Author's notes: There will eventually be three chapters as well as a prologue and epilogue to this story. The young Black sisters are my all-time favourite characters to write for, so I'm taking a break from my other writing projects to do this. Enjoy, and please review.


The window creaked a little when Andromeda opened it. She froze, and glanced at Narcissa, who was asleep in one of the beds. The two sisters shared a room, and, while it was easier to sneak out now that Bellatrix was married and shared a room with Rodolphus, it was still nerve-wracking.

Narcissa, fortunately, just rolled over and snuffled.

Andromeda opened the window the rest of the way, and stepped out onto the sill, grasping the top of the window frame for balance and pushed it back shut. Then she dropped to the ground.

"Ted?" she whispered, straightening and glancing around. Her boyfriend, who had been hovering on the street waiting for her smiled gently.

She hurried over and wrapped her arms around him, pressed her lips to his.

"Andromeda," he responded, pulling back. "I've got a question to ask you."


"Er…" he glanced at the Black manor. It made him nervously, and rightly so. It made Andromeda nervous too.

"Right," she nodded. "Let's get away from here."

Ted didn't need telling twice, and started immediately for the playground down the street. At night, it was silent and shielded by trees, making it the ideal spot for Andromeda and Ted to carry out their illicit romance.

The couple sat on a pair of swings. Andromeda kicked lightly to get hers moving.

"So, what did you want to ask?"

Ted looked very serious. This was unusual for the gentle, cheerful young man.

"Look, Dromeda," he said slowly, "This is very difficult…"

She dragged her feet in the gravel and looked at her boyfriend in horror. He was leaving her. That was the only explanation. Oh god, why?

"Your family could arrange a great marriage for you," he said.

I don't want a great marriage! I want you!

"And I know I'm only a Mudblood–"

"Don't call yourself that." Please don't! You're more worthy than any Pureblood!

"So… my hopes aren't high when I say…" he stood up and walked around to Andromeda's front, pulling a box out of his pocket, "Andromeda, I love you, will you marry me?"

He isn't leaving! He wants to marry me!

"Yes," she said immediately.

"Really? But… your family–"

"Doesn't matter," Andromeda interrupted. "They don't matter. I love you."

"What about your sisters?"

"If they really love me, they won't mind. And if they don't, then it won't matter."

He took her hand and slid a gold band onto her finger. Andromeda felt tears prickling her eyes, and wrapped Ted in a tight embrace.

"I love you," she repeated.

"I love you," he said.

When Andromeda returned to her bedroom that night, she was the closest thing to happy she had been in a long time.