vampire'

He looked down at his hands, he lifted his shirt checking his torso, his wounds had healed completely, his memories were foggy.

'do you remember your name?' Carlisle asked

'Emmett.. Emmett McCarty sir'

Carlisle smiled 'well Emmett, my name is Carlisle' Carlisle pointed to Esme 'this is my Wife Esme' he then pointed to Edward 'this is Edward' and then Rosalie nervously moved from behind Edward were she had been standing out of view 'and this is Rosalie' she smiled

Emmett stared at Rosalie as a huge smile filled his face 'my Angel' he simply stated 'I though you were a dream'

Rosalie looked down 'no Emmett. I'm not an Angel. I'm the one that found you after the bear attacked you. I brought you here and...'

'you saved my life, therefore you are an Angel to me' he flashed her his dimples

Rosalie's stomach tightened and she swallowed hard. She knew if she was human she would have blushed.

Emmett turned to Carlisle 'so I'm a Vampire?'

'yes Emmett, my family and I have a different diet to other Vampires, we only live on the blood of Animals.' Carlisle explained

'only on Animals huh.. Well no bear will ever get the best of me again!' He joked has he stood, quickly looking around with his new vampire eyes.

'perhaps now would be the perfect time for you to hunt, I imagine you are quiet thirsty' Carlisle asked in Emmett's direction

'my throat burns' Emmett replied

'before we go Emmett, you should know that the smell of human blood will be hard for you to resist, especially in your new born stage. You will be stronger and faster than the rest of us has your own human blood still lingers in your tissue, you must stay away from Humans until it's safe for you to be around them' Carlisle explained

Emmett nodded his head, then his eyes widened 'what about my family? Can I ever see them again?' He asked

'I'm afraid not Emmett. They will think you have been killed. I'm sorry, I know it's hard but it's safer this way' Carlisle explained

Emmett looked saddened but agreed to stay away. The thought that he might hurt his family was all it took for him to agree to stay away.

'Well shall we hunt?' Esme said breaking the silence

Emmett glanced at Rosalie who was stood behind Esme quietly 'will you be joining us?'

She smiled and nodded 'of course'

Rosalie took in Emmett's size now he was standing. He was well over 6 foot and huge. His brown curls looked silky and soft and she wanted to run her fingers through his hair. His red eyes looked terrifying but she remembered the green eyes he had has a human. She sighed then jumped has Edward interrupted her thoughts by placing a hand on her shoulder, turning to look at him he offered a small smile which she returned before walking away following the others outside.

The Cullen's watched Emmett with amusement had he glanced at his sparkling skin with wide eyes

'I sparkle?' he said shocked

'yes when the sunlight hits your skin. We tend to stay away from Humans when it's sunny out' Edward answered

'not very manly is it! I mean I always imagined vampires has soulless fiends who just feed relentlessly' he moaned causing Esme and Edward to laugh

Emmett watched Rosalie walking out of the shadows into the sunlight and gasped 'wow! You tell me your not an Angel but the only thing your missing right now are a pair of wings, you are in vision Rosalie'

Rosalie smiled and looked down

'thank you Emmett. Show we hunt?' she replied glancing at Esme who was beaming watching the two.

Rosalie rolled her eyes following Carlisle, Edward and Emmett into the forest.

The Cullen's returned from their hunt laughing at Emmett's antics, his clothes were covered in blood stains

'Emmett you have to be the worst eater I have even seen!' Esme said with humour in her voice Emmett just smirked and shrugged his shoulders while glancing down at his clothes

'Rosalie dear can you show Emmett to the spare room? I placed some clothes in the closet a few days ago for him' Esme asked has they walked back into the house

A flash of fear appeared on Rosalie's face at the thought of being alone with Emmett. She quickly composed herself and nodded

'of course. Follow me' she said while smiling at Emmett

Leading Emmett to his new room, Rosalie felt his presence as they walked in silence. She felt nervous and suddenly afraid to be alone with him. His size intimated her.

Stopping outside his room, Rosalie opened the door and stood in the hall 'this is your room, please make yourself at home. Esme has taken it upon herself to choose you some clothing, I hope you find them to your taste,

Emmett smiled then walked inside looking around his large room.

'thank you Rosalie'

'your welcome' Rosalie quickly responded before she turned and headed quickly back downstairs to join the others Emmett sighed noticing how uncomfortable she seemed.

Walking down the hall Edward saw Rosalie rushing down the stairs. Picking up her panicked thoughts about being alone with Emmett and Emmett's confused thoughts at her behaviour, Edward stopped at the doorway to Emmett's room

'I hope you find everything homely Emmett. I know it's alot to take in, in such a short period of time'

Emmett smiled

'it's alot different to what I'm used to. My brothers and I shared a room alot smaller that is one' Emmett said chuckling

Edward smiled 'the joy of being a vampire. Carlisle has been around along time. Money is no object'

Emmett sighed 'I don't think Rosalie likes me'

Edwards eyebrows arched in surprise at the new family members openness

'she's been through alot, but it isn't my place to share her past. Give her time to gain your trust. But for what its worth Emmett. She likes you too'

Edward winked at Emmett before walking away leaving his new brother to settle into his new life.

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