Hey everybody! When one of my last stories, Harry Bloody Potter, went up, someone suggested that write some Alternate Universe stuff. The thought really intrigued me, and so here it is: my first AU fic ever. Ever! I hope I do it right. No copyright infringement intended.

This story was originally set in London, but I've been told (and I agree), that me kinda-sorta putting them in London but not really doesn't really work, so instead, we're going to move to upstate New York. Yes? Yes! Ok then, here we go….

Ginny stared in disbelief at the officer in front of her, then her eyes swung to her father. Arthur Weasley was not an extraordinary man by any stretch of the imagination, but when he put his foot down, his real, honest to God, head-of-the-family foot down... The jig was up.

This was how Ginny was seeing him now. In a fit of fatherly insanity. She thought to herself.

"This is insane." She told him, echoing the thought in her head. "It's just a bit of…just a couple of…you can't be taking this seriously." Her eyes now found the Captain of New York's finest. He shook his head harshly.

"I assure you we are, Miss Weasley. We don't take death threats lightly. And honestly, neither should you. The facts are that on top of your family's widespread fame," (Ginny scoffed here) "You're father's status as a government employee," ('A lower level employee!') "And your own fame, we don't have another choice."

"But a bodyguard? That seems extreme-" She started, tossing her bright red hair over her shoulder, but her father cut her off.

"And your mother and I have already made up our minds." He looked meaningfully at her.

"Mom knows?" She had to work to keep her voice down. "Dad, why? I told you that I was fine. All mom does is worry."

"She has a right to be worried, Ginny. When some lunatic begins to threaten your daughter's life, it's a natural reaction."

Ginny stamped her foot and knew her face was growing red. Weasley genes. She thought, mutinously. Though, she couldn't see how her father was being so calm about all this. It was the one thing none of the kids had taken from their dad. They all got flustered and enraged when threatened or upset. Arthur was standing there, cool as a cucumber, ready to take whatever she threw at him. And he knew Ginny would throw quite a bit.

"Well, still. I told you, I have it under control." Ginny spoke around gritted teeth, and she couldn't help but notice that the Captain was holding back a smirk as he penned his signature and who knows what else on her paperwork.

"You've received four threats in two weeks, Ginny. And what have you done about it?" Arthur waited for her to answer, but she just turned a darker shade of red. "Exactly. You can't just sit around and expect for this to go away. I won't just disappear like magic, sweetheart."

"Miss Weasley, I assure you, this will be over as quickly as we can work. This case is our top priority." Captain smarty-pants chimed in. "It should only take a couple of weeks. Tops. And we've paired you with one of our best surveillance officers. He's very discreet."

Ginny's only response was to scowl at him. How was she supposed to reply? She didn't want a bodyguard. Didn't need one. She was being pushed and prodded into this ridiculous scenario by everyone around her. Her parents, her co-workers, her boss. Now Captain smarty-pants. She glared up at her father, but he was doing a wonderful impression of someone who has no idea that their daughter wanted to murder them. A knock on the door interrupted her brooding thoughts.

"Come in." Smarty-pants called out, and the door opened on a young, dark-haired officer. Ginny leaped out of her seat and got as close to Captain Smarty-pants's face as she could with a desk between them.

"How is he at all discreet? He's a bloody hero! I write more pieces on him a month than I do on football. And I'm a sports writer!" She was practically screaming now. "I don't want him! Send him back. He'll do you more good on the force. Give me someone else. Pudgy! Bald! Older than God! I don't care, but I'm not taking that one! In fact, let's just call the whole thing off. It's clearly not working."

Ginny grabbed her purse and swung around, headed as quickly to the door as she could. She moved so fast that Captain S.M. and her father hadn't even registered where she was going. But her new bodyguard was a bit quicker on his feet than they were. Before her father's voice had started calling after her, he had moved to block the door so she couldn't exit.

And she couldn't. The man was solid, she'd give him that. He was tall and built, wearing all black and wide enough so that he did, actually, fill up the door completely. She glared at him, but he only gazed back, expressionless, and crossed his arms over his chest. His biceps were as thick as her neck, and that fact only served to make her scowl deeper.

"Ginny." Her father was saying behind her. His voice was stern. "Get back here. There's no need for hysterics. This is just a precaution. And only for a couple of weeks." While Captain S.M. jumped to assure her father of the expediency the team would use to solve her case, Ginny continued to stare at her new Bodyguard.

Harry Potter.

What luck. She'd be stuck with the man that most girls would pay money to spend a few weeks with. And from the way he was looking at her, his face completely stony with only a hint of a smirk, she figured he knew very well exactly what most girls thought of him. He held her gaze, neither of them blinking. His eyebrow twitched.

"I don't need to draw more attention to myself. If I get a personal guard, whoever's threatening me will just think that I'm getting scared. That they're getting to me." Ginny tried to keep her voice as level and calm as possible. Harry's twitchy eyebrow jumped up, questioning. She could read exactly what his incredulous expression said. 'And they're not getting to you? Yeah right.'

"No, Potter. They're not!" his eyebrows snapped back to attention, all business once again. Ginny didn't know if it was her use of his name, or the tone with which she said it that got him rankled, but now, even his smirk was gone.

"Sweetheart, I asked for Harry specifically. I know he's a bit more…public than you'd like, but the person writing these threats needs to know that we're taking them seriously."

"And Agent Potter is the best that we have. You must have seen things about his outstanding work with-"

"I know about his outstanding work." Ginny scoffed, cutting of the Captain. There was a long pause. Her father and Smarty-Pants seemed to be silently working something out behind her. She didn't care. She was going to win this bloody staring contest if it was the last thing she did. Sill nothing from Agent Potter. She was starting to think that he was more governmental-robot than actually human.

"Ginny, dear…" She heard and felt immediately guilty at the sound of tired resignation in her father's voice. "if you would just do this…for your mother and me. We're worried. The whole family's worried. I had to talk your brothers out of alternating days off work to watch out for you. This is, besides catching the person threatening you, the only thing that will make us feel better."

Ginny's eyes flickered to the floor and landed on Agent Potter's shoes. She felt ashamed. She'd been so caught up in trying to care for herself that she'd forgotten how many people there were that cared about her, too. Of course they were worried. If this were happening to any of her friends or family, she'd be out of her mind. She could at least do this one thing for the people that raised her.

"Ginny." Her father called softly. Her eyes snapped back up to Agent Potter's. His expression hadn't changed, but his eyes seemed a bit…harder than they had been a moment ago. Before Ginny could place the new look, he scoffed.

"Daddy's calling." He growled at her. Yes, growled. Because no other word could have described the low, mocking rumble that emanated from his mouth. They were the first word's he'd said to her and it seemed fitting, she thought.

Because the only thing we could possibly talk about, agree on, or have in common, is my father. With that thought, she scowled at him deeply, then turned and stomped back to Captain S.M.'s desk to sign paperwork.