AN- for Lyss (ListenAndBelieve), because it was her birthday on the 15th April—sorry it's late, Lyss! HAPPY BIRFDAY :D

Alcoholic Fairytales
JamesIIOC, for Lyss

first date,
wedding bells,
oh, and then newborn twins

it couldn't work out
("they got married too fast")

("the wife drinks, you know")

it starts with the wine,
then onto the beer,
then firewhiskey, then vodka.

("I just can't cope!")

and then she leaves,
and he's a single father,

he works hard,
("he's a good man")
and the children?
they grow up happy.

he can't fight it, though…
it's always there…

so once his children have
and he's
then he can't cope either.

he starts on the wine
that his wife loved so much
and it makes it all go away.

("famous guy turned drunkard, quel dommage")