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"Come on Charlie," I called over my shoulder as we walked stiffly down the hallway leading to our set of rooms. "I want to see hear what happened with Pedro ."

"I'm coming." Charlie said with a slight groan as I opened the door to reveal Cat sitting by the fire, quickly trying to wipe tears from her eyes. My pain from the rod forgotten, I rushed to kneel in front of her.

"Cat? What happened?" I asked quickly, looking her over. A large gash on her knuckles caught my eye and I swore.

"I'll kill him." Charlie muttered from behind me, giving voice to my thoughts, as he grinded his fist into his palm angrily.

"Richmond's a wart on the face of humanity." Cat said angrily. "I don't know what they put in the water in the West Indies but he's clearly from the same school as Pedro's old master." I made a move to get up, so I could practice one of Syd's boxing moves on Richmond's face but Cat pulled me back. "But don't do anything. This is between him and me." Cat gave me a serious look, before I got up, wincing in the process. "What's wrong with you?" She asked with worry.

"Nothing the Avon Rear Protector could not have handled, but unfortunately we did not go to church prepared." I said regretfully, making a mental note to always wear pants with the Avon Rear Protect or sewn in while Cat was at school.

"I'm sorry. This is all my fault." Said Cat groaning.

"Absolutely, Cat," I said not arguing with her. "but it's worth every minute of pain. I've never known school to be so exciting." Which was the truth. I also enjoyed spending time with Cat where people were not always questioning why a boy of my status would be spending time with someone of Cats.

I smiled at Cat hoping to cheer her up but she grimaced. "I think it's war between me and Richmond. I called him a gadso." My jaw dropped. That was a salty word even for Cat, though I did not disagree with her. "I've never called anyone a gadso before, but it just slipped out." She said sheepishly, a rare occurrence for Cat Royal.

"Oh dear." I muttered trying to suppress a grin, and failing miserably.

"What's a gadso?" asked Charlie, not spending as much time amongst Cat, and her friends as I have he was ignorant to the Covent Garden slang.

I decided to enlighten him. "One of the riper words of Covent Garden, indicating a rather delicate part of the male anatomy suggesting that the subject has nothing else in his skull." I explained.

"Oh." Charlie said grinning, as I knew he would. "I'll remember that. Cat thanks for broadening my education."

Cat smiled back at him grimly. "Stick around me Charlie, and it will be so broad you won't be able to see the edges." Said Cat, and I knew her statement was every bit the truth. Just look at me.

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