I'd like to take this moment to thank the people who invented smartphones because I wrote most of this chapter on my phone. Also, this chapter sucks imo. Mostly an introduction.

Chapter 4: The Plot is What?

As she sat down in the seat Boris had offered her, the others in the room began to sit down at the large round table in the center of the room. Pierce sat on the other side of Alice, cautiously throwing glances at Boris, but gradually calmed down. The last two people to take their seats were the man with a lizard tattoo on his neck who seemed to hold authority over the one with the silver hair and an eye-patch over his right eye. What is it with this place and eye-patches?

"So, as you all know," the silver haired man with the eye patch began, "that you're all here because of one thing, and one thing only." He grinned proudly. "And that is my debut film, which you are all going to be participating him!" He rose up from the chair and slapped both his hands down on the conference table. Bewildered, Alice looked around for confirmation. What, this man is the director? She stared disbelievingly at him.

The man with the lizard tattoo noticed Alice's confused expression and whispered to Nightmare. "Wha-? Oh yes, of course, introductions. Although we don't really need them Gray..." The director trailed off and followed the other's line of sight, leading to Alice. "Hm, that's right. Introductions it is! I'll start with myself, because I'm the great director Nightmare Gottschalk!" A murmur of voices arose, which Nightmare seemed to ignore.

"Great, yeah right." Boris muttered, leaning back in his chair. Glancing at Nightmare Gottschalk (what kind of name is that?, she wondered), Alice whispered to the boy, "What exactly is so great about him if he's never directed a movie before?"

Boris whispered back, "Well, he's pretty decent actor, but he's also the head of a pretty big agency, Clover Tower."

So, a triple threat then? Still puzzled, she asked Boris why her agent called him the biggest director in town. Shrugging, he replied, "It's probably because Nightmare is successful. Although a lot of it is due to Gray making him do work."

Who's Gray?

A fit of coughing interrupted their conversation, and as Alice looked over, she spotted Nightmare coughing up blood into his handkerchief.

"A-are you ok?!" Nightmare waved her off, with Lizard Tattoo Man hovering over him. "Gray, it's your turn," he said in between coughing.

"A-alright." The man called Gray stood up and introduced himself to the room. "As most of you know, I am Gray Ringmarc. Nice to meet you."

Embarrassed, Alice got the feeling that the introductions were for her sake, as most of the others knew about each other already. She's never seen any of these people, for she wasn't much of a movie person. She was usually too busy at her job or going out with friends to really go out to see movies. If she did, they were mostly classics that none of these people would be in.

"Gray's known mostly for the assassin trilogy that finished up last year, and somehow ended up at Nightmare's agency. Seems like he helps out more than Nightmare," Boris let her know.

Next to stand was the man she bumped into earlier, who introduced himself as Julius Monrey.

"Really great actor, but he doesn't come out much. He's pretty much forced to go to his own premieres. His family also owns several different clock stores and for some reason a couple of mortuaries. He's with Clover Tower too."

Vivaldi Queen was the only other female in the cast, clothed in lavish brands. She stood with authority that even Alice could tell.

"Vivaldi is pretty much the highest actress in industry, she plays a queen in film a lot, but she's got a really hot temper. She rules the Castle of Hearts Agency."

A man with fluffy white hair stood up and introduced himself. "My name is Peter White and I just want to say that, Alice, I love you!" he exclaimed giddily.

Surprised, Alice could only look at him amazement but remembered her manners. "Th-thank you." I guess he's a fan? How funny, an actor that likes me... rather too enthusiastically.

Vivaldi muttered some things under her breath that ultimately lead to Peter sitting back down (with some help from the next person who was laughing all the while).

"Wow, guess he really does love you," Boris remarked. Alice glanced questioningly at the teen. "Usually he's pretty cold. Really good actor, he's been in the spotlight for a while but he's never acted like that before."

Alice nervously brushed down her clothes. "He probably just really loves the character I played," she whispered back.

The next brunette introduced himself as Ace Knight.

"He used to be in television but got into film a few years ago. This guy is pretty popular but he gets into a lot of trouble. Partying wise. Hey Alice, wanna go out to some clubs later?" The rebellious looking teen looked at her hopefully.

"Nn, how about after filming's done?"

Who knows what would happen if Alice got drunk? Stories like that along with photographic evidence would surely kill her barely started career.

Following Ace was a man-

It can't be!

"I'm Blood Dupre. Nice to meet you all," he said, with his eyes lingering on Alice, who could only stare back.

B-but he looks exactly like-

"Blood is the head of the Hatter Agency. Their most prized actor. He's pretty famous around the world but some people say there some shady dealings behind the scenes with him."

Aha. I see. So it's not him. That's... a relief. So a relative?

The orange haired guy from the elevator introduced himself as Elliot March.

"Elliot is Blood's second in command. He's pretty known for his action comedy movies."

Next up were the young twins from earlier.

"I'm Tweedle Dee," said the one in blue said. "And I'm Tweedle Dum" said the other in red.

"They go by just Dee and Dum though. And they're inseparable, they always film together. They tend to do TV shows. They also tend to 'leak' unwanted photos." Boris added, "And they're my friends."

Right after Dee and Dum was the man with violin, who looked to be the oldest out of all of them, with his stubble and glasses and braid. He introduced himself as simply Gowland.

Someone chuckled.

"What's that, Mary? You're just Gowland? Why, you sound like some kind of popstar, Mary. Although it would suit you just as well, Mary," Blood said, calmly sipping his tea. During this, Gowland's knuckles on the violin he was gripping tightly grew whiter and whiter until he snapped.


Blood shrugged nonchalantly. "Ah, not just the city. More like the world."

"Why you-!"

It took about five minutes to calm Gowland down, which he seemed to forget entirely. And Blood... seems to be just asking for it.

"Tch. That old man... listen, whatever you do, don't ever stay near him when he's about to play something."

"What? And about-?"

"Trust me, if you see him about to play, just run in the opposite direction. And Mary is his first name, yeah. He's been in tons of Western movies." He answered my question, and stood up right after.

"I'm Boris Airay. Nice ta meet you all." He sat back in his chair and smirked at the blonde. "Popular actor, very much wanted by the girls. Mostly box office teen movies but I'm expanding my world."

I see you're not conceited at all, Alice thought sarcastically. Everything was silent for a moment until Alice remembered she was next. Blushing, she jumped up and smiled around the room. "Hello, I'm Alice Liddell. Nice to meet you." The blonde sat back down.

"This girl's just made her first ever appearance in any sort of media and everyone's talking about her," Boris said slyly. Still flushed, Alice looked to Pierce, who was next.

"That guy's a real pain. He's played other teen movies after he left television. Oh, both him and I are under Gowland's Amusement Park Agency."

Then came the two red heads who introduced themselves as Black Joker and White Joker. They were almost identical, if it weren't for the military-like clothes Black wore, and the jester-like outfit White wore.

"Those guys are kind of a mystery. They came out of nowhere a couple of years ago and they have their own agency called the Circus. The Jokers've made a pretty good name for themselves."

Alice looked around the room again. So these are the people I'm going to be working with? Already she was feeling nervous about how she would fit in with the cast with their colorful personalities.

"Ah, welcome everyone!" Nightmare began again. "Nice to see some old and new faces here. I hope that we all get along," he glanced nervously back and forth at Blood and Gowland. "We're going to have to be on our best behavior during filming. I don't really want any bad press talking bad about the actors, but only you guys will decide that."

"Hey, will you just tell us what the movie is about?" Ace cut in. "All any of us know that we're going to be acting in it."

At this, Nightmare turned even paler than his naturally pale complexion. "Ah, yes, the synopsis. Well, that's a funny thing about that because..."

Gray sighed. "Just tell them, Mr. Nightmare."

Everyone straightened up, having a bad feeling about it.

He fidgeted in his seat. "The thing is... I don't have a plot."