Was daydreaming one day, and thought, "I wonder how the HnKnA characters would act if they were in Hollywood?" I mean, Wonderland is just a crazy version of Hollywood. Especially filled with ridiculously good-looking people.

Chapter 1: Newcomer gets Brain Freeze!

A blond girl wearing a baby blue blazer, light yellow tee shirt and white shorts was strolling down the sidewalk of Fourth Avenue.

She still couldn't believe that she was there; it was too surreal. This was the street to be on, where celebrities (and/or just plain rich) held their credit cards and tiny pooches to shop, while tourists came to ogle and snap pictures of their favorite star. Looking at all the clothes that she can actually afford seemed pretty bizarre to the girl.

Actually, the fact that she was even in this shining city was amazing enough.

She paused in front of a store's window and peered at the giant poster of a movie plastered onto it, along with a couple of other strangers.

On it was a scene from the movie, with a brunette guy who was was about to jump off an exploding building, with lightning coming out of his hands. Below, there was a fair-headed female, driving a red motorcycle and holding a glowing rope from the buliding. It read: "Soft As Thunder: Where Dreams Meet Reality." Underneath were the names "Chadwick Brice and Alice Liddell" in smaller but just as bold letters.

The shopkeeper came outside, noticing that a crowd of people gathering outside his store.

Grinning, he held out his hands and said, "Do you guys like this? I had it ordered specially to cover this window. It's just an amazing story! With the hottest on-screen couple of the year, it's guaranteed garner me even more publicity than it already has!

Alice felt even more people stopping to look. She tried to scoot out of the way, but the people didn't notice and blocked her path out.

She held her giant sunglasses firmly onto her face, hoping no one would actually see her and recognize her as the same girl in the poster. She was glad her long hair was covering most of her face too. As she tried to shrink down, she heard the conversations around her.

"Did you know that it's the best selling movie in 10 years?"

"I know! And Chad is so handsome, he almost burns my eyes!"

"I thought that Alice girl wouldn't compare to Brice. He's been one of the best for a few years now."

"Alice really surprised me. It's like she came out of nowhere!"

"Who knew such great acting would come from a newcomer like her?"

"I heard she's making millions off of this movie. And producers can't stop wanting a bite out of her!"

Hiding a smile, Alice thought back to the last year of her life.

She had been approached by a crazy-looking woman with a purple polka dot hat outside a coffee shop. The lady had asked her if Alice had acting aspirations, since she saw her inside the coffee house, goofing off with her friends and acting out a scene from one of the few movies she's actually watched and liked. The blond was shocked, but accepted the business card the lady handed her, saying that she would have to talk to her family first.

To her amazement, her elder sister Lorena was ecstatic and encouraged her to take the opportunity. The next moment she blinked, she found herself hired in Hollywood, at an agency well known for launching careers of the hottest movie stars.

With her raw talent, she was quickly snatched up by a director who had been looking for outsider who has never been in the business, but had that certain something. Was it determination? Honesty? Stubbornness? He didn't know, but he knew that he found it in that girl.

A film script had come to his attention and he knew it fit her and another actor he had in mind. It took some coaxing, but then he had the two perfect stars for his new film. The cast spent weeks in their trailers, rehearsing and then filming.

It took them almost 3 months to get everything filmed. During the filming, she got to meet a ton of new people and learn the ropes of being famous. Chadwick and Alice had gotten pretty chummy, but it never exceeded beyond friends (even with the romance scenes). Both had their own significant other. When it was finally done, she was excited to able to go home and reunite with her family and her boyfriend. But she got a unpleasant surprise when she arrived back-

Alice shook her head. She wouldn't remind herself of what happened. No, not ever again. That's why she decided to come back to Hollywood. She just needed to get away from all the reminders of that. She wouldn't get hurt like that again. So she wanted to start anew. And here, there was something she learned.

This world was honestly unlike any other.

At last, she found an opening and escaped from the crowd of people. Normally, she wouldn't have minded if someone recognized her and asked for an autograph (she's been practicing), but today, she wanted some peace and quiet. With a sigh, she walked somewhere else that had less visitors.

From the opposite side of the street, there was a blue sports car with tinted windows. In it, was a man with straight black hair that spiked out at the edges, wearing a white suit and a black vest, the card symbols decorating the sleeves of his jacket. His piercing blue eyes stared at the gigantic poster. The man heard the rumors of course. That the outsider called Alice was quickly rising in fame.

She's only been in one movie! Big deal. She got a lucky break for this one. I hear that there are contracts that are just waiting for her to sign, makeup, perfume, whatever. She'll learn that she won't fit in at all.

He smirked and drove away. As he did, Alice entered a noisy ice cream shop and ordered an ice cream sundae. While she was eating, she got a call from her perky agent.

"Alice darling! Guess what?"


"No, guess!" her agent insisted.

"... there's been an explosion of cupcakes on the highway?"

"Aha. Funny. No, you know the biggest director in town? Yeah, well, he just asked you to be in his movie! Isn't that fantastic?"

"Which one is the biggest director?" she curiously asked.

Silence was at the other end of the phone. Alice stared at her cell, waiting for a response. Finally, she heard a sigh.

"Dear, you really need to do your research."

Alice grimaced. "I know, I promise I will, just tell me what this role is about."

"I would, doll, but that's all he said," Alice heard some papers shuffling on the agent's side. With an "Ah ha!" she returned back to the phone.

"Actually, it's funny. He didn't even give me any details about the role. All he said was that you would be perfect for the part."

"Oh... well, when can I find out?"

"I think he would tell you if you took the part."

"So I can't know about the part?"



Staring at the giant scoop of ice cream on her spoon, Alice pondered her decision. On one hand, she can work with another great director in town, and it would keep her busy, or she can blindly take it and find out it would lead to the end of the career.

Wait a second... both options make me take it anyway. So what if I didn't take it?

She could turn down this offer and have it not cause the potential ruin of her just-starting career.


Absentmindedly, she ate the whole scoop and immediately her brain froze up, causing her to drop her spoon.

At the same time, her agent asked her, "So, do you want to take it?"

All Alice could do was mumble and fan herself, as if that would do anything. The agent took her murmur as an affirmation.

"Oh and darling, I heard he's gathering up some of the best actors in the business, so you better be on your best behavior!" She babbled about a few more things and hung up, saying she would call the director back as soon as possible.

The brain freeze went away, but Alice's eyes were still watering from the cold pain in her mouth.

What am I getting myself into?

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