Holding Your Breath

Have you ever seen her in heels? It makes a man want to just hold his breath. There's something about it that causes your lungs to tighten and dread to take in another gasp of air for fear of breaking the moment, afraid that the sound will cause her to turn around and notice that you are staring.

How would she react if she knew? With surprise? Embarrassment? Who knows… All I know is that I could stare at her all night.

Her dress isn't skin tight, but it clings to her body just enough to hint at the womanly curves beneath the fabric. And it's black. I would have been expecting her to wear something red, or even blue, but she surprises me. She turns her neck, and the exquisite arch of it makes my hands itch to caress the soft expanse of skin that is shown.

Every step she takes only shows off her exquisite legs that seem to go on forever in those four-inch heels that she's wearing. I know that I am not the only man who is staring at her. But she is walking towards me, and I can feel the grin spread across my lips. I can see every man's eyes in the room widen in absolute shock at the fact that she is walking to me. A surge of masculine pride rises up within me and I have to keep myself from laughing maniacally.

As she settles herself down across my lap, crossing one elegant leg over the other, purposely showing off a large expanse of thigh, she flashes me a sweet smile. She places a soft kiss on my lips, and I grin yet again.

Yes…my wife truly is a tease, but I love her for it.

A.N. - I read a prompt that merely had the words "holding your breath" and this was the first thing that popped into my head! Hope you enjoy it!