chapter 8

you have to use this knife mike said handing me a large knife with a red dragon on it go straight for the heart

what if someone finds out i did it they wont the other reapers will take care of that he reassured me now go and kill him

ok i said and walked towards house i decided i whould ring the door bell

chantelle he said when he saw me what a suprise is everything alright

ya sure i said can i come in

oh of course he anserwed

so is there anything i can get you he asked

oh no i just wanted to show you something

what he asked suspiciously

close your eyes i said


when he closed his eyes i got out he big knife and lunged it in to his heart then he fell but before he hit the floor he transformed into a black shadow then one of the reapers were before me

hello chantelle

who are you i asked

i am the reaper that will be taking mikes place oh and dont worry you really didnt kill it was just a test to see were you devoted to mike as he was to you and you passed congratulations then he turned back into a black shadow and disappeared

when he left i ran out towards mike did you do it he asked when i came close

well ya technically but it wasnt it was one of the reapers and thye said i didnt need to kill him i just needed to show that i was dedicated to you as you were to me

so now we get to be together forever he said and wrapped his arms around me

forever i agreed and leaned in and sealed my mouth with his

the end