"Ah, Mary," Danny said quietly, coming over to the young woman. "I was just going to come over to see you. I did find your Steven, then?"

"Yes," Mary said, unable to tear her eyes from her brother. "Yes, oh, Steve!" She cried, and threw herself at him. He caught her up gently, and the siblings hugged each other fiercely. Danny hung back, staying out of the way of their reunion.

Steve looked at him over Mary's shoulder, eyes filled with such gratitude and happiness that it stole Danny's breath. He smiled back, weakly, struck suddenly by his responsibilities to this man, the trust he needed to earn and keep.

"Can I take him home now?" Mary asked, looking back at Danny hopefully. Danny started, shocked out of his thoughts and completely baffled by the woman.

"What? Take him – Mary, he is home now. This is his home."

"No, but… But I asked you to buy him for me. So I could get my brother back." She sat down beside her brother, suddenly looking drawn and weary and sad. Danny hated himself for what he was going to do to her here.

"Mary," he said gently, sitting across from them and avoiding Steve's eyes for the time being. "There is a reason you weren't allowed to buy Steve, do you know what it was?" Mary shook her head in response, confirming his suspicion that she hadn't known her brother had been sent to the breeding pens. He sighed and dropped his head for a moment. "Steve is a bearer, Mary. I bought him from the bearer pens, that's why you couldn't buy him. And it's why you can't take him home. The contract I signed was fairly strict, and one of the main points is that if I don't at least make every effort to try to get Steve pregnant, they will take him off me and sell him to someone else."

Mary dropped her head into her hands and sobbed, sounding lost and heartbroken. Steve gathered her up, hugging her tightly to his chest. Danny looked at him finally, relieved to find that Steve, at least, wasn't surprised by this.

"Mary," Steve said, "it's going to be OK. I'm going to stay here with… with Danny, and I'll be able to see you sometimes. It'll be good, better than it was before."

"Of course," Danny butted in, feeling the sudden need to reassure them both. "You can come and visit us whenever you want to, and Steve and I will probably need your help when he does get pregnant or our kids are going to grow up without any sort of female influence on them, so they'll need to spend plenty of time with their Aunty Mary…" He trailed to a stop when he realised they were both staring at him. "What? What did I say?"

"Nothing," Steve said, but the expression he was wearing said otherwise.

"Steve, what?" Danny asked, his voice firmer this time.

"It's just… It's not going to be my baby, Danny. It's yours, I'm just the… the womb."

If the look on Steve's face, agony barely masked, was bad, then the devastation on Mary's was worse. It occurred to him, suddenly, that these two people had been slaves since childhood, that they had seen every evidence that slave owners were not good people. He took Steve's hand and held it tightly.

"Steven, I need you to listen to me carefully here, okay? I came to this island because my ex-wife got custody of my daughter and decided to move across the country with her thinking I would just let them go. I would never, ever leave my daughter behind, and I know how powerful a parent's love is. I was also raised in a household where the slaves were a part of the family. I would never isolate you or sell you on, and if we are gifted with children, I will expect you to raise them with me."

Steve stared at him, his gaze assessing and measuring. Mary shifted against his side, drying her eyes and returning again to that hopeful look.

"Okay. I believe you." Steve said finally, squeezing his hand back and looking far less tense than he had been. Danny smiled, and nodded, then looked between the siblings.

"Listen, I have a few things to do, so why don't you two spend some time together. Please don't leave the property unless you come to me first." He stood up and hesitated, then left them together for the first time.

Steve stripped his clothes off quickly, and folded them out of instinct. He finally stood prepared to leave the bathroom where he had been completing his nightly ablutions, but he hesitated at the doorway. He wasn't ready, wasn't sure he could force himself to go into Danny's bedroom and let the other man fuck him. He'd been fighting off all comers for so long now.

"Steve?" Danny asked from outside, knocking on the door. "Steven? Please come out."

Steve opened the door and finally stepped out of the room, unable to meet his Master's eye. Danny cupped his cheek and turned his face up.

"What is it, Steve? What about this is scaring you?"

"I'm… I've never – I couldn't risk it, before, then in the pens I fought everyone off…"

"You're a virgin." Danny said, flatly, like his heart hadn't started racing and his libido jump-start at the revelation. Steve nodded.

"Can we, can't we wait, just for a day or two?" Steve asked desperately. Danny hesitated for a few moments, watching him.

"No," he said finally, shaking his head, "I don't think we should. You're anxious about this, it's not going to get better if we wait. We just need to get the first time out of the way, then things will seem so much easier. Look, Steve, I know… I know this might not be what you would chose, but I promise I'll make it good for you, and I want to be the best Master for you."

Steve bit his lip and nodded, following Danny's lead as he nudged him onto the bed. He fidgeted, unsure if he should lay down or sit up, wanting to cover himself up. Danny stretched out beside him, relaxing seemingly without thought and pressing one hand to Steve's chest until he was laid out beside him.

The hand relaxed a little then and began tracing the scars on Steve's chest from the explosion. They weren't too bad, relatively, a few long scars on his chest, a furrow on his side where a piece of shrapnel had winged him, moderate burn scars on his arm where he'd raised it to protect his face from the fire. His back was worse, part of the top burned and several more shrapnel wounds. The worst of it had been the wound to his head and the ankle he'd broken in the fall, both had healed without obvious scars. The worst thing to come from the whole incident had been the doctor who'd discovered his bearer ability and reported him to the Slave council.

"Do they hurt?" Danny asked quietly, fingering the remains of the worst of his chest wounds – a relatively small scar that marked the place where part of a pole had imbedded into his side. He'd been incredibly lucky, there.

"The burn on my back, sometimes, mostly when I stretch it too much. The rest are okay now, they only twinge every so often." Steve replied, shivering as the explorative touches stroked over a nipple and lingered there. Danny nodded and hummed thoughtfully.

Steve was surprised to find the touches were arousing, starting a low, mild burn in his stomach. It was easy to ignore, if he'd wanted, but this time he looked at his new Master, imagined what they were going to do and fuelled the flames into a burn of desire. Danny's hand became firmer on him, pinching the nipple it was holding then releasing it to stroke soothingly around it. Steve wondered if a normal man's nipples would react that much, would ache the way his did.

He let himself look at Danny, drink in the first, muscled chest what he could see of his body. He was fit, and honestly very attractive, and while he was shorter than Steve he was also built bigger. He reached out one hand and traced the lines of Danny's abs, dipping briefly between his legs, where Danny was already hardening. He grasped him firmly, and began stroking him until he was fully hardened in his hand. Danny gasped, gripping Steve's wrist and holding him still.

"Not yet, don't rush me, wanna make it good for you." Danny protested, softening it with a kiss that turned into a series of long, slow kisses. He pushed into Steve more, until Steve was lying on his back and Danny was mostly lying on him, kissing him enthusiastically. Steve gave back as good as he got, pulling Danny harder onto and against himself and gasping at the sensation. Danny pulled back and chuckled, adjusting their position until they were rubbing against each other. Steve gasped, spreading his legs more and moaning loudly. "You really are a virgin." Danny sighed, sounding more pleased than he had any right to be. Steve rolled his eyes then his hips, pulling Danny's waist against him at the same time and making Danny groan.

It was all so good, Steve couldn't help rock more into it. He gasped in shock, eyes flinging wide open when Danny's hand slid between his legs and touched him there. It was awkward, letting Danny get access to him there, but neither of them were willing to break contact and find an easier position. As it was the way they were rocking together was shooting pleasure through Steve's body and the only thing that kept him on the bed when the first finger breached him. It was strange, too much and too full but it was slippery enough to go in easily and with the pleasant humming of his nerves from their activities it wasn't an unpleasant sensation. He pushed into it a little more curiously, and cried out when that made Danny pull away.

"Relax, sweetheart, I want to try something." Danny soothed, and before Steve could argue, he swooped down and sucked on Steve's cock. Steve arched and cried out and came in one embarrassing moment, but Danny took it in stride, continued suckling and rubbing inside him until it hurt, until Steve had to push him back.

Danny moved, but only as far as it took to rub more lube onto his own cock. Steve swallowed, but the pleasure-induced lassitude through his body kept him relaxed when Danny pushed between his legs again, and he wrapped them obediently over Danny's hips when instructed to. Danny smiled down at him again, one hand holding his waist while the other helped him slot into place and then push, begin to bury himself inside Steve.

It was awful for the first long moment, too big and too much, it burned when it went in and Steve didn't think it was going to work. But then Danny pushed into him in one smooth motion, seated fully inside Steve and waited there. He closed his eyes and clenched and relaxed instinctively until he could breathe properly again, until the hurt faded and the pleasant fullness took over.

Danny pulled back then and began thrusting inside him again, and Steve felt the sudden internal shifting, the change that came over his insides that would direct the flow of semen to his womb. It was a little embarrassing how easily it happened, supposedly it only worked some of the time and only if he was properly stimulated, but it took Danny a bare handful of thrusts and he was there. Steve whined as every push now hit either against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him or the edges of his cervix. Several more thrusts later and he felt himself coming even though his cock was still mostly soft, the orgasm this time coming from inside him and expanding until his toes were curling and his eyes fluttering shut of their own accord. Danny groaned, sounding far too pleased with himself, and came as well.

Afterwards, he proved to be a cuddler, tugging Steve into his arms and refusing to let him go clean up. Steve grimaced and grumbled, but settled quickly, falling asleep in Danny's arms with a pleased smile on his lips.