(G.I. Joe Earth)

[Scarlett's POV]

It was your normal run-of-the-mill day for the in the battle between G.I. Joe and COBRA. At this point in time, Lady Jaye and and I were giving chase to the Baroness. We were in a Dragonfly helicopter, and she was in a COBRA Fang.

Both she and us were in dogfight while we were chasing after her.

The three of us are excellent dog-fighters and we putting our skills to the test. It was a little tougher on us because Lady Jaye and I had to work in tandem. She was doing the flying and I was in control of the weapons systems.

We had been at it for a couple of hours it had been obvious that the two copters were running out of ammunition and would soon run out of fuel.

It was at this point when it appeared that she had activate some sort of a device. I knew that she had done this because in her arrogance she raised it and showed it to me. It looked like the matter trasmuter but it seemed to not work in the same way.

It appeared that it opened up some sort of window in the sky.

Lady Jaye and I knew that we could not let the Baroness get away. She asked me to take over from her. I did. She grabbed my crossbow. She took one of my bolts, took a rope, tied one end to on of the skids of the Dragonfly, the other to the end of the arrow, and fired it at the FANG.

It hooked onto the FANG and as the Baroness flew through the window, she took us with her.

(DC Earth-Animated Universe)

When we arrived on the other side of the window, we overflew some sort of a futuristic jet.

After we flew over the jet, we continued our dog fight.