Someone Else's Trophy

Ginny watched with interest as Severus Snape approached Hermione in the corner and carefully analyzed their interactions.

He didn't treat her the same way that Ron and Harry treated her. Harry treated her as a reference book, every now and again showing some sort of affection towards her. Ron treated her as though she might break, with an almost timid look to him. And the way he skirted around her sometimes as though he was intimidated by her was somewhat sad.

Severus on the other hand took her hand in his with a firmness as he lead her onto the floor, and Ginny watched as they seemed to glide almost as one across the ballroom. Ron had always thought that he would be the one to win her, as did many others, but it was well apparent to Ginny that Hermione wasn't someone that was easily won.

The redhead watched with some amusement as Harry and Ron looked on in shock as the couple danced across the floor.

Anyone who didn't know them would have assumed that they were a couple by the easy way that seemed to fit with one another. Ginny's eyebrow went up as she watched Severus' hand slid down…further down than many would have expected, but Hermione showed no discomfort. In fact, she seemed almost glowing with the way that ex-potion's master was treating her. He was treating her like property.

Ginny was surprised that this didn't bother Hermione, but then thought it over. She had always wanted someone confident, intelligent, willing to take charge, but also willing to submit. It was all in the girl's personality...and it seemed that Severus fit it.

She tried to hide the grin that was threatening to break her face as Hermione led him from the dance floor, almost dragging him.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched as the couple slid into a darkened corner, Severus's head descending to Hermione's. Oh yes…she was definitely someone else's trophy.

A.N. - I was inspired to write this from the words "someone else's trophy" and "third person limited". What do you think? (she asks with baited breath)