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Begin Chapter 6

"I wonder if we're going to be labeled terrorists for this." Touma said. First they had broken into an Anti-Skill bunker, which was enough to warrant a life sentence or even Academy City's unofficial death penalty. Now they were going to be breaking into a building owned by a member of Academy City's board of directors. After this they would be lucky if they just had to be hunted for the rest of their lives.

That was of course assuming that they won. The other side had a Saint on their side. Normally when ever he was fighting a magician Touma used his power to negate the magic they used and then he was able to use his superior physical abilities to defeat them. That just wouldn't work when fighting a Saint. Saints used their magic to make them far faster and far stronger them a normal human being. Unless he was actually holding the Saint they would be able to kill him seven times before he could blink.

Accelerator didn't respond to Touma's statement, completely lost in thought. Touma had been hoping that he would be able to defeat the Saint but said he was worried about the his battery running out. Their best bet was to chase the Saint off again but Touma doubted that the same trick would work twice. This was going to easily be the most dangerous thing he had ever done, and even winning meant he could never go back to his normal life.

Regardless Touma clenched his right fist. Regardless of the odds, he would do anything to save Index. That was just the kind of person that he was.

"You say something?" Accelerator asked coming out of his trance.

"Nothing." Touma responded. There was no point worrying about what might be. They had to solve this problem first then they could worry about the consequences.

They arrived at the building a few minutes later. Or rather than building it would be best to say compound.

Touma had been expecting something like in a video game with circular towers on the wall, a looming gate, and armed guards walking around every corner. Instead the building a much more modern look to it. That's not to say that it wasn't heavily protected though. The compound had a simple wall around it, high enough to block the line of view of people around it, with barbed wire on the top. Security cameras were everywhere and Touma was guessing that they weren't Academy City owned security cameras. The gate was a simple checkpoint with a tire spike and one of those warning bars that lift up, but it was heavily guarded. Touma caught a glimpse through the gate and he saw a powered suit strolling around casually, if a machine could walk casually that is.

"Ready?" He asked Accelerator.

Accelerator didn't respond. Instead he simply reached his hand up to the switch around his neck and nodded. Then next second he was jumping through the wall with his maniac grin plastered all over his face. He broke through the wall with the ease of a child jumping through a sprinkler. The wall nearly exploded outward at his touch, and Touma lost sight of him as he landed inside the compound. He could no longer see Accelerator but he heard a gigantic crash, and the screams of the guards.

Touma ran in after him, his hesitation vanished. He climbed through the hole in the wall to see Accelerator standing there, and all of the guards on the ground. There weren't that many guards there which made Touma curious until his brain finished processing what was in the rest of the compound.

Powered suits. There hadn't been just the one of them, the place was literally covered in them. There was enough to invade a city, hell there was enough to destroy a small army. He didn't even have time to think of a way to fight back before they all fired at him and Accelerator all at once. If it weren't for Accelerator's quick action Touma knew that he would have been reduced to something that didn't even resemble a human.

The bullets fired and they hit a sort of shield made from Accelerator moving the wind so fast and packing it together so much it was like a solid shield. It was like when he had made plasma, he was controlling the wind of the entire area and compacting it into one little space. It looked like he was an air mage from an anime. They weren't even just ordinary bullets, the powered suits fired bullets from guns so large a normal person couldn't even carry it, let alone aim and fire it.

After sharing another nod, the two of them took off down the compound. It was easily the most hectic moment in Touma's life, far far worse than the chase through the Academy City bunker had been. That had been tense, but this was more like he was running through a hell of gunfire and metal. The powered suits kept shooting even as they moved in to attack them, hurling them selves at them in an attempt to crush them. They were far too heavy to be stopped by wind, and Accelerator destroyed them either by simply touching them if they got to close to him, or by tapping his foot to the ground while running and making the ground explode out to crush them. Which of course only made it even harder for Touma and him to run across the area.

This stalemate where the powered suits couldn't hit Accelerator, and Accelerator was too focused on protecting Touma to hit them continued on for a minute that seemed like eternity before Touma felt something... change. He didn't know what it was, but he knew that something was happening, something supernatural. "Wait!" He screamed at Accelerator, but his voice was lost in the hail of gunfire. Touma pulled on strength he didn't know he had to sprint in front of Accelerator and stick out his right hand to cancel whatever was happening. He heard the signature sound of shattering glass before the entire compound went dark.

X X X * * * X X X

Misaka stared at the compound as she waited for Kuroko to get back. They weren't able to see inside of the compound, and they didn't want to risk losing their advantage of surprise by trying to look through the gate, so Kuroko was currently teleporting above the compound in order to get a birds eye view of it's defences.

Misaka had expected things to change between her and Kuroko after she told her about her sisters but nothing really had. Kuroko even had tried to grope her like usual on the bus ride over, being so persistent that Mikoto had had to shock her so hard she nearly fried the bus. I really wish that wasn't the normal though. How many times am I going to have to tell her I don't swing that way before she gets it.?

Misaka's thoughts were interrupted when Kuroko appeared beside her out of thin air. "Onee-sama." She said, and Misaka quickly forgot about her train of thought and began to focus on the situation at hand. "I have observed the enemy. The area is full of powered suits. I have a way in but it's risky."

"No need." Misaka said. "We don't need to sneak in."

"Onee-sama?" Kuroko asked. "I understand you won't be harmed by the powered suits, but the hostages could easily be killed."

"Then it's simple." Misaka said. She reached out with her powers and grabbed the magnetic field around the whole area. It didn't work for some reason. She must be trying to grab too much of it. "If the hostages are in danger from the powered suits," She reached out again this time grabbing the magnetic field in several places around the area, instead of all of it at once. This time it worked with no problems, and she started to use her power to shift the magnetic field around a lot, making it fluctuate. "Then all I have to do is take them all out at once!" She yelled as she released her hold on the magnetic field.

There were only a few ways to make an electromagnetic pulse, also known as an EMP. The most effective one for normal people was to set off a high powered bomb such as a nuclear one, although Misaka imagined that when that happened people would generally be more concerned with the giant explosion then the power going out. Another option –which Misaka didn't think was an actual option for normal people– was to do what Misaka had just done, make the magnetic field fluctuate. The effect was instantaneous, all of the lights in the compound going off at the same time. As the lights went off she heard several thumps from all around the compound that she was guessing were the powered suits hitting the ground.

"Onee-sama..." Kuroko said in obvious awe, before shaking it off. "What do you think those noises were?"

"What noise?" Misaka asked. She had been so focused on using her power she had unintentionally tuned out the outside world.

"There was a crash, and then a lot of gunfire, it seems to have stopped after you used your powers though."

For a brief second Misaka thought it might be that idiot, but she dismissed the thought immediately after. She didn't know what his power was, but she knew that he couldn't blow up a wall and definitely wouldn't be able to fight all those powered suits. No it must be someone else.

"It doesn't matter." Misaka said. "We need to hurry and get my sister." She pulled out one of her arcade coins from her hand and a few seconds later her signature railgun shot out demolishing a part of the wall. Kuroko could probably have teleported them in just as easily, but these people had kidnapped her little sister. Breaking their walls felt good.

Kuroko grabbed Misaka and teleported them in.

X X X * * * X X X

Index heard the noise going on outside and decided now would be the time to escape. Her first thought was that it had been Touma coming to rescue her but of course that just wasn't possible. Touma's power was only useful when he was fighting against magicians. "Is everybody ready to leave?" She turned and asked the group. "Now's probably the best chance."

"There's still the security systems informs Misaka informs Misaka." Last Order said.

Index paused. "Security system?"

"Yes there could be laser traps or -" She stopped talking when all of the power suddenly went out. "Never mind, says Misaka says Misaka."

"Let's go." Index said to the group of people and one by one they nodded.

There were no guards, which Index figured was because most of the espers here had told her they had telepathic powers. Putting a human here to guard a group of people who could control other humans with their minds was a very stupid idea. Index had thought they just had people outside the building –people she thought would be caught up in the commotion outside– but apparently it was just some form of security system.

The first couple of hallways Index walked down, she did so carefully so as to not set off any magical traps that might be in the area. She quickly abandoned that however after she came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing there. What was going on? Why was there only the single piece of magical defense, especially when a Saint was here to help defend the place? She was missing something, something important.

There was no time to think about it though so she just kept moving, making sure that the group of people stayed with her. The noise above had died down a lot by now and she was hoping they hadn't missed their chance of escape.

X X X * * * X X X

Touma had no idea what had happened but whatever it was had knocked out all of the lights in the entire area. He turned around to see Accelerator crush a few more powered suits and turn to him. Touma tensed waiting for more to jump out of the darkness but none came. "What happened?" He asked.

"An electromagnetic pulse." Accelerator replied, "If you hadn't stopped it in our area it would have completely ruined my collar." He didn't actually say 'thanks' but Touma knew what he meant.

"Ah well I would have been dead if you hadn't stopped those powered suits, so I guess we're even. What do you think caused that EMP?"

Accelerator took half a second to think before saying "It was probably–"

A large bolt of lightning that flew at Touma interrupted him in the middle of his explanation. Touma's hand stretched out to stop it with casual ease, a motion he had done several times before. "Biri-biri?" He asked. He turned around expecting to see Misaka's form only to see a man standing there.

"Ah, another electromaster here huh? You must be a strong one to be able to ignore a volt of that magnitude." The man said. He was walking towards them casually, like they were friends just meeting on the street.

"Go away Iwasa. I told you you're not needed here." Another voice appeared out of nowhere from the darkness. Touma and Accelerator glanced around, and they suddenly noticed they had been surrounded by ten people.

"The director told me to come Katsuma." The man named Iwasa replied. "He's in charge here not you."

"He's also an idiot, unlike me. You're just going to get in the way."

"I've studied his weaknesses just as well as you have!" Iwasa yelled. Touma decided to let them keep fighting to see if they revealed any more information and he was guessing Accelerator had the same idea.

"This guy has killed more than ten thousand electromasters Iwasa. There's no way you can think of something that he hasn't already faced."

"To hell with you Katsuma! You think I'll just back out of this? Do you have any idea how much I can charge if I say I was part of the group that killed the number one!" He was yelling now, and sparks were shooting out from him like Misaka when she was angry. "Don't think you can hold me–"

All of a sudden all he could speak was a gurgle and he collapsed to the floor. Even in the darkness Touma could see the pool of blood form from under him. There was already far too much for him to still be alive. Touma cried out in protest but there was nothing he could do. He turned to glare at the man name Katsuma.

"That was for giving away our advantage of surprise." He said coldly

"So." Accelerator said before Touma could attack in a blind rage. "You're espers specifically trained to hit my weaknesses huh?"

"Hah, I really wish I had made his death slower for revealing that."

Accelerator just smiled his crazy grin again at him. "And tell me, what weakness of mine can a teleporter possibly extort?"

"Simple." The man replied. The next second he was holding a screw in his hand, and he teleported it directly into Accelerator, who barely managed to move enough to stop it from being a kill shot. Touma cried out and charged at him again only for the teleporter to teleport away from his swing. "Your power may be able to stop teleporting but all I have to do is teleport it really close to you, moving away from you, and your power will automatically reflect it back into you."

Accelerator coughed up blood."Kihara wouldn't just tell people that. And normal teleporters can't control the movement of what they teleport." He muttered to himself. "The Dark May Project huh?"

"Correct. I know your attack patterns and weaknesses perfectly. Do you have any idea how long I've waited to kill you?"

Accelerator laughed at him. "Don't be a fucking idiot. Do you really think someone who just has a portion of my thought patterns put into them will be able to beat me? That's so fucking cute it's laughable."

"Ah, that would be why I there are ten of us. Well nine now I suppose." Katsuma told them. "In fact why are we sitting around talking? Kill him now."

A bright white light, easily as strong as a flash bomb suddenly appeared. It blinded Touma for a minute and all he could hear was the sound of conflict. He couldn't even try to help out of fear that he would hurt Accelerator by accident.

When his vision returned he was saw a giant cloud of dust so thick that the only thing he could see was he was Accelerator standing over an injured girl, and he was even more pale then usual. He was blinking his eyes clear so apparently his power didn't protect him against light. "So, you use your power to suck the heat right out of me huh? I can't deflect anything because it's coming out of me not going towards me." He said to the girl. Even in the darkness Touma could see the fear in her eyes as she stared at Accelerator. Accelerator casually kicked the girl so hard that she went flying out into the dust with a cry.

A sudden motion caught Touma's attention and he ducked just in time to dodge a ball of fire. The ball of fire was small but it was hot enough that he knew that it would have melted him if they had touched. Suddenly Touma found it hard to breathe. It took a second for him to realize what was going on. "Ozone!" He yelled.

Accelerator made a gesture and suddenly a huge burst of wind came out and swept away the dust and the ozone at the same time. Touma and Accelerator could see the other espers now, but they could also see them. A ton of abilities flew at them. Touma wasn't even able to see what they were because of the blinding light that flashed out yet again. He barely managed to save himself and Accelerator by jumping in front of Accelerator and sticking out his right hand.

"What the hell!" A girl yelled out. "How the hell did an electromaster block that? Is he that level 5?"

"That's a girl you idiot." Katsuma responded immediately. "Surround them already."

They began moving together as a group, perfectly organized. The teleporter grabbed two people and teleported around Touma and Accelerator while the others spread out until they were in a circle. Touma looked to Accelerator to see that his defence hadn't been good enough. The teleporter had still managed to get a screw into Accelerator, and he was bleeding heavily.

"Run!" Touma yelled at Accelerator. He grabbed him and stared into his eyes. "I'll beat the shit out of them for you so go save Index and Last Order!" Accelerator just stared at him and Touma yelled again "Go! You're going to die here!" Accelerator hesitated for a moment then finally nodded at him and jumped away from there with a single easy leap.

"He got away!" A male voice yelled.

"We'll get him in a second! Kill this one first!" Katsuma yelled.

Touma glanced around himself looking for the slightest opening that he could exploit, but there was nothing. Even with two of their members out of the picture they had managed to tactically surround him without missing a beat. Undoubtedly they would attack him in a second with perfect efficiency, all of them trying to kill him at the same time.

Wait a second. He thought to himself. That could be it.He knew what he had to do. It was his last thought before eight powerful and highly trained espers all tried to kill him at once.

X X X * * * X X X

"What was that!" Misaka yelled. All of of sudden a bright light had appeared on the other side of the building she and Kuroko were approaching. She had no idea what to make of it, and then right after that a noise like the ground had exploded had come out and a huge cloud of dust had popped up.

"We don't have time Onee-sama." Kuroko said beside her. "We must focus on the hostages. Uiharu says that they were taken into that building." Kuroko pointed to the building right in front of them. There were two buildings in the compound, one that had the look of a bunker and another that looked like an old mansion.

"Alright but after we rescue my sister I'm going to go see what's happening." Misaka replied

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid that will be impossible." A voice said from behind her. A voice she recognized. She turned to see the man that had beaten her earlier. The man who had called himself a Saint. He was looking at them with pure unadulterated anger in his eyes. "Really I finally manage to heal myself completely and just when I'm about to go and get some revenge you show up again. I'm going to kill you this time."

"You!" She yelled, pulling a coin from her pocket. She never got the chance to fire it. Using the same speed he had used to crush her earlier he punched her in the stomach, knocking her back and the coin out of her hand.

"Onee-sama!" She heard Kuroko yell. Kuroko disappeared and reappeared above the Saint to kick him, a move she had used countless times to defeat people. The Saint didn't even bother dodging or blocking it. He simply let her hit him. She didn't do even the slightest bit of damage to him. In fact if Misaka hadn't seen him watch it happen she would have thought that the man hadn't even noticed it.

The Saint grabbed Kuroko's legs and slammed her into the ground like she was a toy. Kuroko let out a cry and teleported away from his grip. Misaka could see that she was bleeding.

Misaka reached into her pocket and pulled out another coin, but before she could even aim it the Saint grabbed onto her hand and lifted her up a few centimeters into the air. She felt her hand break under the strength of his grip. "You really should have used that to kill me earlier." He told her, "Now that I know what you're doing it's far too easy to stop you. To think that's the only thing you can do to actually harm me. Well it's not like I'm complaining though." He said.

Misaka shocked him with all her might. At this close distance it was easy to hit him with a lot of electricity, more than enough to kill a normal person. It wasn't strong enough to kill him but it did cause him to cry out in pain and throw her at the building. She managed to catch herself with her magnetism, but in doing so she hit her broken hand against the wall causing pain to arc through her. She cried out but there was no time to take the time to dwell on it. The Saint was already starting to shrug off the effects of her lightning blast.

She didn't trust herself to grab one of her coins after the last two disastrous attempts so she used her power to reach for the iron sand in the ground and pulled it up into a swarm. She launched the swarm of iron sand at him with a shout. It hit him directly sweeping him away, and completely engulfing him. She began quickly rotating it like she had once done to Accelerator, trying to make the iron sand rip him to pieces.

She dared to hope that it worked for just a second before he broke out of it. His clothes were reduced to tatters and he was cut up everywhere. He was also very angry. He gestured his hand and a sword of wind appeared in his hand an she saw him prepare to charge at her. For a brief second Misaka thought she was dead for sure. Then suddenly he looked down at his chest to see three metal spikes sticking out of him.

"Gah!" He yelled. He turned to glare at Kuroko who was standing shakily on her feet. Misaka could see that she was still bleeding. "You!" He yelled and sprinted at her at supersonic speed, his sword raised to cut off her neck. Kuroko teleported out of the way just in time. Another millisecond or two and her head would have been rolling around on the floor.

Misaka quickly made a dozen iron sand swords appear in the air, and used her power to make them surround and swing at the man. He was far too fast to be hit by any of them, but it was enough to make him concentrate on defending himself. Having to block twelve floating swords that strike in almost perfect synchronization will do that to you no matter how fast you were. Misaka was also willing to bet that he'd be wary of iron sand right now after those injuries.

Even while she was making twelve swords vibrate until they were like chainsaws and attack a man, Misaka was able to run over to Kuroko to check on the bleeding. It was bad. There was a huge gash in the side of her head. "Kuroko!" She yelled worried. "Go home I'll take care of him!"

"No way Onee-sama" Kuroko said. "I'm not going to leave you here."

"Kuroko you can't d–"

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko yelled. Then suddenly Misaka saw the background behind Kuroko change, and she realized Kuroko had teleported them. She looked over to see that the Saint had found an opening and had just attacked where they had been an instant ago. She tried to get the swords to attack him again, but it was too late. The Saint swiped his sword and an incredibly powerful wind sprang from it, scattering the swords back into iron sand.

Once again Kuroko managed to teleport them away just in time to avoid being killed. Misaka took the chance to grab another coin out of her pocket. "Kuroko!" She yelled.

She held out her hand and prepared her railgun. Again the Saint attacked and again Kuroko teleported them out of the way of the Saint's attack, but this time instead of just getting out of the way Kuroko teleported them so that Misaka's arm was facing the Saint, the arm holding the coin. Misaka let loose the railgun immediately.

It didn't hit. The Saint punched her in the chest. Then he smacked Kuroko in her gash with the back of his hand and sent her flying. "Should've done that earlier." He said. "If I hadn't known you could teleport to attack me out of anywhere I would've been holding still."

Misaka felt the fear grow in her chest. She didn't have any moves left. She and Kuroko had acted together with perfect teamwork and they hadn't even spoken about it. Nothing they did made any difference. The Saint was simply just too fast for Misaka to hit him with any move that could actually hurt him.

She had no idea what to do.

X X X * * * X X X

Index finally saw the door out of the building that she was in, or the bunker she was in apparently. She paused before exciting, thinking that maybe there would be some magic traps just on the outside of the bunker, even if it was just an alarm, but she couldn't sense a thing. She was still struggling to wrap her brains around it when she heard a loud noise appear from outside.

She ran to the door and looked outside. It was very dark but she was barely able to make out two girls lying on the ground. Standing over them and holding a sword was the Saint. She pulled at the door but it wouldn't open.

"Here says Misaka says Misaka." Last Order said beside her. She ran up to the door and electricity shot out from her hands at the door. It unlocked with a little click.

"Thank you." Index told her. "Um, I have to go help with something but all of you please go and try to get out of here." She said to the group at large. All she got were a few nods but every single one of the group was staring at the door like it was God come down from the heavens.

"Um, I have to go find someone reports Misaka reports Misaka." Last Order told her. "He's definitely here, and I need to go to him says Misaka says Misaka."

"Are you sure?" Index asked. It would probably be best if she was to run away but Index supposed she would be just as likely to run to Touma if she knew he was here.

"I'm sure replies Misaka replies Misaka." The girl opened the door and ran out without noticing the two girls lying on the ground. "Thank you very much says Misaka says Misaka!" She yelled as she disappeared behind the building.

She was followed closely by all of the other hostages who saw the large hole in the wall and sprinted to it. None of them ran towards the two girls on the floor either but unlike Last Order it wasn't simply because they hadn't noticed them. Index didn't blame them. After being held here for as long as a week after living a normal happy life of course they would be too scared to try and do anything.

Index wasn't a normal everyday person though. She was the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, the Index of Forbidden Books. She had 103,000 grimoires, a single one of which would kill a normal person, memorized.

Of course she couldn't use any of them, so having them was kind of a mute point. Still though she headed off to join the fight. Against a Saint she didn't stand a chance but maybe she would be able to hold him back for a few seconds to let the girls get away. She had to at least try.

End Chapter 6

Author's Note Continued: So what do you think? I would like to apologize if there was anything wrong with the way I used Misaka's EMP. I don't know much about them other than that apparently they can be caused by fluctuations in the magnetic field.

All that's left is the climactic fights and then the epilogue. So one more big chapter then a short one to wrap things up.