A Sayian's Worst Nightmare…High school!

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Disclaimer: All rights go to Akira Toriyama, i am merely a fan :)

Chapter one: Rather be fighting Vegeta.

Gohan adjusted his vest as his mother pinned the OSH button over his heart, fussing about her oldest child like he was a 2 year old again.

"Mom, I'm going to be late if I don't go now…" Gohan told her gently as tears welled up in chichi's eyes.

"My baby is all grown up." She sniffed, blowing her nose loudly drawing Goten and Goku's attention from the kitchen. Goku had been wished back to life using the dragon balls after the cell games (A/N: let's say he didn't stay in the other world to train.) Goten saw Gohan ready to leave and he launched himself into his big brother's arms, clinging to his neck.

"NOOOOOO we were going to go training today!" Goten cried loudly, making Gohan and Goku wince thanks to their sayian hearing. Goku gently pulled Goten off of Gohan, who fixed his vest again.

"We can train together little buddy." Goku said cheerfully and Goten's face lit up and nodded like a puppy. "I'm proud of you for going to school son. Have fun and try not to beat too many people up?" Goku joked with his 1st born, trying to hide the feelings inside him.

"Thanks dad. Okay so I'm off, see you after school squirt." Gohan said waving after he messed up Goten's naturally spiky hair. Once outside the teen cupped his hands and called "NIMBUS!" within seconds a flying yellow cloud flew down in front of Gohan, who then climbed on, sitting crossed leg and waved at his family as Nimbus soared off towards Satan city and his first day of school. Soon Satan city appeared below Gohan. Nimbus flew him down to an alley way, nudged the demi-sayian before flying off to who knows where. Gohan adjusted his messenger bag and looked around, not seeing anyone he started to run at light speed, which for him was a normal jogging rate. Soon he spotted the top of OSH when gun shots and alarms drew the teen's attention. He slowed his pace and saw a robbery taking place and sighed, planting his hands on his hips.

'Wow crime really never sleeps. I mean come on even Vegeta sleeps! Hmm if I transform into super sayian no one will know it is me and I can still make it to class.' Gohan thought and with a quick look around powered up to super sayian quite easily. With a powerful leap he landed by a few of the robbers, with a twitch of his wrist, he backhanded one to the ground, unconscious. He winced slightly, maybe he should hold back a bit more.

"What the hell? Get out of here punk!" One of the gun-wielding robbers yelled, shooting a few rounds towards Gohan. Some people screamed, but when the dust cleared Gohan was unharmed and had one fist in the air, he opened his hand and all the rounds fell to the ground uselessly. The remaining robbers started to shake and stepped back, Gohan took them out quickly. A kick there, a punch here, soon they were all hand-cuffed by the police and before anyone could even say anything to Gohan, he had taken off towards OSH at the speed of light.

Gohan breathed a sigh of relief as he powered down and landed on the roof of the school. He looked at the sky feeling like he was about to step into hell, he normally wouldn't judge some place before he visited it but he just had a bad feeling about this place. Slowly he opened the door and headed down to the office to get his timetable. He finally got his yellow sheet and headed to the first class he had. Advanced math, easy stuff he learned once Vegeta and Nappa were taken care of. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, a older man opened the door, took one look at the teenager and sighed loudly and nodded at him and his yellow timetable before going back to his podium and getting the attention of the class as Gohan walked in. Right away a few snide comments were made by some of the jocks near the door, Gohan brushed them off.

"We have a new student as you can see. He has scored perfect on all the entrance exams and is a good example to all of you slackers! Introduce yourself boy." The teacher said and Gohan heard a blonde haired boy near the back utter a word which caught on. "Nerd," Soon everyone was whispering it. Gohan looked down at his shoes before looking back up.

"I'm Gohan Son, nice to meet you all." Gohan blushed, not used to being around so many people, all of which were staring at him. Gohan started to look for an empty seat and finally found a few, in the middle; He guessed they were the worst seats because the teacher could easily see you. Gohan sighed to himself and made for those seats. A blonde haired girl caught his eye and mouthed 'sorry', nodding to a random guy that was next to her, followed by a pout. 'It's okay.' Gohan mouthed back before sitting down, alone and friendless on the first day.

'Perfect, I rather be fighting Vegeta.' Gohan thought miserably as the teacher started to teach and everyone whispered about him, the nerd behind his back. Gohan could hear everything though and it hurt him, but made him mad. How could they be so closed minded? They labeled him a nerd before he even opened his mouth.

After what seemed to be about a year or so, the bell for lunch rang. Gohan hadn't even noticed they had switched from math to science and now it was lunch. Gohan left the classroom with the rest of the students, but they sort of moved around him. Gohan decided to try to be social, get to know some people during lunch, but… Every time he tried they shut him down before he could even open his mouth. Feeling dejected Gohan left the cafeteria and found a place outside the school, under a large tree and ate lunch there, alone. No one spoke a word to him for the rest of the day, while flying home Gohan tried to put a smile on his face. He didn't want his family to worry about him. Gohan realized this was only his first day, he dreaded to see what the next day would bring for him.

(A/N: poor Gohan! Don't worry it gets better for him!)