Author's Note: I do not own Dalton (That belongs to CP Coulter). This is a Reed/Shane (Rane) drabble that I wrote in the middle of the night and put on Tumblr. Now for your reading pleasure:

"Let me draw you" The words were so quick to pass his tongue that even Reed didn't realize it was happening.

"Huh?" Shane replied, also caught off guard. He looked at the unfinished and scrapped works that Reed had now piled in the corner of his and Kurt's room. They were all of him.

"Forget it," Reed blushed. He turned away from Shane to look out the window, but the dark haired boy grabbed his hand and turned him around gently.

"You want to draw me like one of your French girls, Jack?" Shane smirked. Reed rolled his eyes and swatted Shane.

"This isn't Titanic, Shane. And forget I said anything."

"There are many residents here who could probably claim that Winsor could be sinking, with all the trouble that gets caused around here. Even and Ethan are like Winsor's personal iceberg," Reed chuckled at this. Shane smiled at Reed. "You want to draw me?"

"Properly," Reed found himself saying. "I want to draw you properly."

"Well then," Shane leapt onto Reed's bed and crossed his arms under the back of his neck. His jacket rode up, just barely showing the skin of his stomach, and his grin practically twinkled at Reed. "What are you waiting for?" Reed simply looked at Shane for a moment, then, snapping back to reality, grabbed his sketch book. He began drawing the lines that could only be described as so-very-Shane with the Anderson boy spoke up.

"If you wanted more of a Titanic feeling, I could pose naked," Reed squeaked and dropped his pencil and notebook on the floor.

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