Will stood and stretched. After hearing his back and waist pop, he picked up his bag, walked over to his classroom door; he turned the knob and stepped out, turning and locking the door behind him.

He made his way through the hallways. He was walking past the boy's locker room, when he heard a few shouts for help.

He knew something was wrong and went in that direction. He entered to see all the football players. They were crowded around something…he stepped closer…no someone. He got closer, and got in the centre where he saw a Shannon lying on the ground. He gasped.

"What happened?" Will asked.

"I don't know Mr Schue... she just fell to the ground," Finn said.

Will got down on his knees and placed his ear on her chest. She wasn't breathing and her heart wasn't beating.

"Finn call 911, tell them she's had a heart attack," Will ordered.

He leaned back and he put his hands together with slight hesitation and leaned up to where his knees were the only things on the ground and he placed them on her chest. Right under her heart.

"One… two… three… four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten," Will counted, scared of missing a beat.

He grabbed the sides of her mouth and opened it, her lips were soft. He covered her lips with his and breathed two breaths of air in to her lungs. Then he listened again for a heartbeat.


He repeated the method four other times before sitting back exhausted. He was almost out of breath himself.

"One more time…" Will whispered.

He was determined to bring Shannon back to life. He put his hands together, one on top of the other. And pushed down ten times.

Then he placed his hands on either side of Shannon's head, leaned down and once again covered her lips with his own and exhaled twice. This time Shannon gasped for air and her eyes shot open.

"Shannon! Your okay just take deep breaths," Will calmed placing a hand on her back.

"W-Will... w-what happened?" Shannon stuttered.

"You had a heart attack, I think. I was going past and the guys were shouting for help. I came in and found you and performed CPR. I'm so glad your okay," Will smiled.

He pulled Shannon in to a hug.

"Thank you Will," She smiled.

Two paramedics entered the room a second later.

"Well you guys are a bit late," Puck stated.

The paramedics looked at him.

"Just chill dude. I totally agree with you," Finn smiled.

Will stood up and knew Shannon would be okay. He smiled once more; he had saved her life.