Big boobed old lady say wha?

Suna's council was currently gathered in a huge dome like room with all the councilors and important politicians gathered around a circular table. The entire room was filled with a buzz as the council members present all talked about a rather interesting matter.

"What do you mean they already have another hokage?" One councilor asked in shock.

"I mean just what I said. Tsunade Senju is going to become the Fifth Hokage in a matter of days." Several councilors cursed under their breaths. They were all a bit thrown off by this. Yes Suna and Oto may have lost the battle but Konoha had taken just as much damage as them and everyone had been expecting the village to be in a state of disarray for a little longer. The fact that Konoha had not only repelled an attack by two separate nations, but that it was cleaning up and repairing itself faster than the attacking nations made Konoha look good. And for Sune to not even have a kage yet made them looke like a bunch of fools with their heads up each other's asses.

"Wait, wait. Tsunade Senju? As in Tsunade of the sannin? I thought she swore that she would never return to that place." One of the calmer and older councilors asked. A councilor to his right nodded.

"Well it seems that her old teammate Jiraiya, and some blonde kid, managed to convinced her to return somehow." That one piece of information set off alarm bells in a particular councilor's head.

"A blonde kid you say?" The interested councilor asked leaning forward in his seat with a worried expression on his face. The councilor that spoke before him nodded.

"Yes my sources say it was a blonde boy about the age of fourteen perhaps fifteen but they were unable to identify the boy." All turned to focus on the worried councilor who sat back in his chair and let out a ragged breath.

"Do none of you remember the description of the boy that defeated Gaara?" Silence reigned supreme in the dome like room for a few seconds as realization dawned on all those present. "Correct. According to Temari, who watched the entire battle, it was a blonde kid of roughly the same age that defeated Gaara. That was including when Gaara transformed into his full one-tailed state." A murmur of hushed whispers moved through the council room as all speculated what this could mean.

"But didn't the last Uchiha damage Gaara as well? Surely it was the combined strength of both the Uchiha and this blonde boy that brought down Gaara and not just that one boy." At this arguments broke out across the room arguing over who it was that truly defeated their supposed ultimate weapon.

"Silence!" The worried councilor bellowed bringing order back to the room. "We shall ask Gaara himself." All present went wide eyed and some became to appear nervous. Seeing their expressions he held up a hand. "Don't worry according to his sensei Baki the boy has calmed himself after losing." Though many protesting bringing the demonic boy in the order was sent out. Soon enough a short red haired boy with a pale white complexion and blue green eyes walked in. On the boy's back was a large gourd made of sand. Another noticeable feature was the kanji for 'love' written in a blood red color on his forehead. Accompanying the boy was a tall man with wearing the standard jonin apparel with the addition of a white turban that covered the left half of his face.

"You summoned us?" Baki asked. The worried councilor nodded and looked at Gaara.

"Yes we did. Gaara, would you please tell us whether it was the last Uchiha or the blonde genin…"

"Naruto Uzumaki." Gaara said in his usual monotone cutting off the councilor mid sentence.

"Excuse me?" A slightly annoyed tone in the councilor's voice.

"Naruto Uzumaki. His name is Naruto Uzumaki." A few of the council members glanced at one another with confusion written clearly across their faces. Clearing his throat the councilor nodded.

"Okay, well could you tell us who contributed more to your defeat?" Several expected the volatile youth to explode at the very mention of defeat however Gaara didn't even seem bothered by it.

"Uzumaki." One councilor stood up an almost angry look on his face.

"That can't be! Sasuke Uchiha learned Kakashi Hatake's signature jutsu, managed to severely wound you, and has unlocked the sharingan! This Uzumaki character is the bottom of his graduating class, a clan less orphan and has no proper training other than what the academy taught him!" Gaara's expressionless eyes swiveled in their sockets to focus on the councilor who was shouting at him. Remaining calm Gaara closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Uzumaki was the one that defeated me."

"Are you saying that Uzumaki has an attack stronger than the chidori?" Again Gaara shook his head.

"No." Getting frustrated at the boy the councilor was about to do something rather stupid when another councilor spoke up.

"Then how was it that Uzumaki was able to defeat you?" For a while Gaara said nothing just stood there as immobile as a statue thinking back over his battle with one Naruto Uzumaki. The 'hidden' kunai. The countless shadow clones. The summoning jutsu. The explosion of fiery red chakra. The look of absolute determination. Right as a councilor was about to speak Gaara opened his mouth.

"His will and reasons for fighting were stronger than mine." The councilor that had shouted out earlier was about to go off on another tirade but Gaara continued. "No matter how hard I hit him, no matter how badly I hurt him, no matter what kind of situation I put him in, Uzumaki always came back ten times stronger." The aggressive councilor scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Put him in your sand coffin, that ought to stop anyone." Gaara's eyes snapped open to glare at the councilor freezing the man in his seat.

"I did." Even Baki went wide eyed at hearing about that particular detail of the battle. For a good long while no one said anything.

"H-ho how did the boy get out of it?" One man finally managed to ask. Gaara's gaze turned to the man but it didn't hold the hate it had when it had been focused on the other man.

"By summoning a toad. The toad wore a blue vest, had a scar over his eye, smoked a pipe, and carried a tanto."

"Gamabunta." An older councilor breathed causing the rest to turn to face him.

"Who?" A younger councilor asked causing the older one to snap out of his stupor."Gamabunta is the only toad I know of that fits that description and he is the boss of the toad summons." As if that wasn't enough to make the councilor's jaws drop the old man continued. "The only known summoners of this toad are Jiraiya the toad sage, and his student the Fourth Hokage. It seems he has taken on a new student who is already capable of summoning the boss of the toad contract." Gaara allowed the tiniest of smirks to cross his face for a fraction of a second before turning to leave. Baki saw him leave and decided to leave the councilors to their own devices. He never was one for politics.


"Team seven." A busty blonde lady said in a tone full of authority to a group of teenagers causing them to all pause what they were doing. The blonde one froze mid sentence. The pink haired girl momentarily stopped fussing over the raven haired boy who just lifted his eyes to focus on the blonde woman before him. "Meet in my office after Sasuke has gotten ready."

"Got it ba-chan!" The blonde loudmouth said with a mock salute before he could even blink a clip board slammed into his face. He froze with it stuck to his face for a few seconds before slowly pulling it off, his skin sticking to it like glue. When he finally managed to get the blasted thing off his face it revealed the three whisker marks on each of his cheeks and two piercing blue eyes. "AH!" Naruto shouted as he flopped onto the ground holding his face which was glowing a nice shade of red.

Sakura ignored the groaning moron and turned her attention on her long time crush Sasuke Uchiha. The pink haired girl chewed her bottom lip and opened her mouth to say something when Tsunade spoke up again.

"Come with me you brat!" The new hokage declared as she grabbed a handful of Naruto's hair and began to drag him out of the hospital room and down the hall. As soon as they were an ear shot away from the room they had been in the busty blonde released the younger blonde's hair.

"Oh what was that for ba-chan?" Naruto grumbled while rubbing his head and glaring at Tsunade. Ignoring the jab at her age for once Tsunade pulled out a roll of cash and handed it to Naruto.

"Here go get some of that ramen you love so much and be at my office when you're…" She paused about to say when he was done but recalled what her old teammate had told her about Naruto's ramen addiction. "… Just be at my office in thirty minutes." In a flash Naruto snatched the wad off money and was gone faster than Tsunade thought he could move. Sighing she shook her head before looking back at the room Sakura and Sasuke were still in.


"Sasuke-kun." Sakura said only to pause when the Uchiha seemed to ignore her and walk over to the window. "After the mission would you want to maybe go get something to eat with me?" Sasuke froze with his hand on the window and growled.

"Why would I want to go out with you? You're weak." Sakura looked down at the ground.

"I'm not that weak." Fully turning around the black eyed boy quirked an eyebrow at her.

"That so? I heard from Kakashi that you and Ino tied after doing a pathetic match. The only jutsu you used was the academy clone jutsu. Even Ino could do better with her family jutsu."

"I beat her jutsu!" Sakura shouted almost in tears trying to defend herself.

"What you did was allow your loud mouthed personality to beat her jutsu cause she was so poor at doing it." Sasuke scoffed at her before turning around and he would have jumped out the window had Sakura not spoken up again.

"So." She stated in an almost whisper that was so quiet Sasuke almost missed it. "If I was stronger would you go out with me?" For a while the raven haired boy tossed the thought around before finally giving up and sighing.

"Sure." Since his back was turned he didn't see her head snap back up. Didn't see the utter joy that lit up her face like a Christmas tree. Didn't see the hope that sprung to life in her emerald green eyes. Instead he continued in the same unemotional and detached voice he always spoke in. "When you can compete with me… and the dobe. Then I will go out with you but don't ask until then." With those final words he vanished out the window in a burst of speed.

What felt like an hour but was really just a couple of seconds passed by with Sakura doing nothing but staring at the space he had just been. Then she did a very Naruto like thing.

"ALRIGHT!" She shouted at the top of her lungs and started to bounce up and down giggling and squealing in happiness. After a nice long victory dance she started to walk out of the hospital so lost thinking up how to train that she didn't see the hokage watching her. Or take note of the content smile on the buxom blonde's face.


Flopping into the huge green chair her former sensei used to sit in Tsunade let out a sigh and leaned her head back.

"Alright I still have about ten minutes before the gaki shows up and Shizune is out running errands. Which means…" In a flash Tsunade pulled open the top left draw of her desk, lifted the fake bottom and pulled out a bottle of sake. Forgoing a saucer she tipped the bottle to her lips and moaned as the delicious liquid flowed over her tongue and down her throat. After drinking a good bit she set the bottle.

"Well your in a good mood." An overly familiar voice said to her right causing a tick mark to throb to life on her forehead.

"Jiraiya! Would it kill you to use the door?" She snarled though the toad sage didn't flinch in the slightest.

"It might. Never know when you might booby trap it, on second thought that might be nice." The sage finished with a lecherous grin on his face. Tsunade growled at him and was about to throw whatever happened to be in hand until she saw that it was her precious sake. Letting out a breath through her teeth she glared harder at her teammate who just held up his hands defensively. "Anyways what has you in such a good mood?"

"Hehe, read this." Tsunade said with a smirk as she tossed a scroll at the white haired old man sitting on the window seal who caught the air borne scroll without any effort. As he unrolled it his eyes scanned over the content searching for what would put his teammate in such a good mood. Black eyes came to a screeching halt before zipping back up the scroll and reading it over, and over, and over.

"What!" Tsunade chuckled and snatched it back.

"Yep! I haven't even been in office more thirty minutes and I already get to get back at the little gaki."

"Why him?" Tsunade just shrugged.

"Who knows, who cares?" When she saw the pensive expression on her normally carefree teammate's face she turned to face him. "Jiraiya, who cares?" The toad sage placed a hand on his chin and hummed thoughtfully.

"You might want to do this in a way that doesn't damage Sasuke's pride."

"Tch who cares what that brat thinks!" Jiraiya's eyes focused on her with a deadly seriousness to them.

"His rivalry with Naruto is a lot like mine and Orochimaru's was at one point." The good vibes went out of Tsunade in a heartbeat. "Rubbing it in his face that he wasn't chosen for this would not be advisable. Not if what Kakashi told me is correct."

"I see." Both were silent before Tsunade sighed and flopped back in her chair shutting her eyes. "What is it with you can always killing my good moods?" She asked.

"Eh? I just walked in the room how does that kill your good mood ba-chan?" Tsunade's eyes popped open to take note of three things. One was that her perverted teammate was gone. Two that Naruto was in the office looking at her like she was crazy. And a brand new bottle of sake with a pretty red bow was sitting on her desk with a note attached to it. Ignoring Naruto's question she lifted the note and read what her teammate had written in his usual sloppy hand writing. 'See ya Tsunade-hime! Enjoy the sake, got it fresh out of Kumo.' At the end of the writing was a crudely drawn picture of Jiraiya giving her a thumbs up.

Shaking her head she chuckled and tucked the note and bottle of sake away before Shizune could see it and confiscate it. Turning her attention back on Naruto she saw that the blonde boy's two other teammates were just now entering the room. "Ah good your all here."

"Excuse me, but where is Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"He will not be escorting you on this mission. You have been genin for a while its about time you learn to do things on your own. So from time to time you will be doing less dangerous missions on your own. With the village still in a bit of disarray from the attack we need all active ninja doing as much as possible." Reaching into a seemingly random draw the busty hokage pulled out a scroll. "Your mission is to go to the coordinates on that scroll and meet up with Team Sand Siblings which consist of: Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara of the Desert." Sakura went wide eyed and stepped back a bit. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and rage began to course through his veins. Naruto had the strangest reaction considering his last meeting with the sand siblings.

"Alright! We get to see Gaara again!" Both Sakura and Sasuke turned their heads to look at their ecstatic teammate who was jumping up and down. Sakura shivered at the memory of the young read head before smacking Naruto on the head.

"Baka! Why would you want to see that monster again? He nearly killed me!" As Sakura went on listing how horrid Gaara was she missed the flash of anger that turned Naruto's eyes blood red for a fraction of a second.

"Don't call him a monster." Naruto said in a low tone stopping Sakura mid rant. Standing up from the floor where Sakura's punch had left him. "Don't ever call him a monster. You haven't met a monster yet."

"Hn what are you talking about dobe." Naruto's eyes turned on Sasuke and the raven haired Uchiha didn't miss the flash of crimson red that flitted across Naruto's eyes. However before he could question it Tsunade spoke up interrupting the conversation.

"Anyways, once you meet up with them you are to split up into two different groups. Naruto, you will escort Temari and Kankuro back to the Leaf village. Sasuke and Sakura you two are going to be escorted to the Sand village by Gaara. For a month we will be exchanging ninja, Sakura and Sasuke will become Sand ninja for a month and Temari and Kankuro will become Leaf ninja for that month."

"Y-you mean we have to be teammates with that mon…" Sakura stopped when she heard a low and rather inhuman growl emanate from Naruto. "With him." She corrected and was surprisingly glad when Naruto stopped growling.

"Yes." Tsunade said before closing her eyes. "In the ninja world you will be forced to work with people you formerly considered your enemies, you will be forced to place your trust in those who attempted to kill you only seconds before, and you will be forced to fight against people you have thought of as comrades for most of your life. It is a harsh and cruel reality but its time you all face it. Dismissed." Team Seven nodded and went to walk out the door when Tsunade spoke up again. "Naruto, stay here for a second. You other two be at the gate in a hour."

Both Sakura and Sasuke looked at Naruto curiously for a second before Sasuke shrugged it off and marched out the door with Sakura following his lead. Sighing Naruto turned around and faced his 'grandma' who was looking at him with a rather serious expression on her face. The two blondes stared one another down for the longest time before Naruto caved.

"You me to explain don't you?" The blonde hokage just nodded her head. "The first time I tapped into it's chakra I got a huge rush of energy unlike anything I've ever felt, but afterwards… I don't know it was like someone plugged me into the sun. After I hit Neji's rotation…"


A huge explosion rocked the stadium as Naruto slammed his chakra encased fist into Neji's sphere of chakra. Both Neji and Naruto were sent hurdling out of the explosion in opposite directions each creating a trench with their bodies as they went. The entire crowd held their breaths as they waited to see which of the genin would manage to stand. Finally Neji staggered to his feet scratches and cuts scattered across his body and a trickle of blood running out of his mouth. Naruto still lay in the crater he made unmoving. Neji smirked and walked towards the unconscious Naruto confident he had won. With his bloodline inactive he never saw it coming.

Naruto shot up from the ground right in front of Neji and delivered a power packed punch to the brown haired boy's chin that sent him into the air. Before Neji could even start to fall Naruto spun and rammed a heel into his side launching the air borne genin across the ground towards the stadium wall. However before he got to far Naruto vanished in a surge of blue chakra and reappeared in front of Neji's form. Bringing his fist down on Neji's head Naruto slammed the boy into the ground so hard he created a crater twice the size of the one his shadow clone was still laying in. Standing up and watching with glee written across his face and not a scratch on his body as his shadow clone dispersed Naruto laughed.

"Where is your fate now? I thought you were fated to defeat me since I am nothing more than a dropout who is fated to lose this match. If your fate decides everything then get up!" Naruto shouted. The only response he got was a groan as Neji's body went limp. The blonde genin scoffed and in a single leap landed back into the waiting box where the other genin contestants were watching. As he landed they all took a step back, all except Gaara who was showing emotion for the first time either of his siblings could recall. And it wasn't blood lust.

Flashback end

"When I tapped into the fox's chakra I felt like brand new, when I stopped using its chakra I only grew stronger. It was almost scary that I had more chakra than when I started the match. When I used the fox's chakra against Gaara it was the same way I was stronger than before." Tsunade nodded but raised an eyebrow.

"But what about the change in attitude?" For that Naruto didn't have an answer. All he knew was that ever since he tapped into his inner demon's chakra he had been a bit more aggressive and a bit more... bloodthirsty. He had seen a bug crawling across his floor the other day and instead of wanting to flick it away the urge to pick the bug up, look it in the eye and slowly squash it, had been almost irresistible. Instead of telling his adoptive granny about that Naruto just shrugged.

"I don't know I just don't like them calling Gaara a monster. He holds the one tailed something or other doesn't he?"

"Raccoon actually."

"Well if holding that makes Gaara a monster then what does holding the nine tailed fox make me?" Naruto asked dejectedly.

"It makes you a baka. Your not the fox and Gaara isn't the raccoon you two just have your quirks. Gaara randomly kills people by squishing them with his sand. And you cant shut up, annoy the living crap out of everyone you meet, eat more ramen than I drink sake, and have a frog wallet. I cant tell which is worse." Naruto glared at her for a second before shaking his head as she laughed at him.

"Whatever you old hag I gotta go meet Sakura-chan and the teme soon." Waving at her as he ran out the door Tsunade chuckled and shook her head. Shizune walked in a second or two later with a confused expression on her face.

"Why was Naruto-kun running down the hallway screaming about seeing raccoon face?" When her mentor burst out laughing poor Shizune was left even more confused than when she had walked in the door.


"Oh. Hey they beat us here!" Naruto shouted to his teammates as they dashed through the forest with their destination a few meters ahead of them.

"How can you tell that dobe?" Sasuke asked though before Naruto could reply they cleared the final tree line and came to an interesting sight. The forest stopped at the exact same spot that the desert began to stretch on endlessly to the horizon. Three individuals were standing on the sand with their toes inches away from the first blades of grass that marked the end of the endless desert. None of the three sand siblings had changed since Team Seven saw them last yet the air was different. Instead of the bloodthirsty and crazed aura that usually came off Gaara in waves was diminished to almost nonexistent. Temari seemed more relaxed and at ease while her brother Kankuro seemed to actually be enjoying himself.

Sasuke and Sakura landed on the grass on guard and ready to fight. Naruto landed behind the two before walking past them to stand directly in front of Gaara.

Gaara extended his right hand outwards slowly as sand surged up from beneath his feet turning his right hand and shoulder into a massive arm. Naruto however didn't even seemed fazed by it. He may not have mastered the rasengan but he sure did nail the part where you summon a ungodly amount of chakra in a flash. Pumping chakra into his right arm to the point that his arm was encased in a blazing blue inferno of chakra Naruto shook Gaara's hand. For a second the two just stood there with Naruto's chakra lashing about and Gaara's sand doing the same.

And then a bloodlust Temari and Kankuro were more than familiar with spiked to inhuman levels. Temari's left hand moved to the base of her fan. Kankuro attached chakra strings to the two puppets he had attached to his back. Sasuke activated his sharingan. Sakura noticed everyone tensing but had nothing, nothing at all, that she specifically used to fight with. Settling for reaching for he kunai holster the pink haired girl focused on Gaara as the sand on his arms shifted. It transformed into a vicious looking claw with several blue lines that looked like veins running through it. The final part of Gaara's transformation would be how his right eye changed from blue green to a golden yellow with a four pointed pupil with small black circles between each of the points.

'You gonna let the one tail show us up fox?' Naruto mentally asked the demon caged within him. His response came in a surge of chakra easily twice what he used in the stadium against Neji. If Temari and Kankuro had been nervous before they were scared witless as the unsuspecting blonde genin pumped out more killer intent and bloodlust than even Gaara. The blue inferno on Naruto's right arm transformed into a blaze of orange that extended further outwards from his arm and curved out around his back. Sasuke felt the curse mark on his neck throb to life in the presence of all the demonic chakra that was freely flowing through the area. Restraining it Sasuke glared at the two furious at how those two had access to some sort of ultimate power.

Naruto's eyes shifted from calm azure blue to a burning crimson red. For a few seconds the two demon carriers stood there, arms locked and chakra warring with one another. And then as if some unspoken conversation came to a close it stopped. The sand fell from Gaara's arm, Naruto's chakra calmed and slowly dissipated, and the ungodly amount of killer intent and bloodlust slowly tapered off to regular levels.

"Good to see you Mr. Raccoon." Naruto said with a smirk on his face.

"Same Fox." Gaara replied in the same monotone he always spoke in though Temari and Kankuro both picked up on the tiny upwards curl on their brother's lips. Stepping back from the red head Naruto clapped his hands.

"Alright well then you take the teme and Sakura." Aforementioned pink haired girl's eyes widened at the loss of the affectionate suffix that usually was attached to her name. "And I take the guy walking around wearing his hot sister's makeup and the hot sister." Temari blushed at being complemented, even off handedly. Kankuro grumbled about how it was war paint. Gaara simply nodded before turning around and beginning to walk back into the desert with Sasuke and Sakura silently following him.

"Take care of my family Uzumaki." Gaara said without turning around as he walked off. Both of the sand siblings froze in their tracks at being referred to as family by their younger brother. The same brother that not a month ago threatened to kill them. The same brother that more times than they could count told them explicitly how he never considered them family. The same brother who for the longest time cared for nothing more than proving his existence and killing others. "Especially Kankuro, he needs it." Were the final words Gaara said before dashing across the desert.

"Did, did he, did he just, did he just make, a joke?" Kankuro asked bewildered. Naruto burst out laughing and pointed at the two sand siblings.

"Haha you should see the looks on your faces!" Wiping the imaginary tears from his eyes Naruto straightened up. "Well I say last one to the Leaf has to buy the others ramen so see ya!" With that Naruto did a chakra powered back flip back into the tree line. Temari took one final look out over the desert trying to catch a final glimpse of her brother before taking off into the trees behind the enigma that was Naruto Uzumaki. Kankuro took a good three minutes for his mind to compute that his younger brother had in fact made a joke and for him to realize that he had been ditched by his other two traveling companions.

"Hey get back here!" The puppeteer shouted as he began to run through the forest in hopes of catching up to the two blondes.

Sitting in the trees hidden from view by the shadows two figures sighed, finally releasing the breaths they had been holding.

"I thought they were going to fight for a while there." The man with the left half of his face covered in a white cloth. Beside him the man with a leaf headband covering his right eye and a mask covering the lower half of his face just shrugged.

"Eh, Naruto would have won again. Now I better head back before the team misses me." As the silver haired jonin got up the other man did as well and shook his head.

"Aren't you always late anyways?" A infamous eye smile was the only reply he got before Kakashi vanished in a shushin.


Temari and Kankuro were out of breath. They had both arrived at the gate around the same time and both had been running as fast as possible the entire way there without a single break. Yet they had never seen hide nor hair of the blonde boy that was supposed to be guiding them here. A loud and obnoxious sound like that of slurping caught their attention. Sitting in the guard box with a stack of ten ramen bowls sat one Naruto Uzumaki.

"Oh hey guys I was wondering when you were gonna get here." Naruto said as he stood up and stretched before walking out of the guard box and tossing the now empty bowl onto the stack of nine others. "Since you took so long I already went ahead and ate. Hope you don't mind." For a second the sand sibling gawked at him.

"THE HELL?" Temari shouted while pointing at Naruto. "How on earth did you beat us here, eat all that ramen, and still be that smug?" Naruto flashed a fox grin.

"Cause I am just that good." Even the guards still in the guard box sweat dropped at that. "Now shall we go see ba-chan and report a mission complete?" When he got two nods as a response Naruto turned on his heels and started to walk to the hokage's office with a pep in his step.

"He isn't human." Temari whispered to her brother who nodded.

"I don't know who's scarier. Gaara or this kid with limitless stamina with an appetite of ten men." His blonde sister nodded and both sped up a bit to keep pace with the energizer bunny from hell that was their tour guide. In almost no time at all they had reached the office doors of Tsunade Senju, the current hokage. Instead of knocking and awaiting permission like the sand siblings expected Naruto just barged in unannounced.

"Yo ba-chan! We're back!" A sake bottle to the face was his reward.

"Brat! How many times have I told you not to call me that?" Peeling the bottle from his face Naruto shrugged.

"Don't know how many times have I been hit by one of your sake bottles?" Both blondes glared at one another for a good long while before eventually breaking down into a fit of laughter leaving two very confused sand shinobi. A sigh from behind them caught the confused siblings' attention and they turned to see a black haired lady carrying a stack of papers with a little pink pig walking beside her.

"Forgive them those two are always like that." Shizune muttered as she walked around the desk and dropped the massive stack of papers. Upon seeing the huge pile of white paperwork Tsunade sighed and sobered up rather quickly.

"So everything went safely?"

"Yep!" Naruto cheered before pumping a fist into the air. "Mission complete!" As Naruto cheered a devious smirk spread across Tsunade's lips.

"Oh but not quite Naruto. You and Temari have a nice, life long mission ahead of yourselves." Naruto's victory dance came to a screeching halt as he cocked his head to one side.

"Huh? What are you talking about ba-chan?"

"It seems that Suna wishes to make the relationship between our villages a bit stronger." Wheels and gears were beginning to turn inside Temari's head as all the extra classes she took as a kage's daughter suddenly came to the front of her mind. Something about the way Tsunade was talking sounded familiar but Temari just couldn't quite place it.

"I know that, isn't that why we traded teammates for the month?" The grin on Tsunade's face would have made a cheshire cat green with envy.

"That was done for other reasons. I didn't have to make Sakura and Sasuke go to Suna, or even bring Kankuro here for that matter. All I need is you and Temari to be together. Till death do you part." That did for Temari. Her face went pale as snow, her breath froze in her throat and her pulse quickened.

"Political marraige?" She whispered so quietly that almost no one heard it. Almost. The blonde boy standing to he left with demonically enhanced senses heard it loud and clear. If humanly possible Tsunade's grin grew even more as she saw realization dawn on Temari's and Kankuro's faces and a second later Naruto's. Lifting her fingers to her hears to protect her from the incoming apocalyptic outburst Tsunade shut her eyes and waited. She didn't have to wait long.