Chapter 10
Final Countdown

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On wif da FIC

Glitch's POV

Seretni flips some sort of gun out and points it at me.

Oh, crap.


He fires the gun, but I feel no pain.

Instead ot a bullet, the weapon emitts some sort of weird spirally green beam of light.

"Umm, whatever this is, it isn't working," I shout.

But then I begin to feel weird.

Crystal's POV

Glitch has been gone for days.

I hope he's ok.

Boy, why is there so much noise outside?

I open my window and look outside.

Seretni is standing in the square, a large crowd around him and...


Is that...?


And Seretni pulls out some strange thing, and then weird green lights shoot at...


It's him...

And Seretni is shooting him with Arceus knows what.

I pull out my binoculars and look at Glitch.

Glitch falls over...

I drop my binoculars.

Seretni's POV

I toss away the ray gun.

And Glitch is back to his original form.

Glitch now stands as tall as I do. Relatively humanoid in form, he now has a pair of short, clawed feet with backwards legs, almost like a bird's, and has four strong, muscular arms with large, spikey, five-fingered hands. He has a small pair of batlike wings, and a tail similar to mine. He has sharp fins behind his top shoulders, like the fin I have between my wings. He has a large, wolflike mouth filled with serrated teeth, with demonic eyes that pain the eye to look at. He has a spiked crown thing like mine, but instead of mounted on his head, they rest on his shoulders, and have bright, neon red crystals wheras mine are blue. He has vicious spikes running all the way down his back, down to his tail, and spiked circles like the one on his tail on his lower shoulders. His entire body is a neon red, just as mine is blue.

If one looked closely, they could see how he is my counterpart.

Glitch looks at himself, then speaks.

"Let's dance."

Glitch's POV

Seretni makes the first move.

Numerous blue crystals detatch from his crown thing, shooting at me like bullets from a gun.

I run in a wide arc, dodging the projectiles as they explode, creating blue explosions as they collide with the ground. I lunge at Seretni, but he rolls to the side with ease before nailing me with more explosive crystals.

I fall to the ground, and he charges at me. I roll to the side and grab one of his back legs. He curves, and I bite his side. He regains his balance and begins swatting me with his large wings.

He has strong wings.

He knocks me off, grabs one of my arms, and flings me into the concrete, stunning me. He jumps, and flies at me like a falcon diving to it's prey. Before he hits me, he flips and hits me with his spiked tail, and begins spinning it like a chainsaw, cutting into my shoulder.

Pain jets through my body like a rocket. Blood is everywhere. I try to get up, but the pain makes me fall back down.

I'm finished.

And suddenly, he shoots to the side, and rolls on the ground. At first, I'm confused, but I see a small stream of blood run down his shoulder. He turns angrily at the hotel building, and launches a swarm of blue crystals at the large building.

Someone must have shot him from the hotel.

But who would...?

And it hits me.

I get up.

Crystal's POV

Explosions are everywhere.

It's a miricle I manage to stay upright, as hundreds upon hundreds of blue crystals shoot in my direction, exploding on impact with the walls of the hotel.

I dash out of my room, out into the hallway.

I sprint for the exit as the walls of the hotel collapse in a blue explosion.

I leap off of the balcony, clouds of blue just behind me.

I land the three story fall, as the massive hotel collapses behind me.

I growl, and storm my way to the square.

Glitch's POV

Serni stops shooting at the hotel, and the building falls in a large blue explosion.

I lunge at Seretni, but he quickly spins, swatting me with his spiked hand.

He jumps at me, slamming on my chest with his claws.

He jumps again, and a thin, white beam shooting through where he was just a second ago.

Seretni flies to the side, lands hard, flipping a rock in the air. He catches it, spins, and flings it in the direction of where the beam came from.

I can barely see a figure roll to the side in the distance.

Seretni's POV

Crystal rolls to the side, avoiding the rock I threw at her.

She floats closer, so that the crowd can see her.

They cheer, and I begin shooting crystals at her.

She runs to the side in an arc, avoiding the explosions the same way Glitch did.

She dashes at me, but I grab her head with my large, four-fingered hand.

It's kind of funny, because my hand is about the same size as her head.

I spin around and hurl her small body at Glitch, who is now standing up again.

Crystal slams into Glitch like a rock, knocking him down again and stunning both of them, as I launch more crystals at them.

After a while, I stop, and let the blue smoke clear.

I walk up to Glitch, who, unlike Crystal, has kept his conciousness.

"I rise victorious once again, Glitch. Not that it wasn't expected, of course,"

Glitch gets up, barely able to keep his balance. He wobbles right past me.

"Why get up? You can't win, Glitch. It has never happened before in history. Every time we fight, I defeat you. That's how it works,"

He continues to stumble, and then I see what he's after.

"No tranformation will save you. It can't happen. It's not possible,"

He picks up the small ray gun that I used to change his form.

He points it at his head.

He fires, releasing the small green light, transforming him back into the small thing he was before.

He smiles, and flies up into the air.

And that gives me an idea.

I fly up too.

Glitch's POV

Seretni follows me up above the city, so high that you can see the entire island.

We both hover at the same height, and with a good 50 feet between us.

I smile.

I start the fight with a Hyper Beam.

Seretni quickly shoots around it, trying to shorten the space between us before I attack again.

I throw a Shadow Ball at him.

He swats the purple blob back with his tail, but the blob does nothing to me.

He shoots right at me, slamming in to me and knocking me back before uleashing wave after wave of blue crystals.

I manage to avoid the explosives, and hit him with a Signal Beam.

He barely flinches.

He shoots forward at me again, but I am ready.

Right when he gets about three feet from me, I Hyper Beam him.

He floats there, stunned for a second, and begins to plummet down back to the island.

I watch him fall to his death, and then I begin to float down back to the island.

As I reach the square again, I glance at Seretni.

He lies on his side, perfectly motionless.

I look around the square, which is now empty, except for me, Seetni, and...


Crystal's POV

I regain conciousness.

My head hurts.

I look around.

I'm in the square.

But it's empty. The crowd of pokemon left.

The only living things left in the square are Seretni, who is lying on his side, me and...


Except he's back as he was, the Porygon-Z I knew and loved.

But this can't be right.

Seretni won.

How is...?

Am I dead?

No... I'm still in the square.

Glitch must have beat Seretni.

Glitch is looking right at me.

He floats up to me, and I hug him.

And we spin around and we fall over and he's on top of me and-

Oh, no.


Glitch turns.

Seretni is standing there, a large knife in his hand.

And before Glitch can react, Seretni runs the blade through Glitch's chest...

Glitch gasps for air, and clutches his chest.

He spits out a glob of blood...

He tries to stay standing, but...

He falls over...

And he isn't breathing...

He's dead.

Seretni killed him.

There's a long pause.

Seretni laughs nervously.

"I did it..."

He smiles, as if suprised, and rubs his hands together.

"Yes... after all that time... I finally did it..."

I fall to the ground.

"I'm sorry..." I whisper.

I lay on the ground, and Seretni chuckles for a second.

And he whispers two words.

"I'm free,"