This note is the Prologue to the Epilogue for The Ties That Bind. (LOL)

The content of the epilogue will be upsetting for some readers. The decision to read or not read this epilogue is that of the reader. I am not telling you to. In fact, you can leave right now and remain happy that everyone has had their HEA,


you need to know that, after more than a month since posting it, I am yet to receive a negative review about it...and I know that having read the warning I posted in Ch 53, some people were highly critical (and concerned) about the epilogue's content...


all who have read it and have taken the time to leave me a message (and believe me, many, many people don't bother about leaving feedback at all) have commented on how appropriate the epilogue is for this story...and no-one (thankfully) has attacked me personally, or left a nasty review... so if you are reading this...go on... go ahead... read it...

Have faith in me, and faith in the way I have wrapped up a journey that took two years to write.

On that note, I wish to thank everyone who has read, laughed, loved, cried and been moved by this story, to date.

I promise you, the epilogue will be no different.

It is my sincerest hope that as a devoted reader of TTTB, you will read, not only the words on the page, but understand the messages contained between the lines of what is written.

The Ties That Bind has been a very emotional journey for the characters, its readers and its writer. While a work of fiction, the storyline has resonated with many readers, for many different reasons.

For me, it has been a very important part of a journey I'm currently living, and I have very personal reasons for writing the epilogue as I have.

Remember, Love and Happiness is a choice, and therefore, in my mind, to live "happily ever after", is also, a choice, rather than an event.

My best wishes to you all,


PS. Tissue/chocolate/alcohol alert - Don't say I didn't warn you!