Chapter 21: Reborn

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The next day, the last day of OSH's 2 week adventure has finally come. For some students as they packed their bags, this day could not have come sooner (*CoughGohanCoughMiraicough*) and for some this day came much too soon. When all the OSH students were assembled around the bonfire eating their breakfast, their teachers looked at the group.

"Some of them have potential." Yamcha stated.

"While most of them will stay as lazy and whiney as they are, but at least they aren't our problem any more." 18 added while Piccolo nodded agreeing with the blonde haired women.

"I hate to say this, but I think I'm going to miss them…" Krillin fondly said gazing at the newly transformed students.

"You are going soft in this time of peace." Vegeta scoffed, leaning against a tree.

"At least I'm not obsessed with beating Goku." Krillin shot back before quickly falling silent at Vegeta's death glare.

"I wish I could be a fly on the wall when some of those students go back to Satan's dojo." Yamcha chuckled, imaging the floored look Mr. Satan's face will get when he gets beaten by some of his students.

"That would make my day." Krillin agreed.

"That would make anyone's day." Vegeta snorted, secretly wishing he could see the face of the 'earth's savior' when his students surpass his tiny amount of strength.

Breakfast was over and everyone had their bags by their feet as the Z fighters went over to give them parting wisdom.

"Well, after these 2 weeks of adventure and training I know you all are new people that understand the world a bit more." Krillin started.

"Or understand less of it…" 18 added in, causing some students to snicker, they had grown used to 18 after being scared out of their minds when they 1st met her.

"We also know what you have witnessed and learned on this field trip will help you grow as people." Krillin pressed on.

"Understand that certain things have to stay a secret." Yamcha said pointedly. "Or Vegeta here will find you and trust me. You don't want that at all." The students visibly shudder before their eyes turned towards Gohan and Mirai, who stared back at them, completely at ease. Eyes looked towards Vegeta who pushed off his tree and cracked his knuckles.

"ANYWAYS!" Krillin added, tired of being interrupted. "Have fun with your lives and live each day like your last." He finished his speech, letting out a puff of air.

"Around this place it really could be your last." Piccolo smirked, some students shifted uneasily at that thought.

"What Piccolo means is be careful with your new found information." Gohan jumped in to calm down his classmates.

"Now gather your items and just like your 1st day here, run back down that hill to your awaiting bus that will take you back to OSH." Piccolo ordered. No complaints arose from the group this time. Each student picked up their items and easily ran down the hill to the waiting bus, not even breathing heavy at the bottom. Once the bus started its long ride back to Satan city, talk filled the bus of what they had seen and what they felt could come from it.

Gohan stared out at the moving world outside of the bus as they headed through west city.

"When I get back home, I'm going to challenge my father to a fight and see what happens." Videl told Gohan, bringing his eyes over to her.

"I already know what will happen; you will take him down in less than 10 minutes no sweat." Gohan told her seriously, kissing her cheek.

Rolling her eyes Videl elbowed her boyfriend in the side. "No seriously, I will bring him down in less than 5 minutes." She grinned. "If I fight you, I could easily bring you to a halt in less than 1 minute."

This comment piped Gohan's interest, leaning closer to his girlfriend. "Oh and how pray tell do you plan on doing that?"

"It's very easy; all I need to do is this…" She whispered and kissed him on the lips, a few seconds later she pulled away from a blushing and stunned Gohan, she smiled in triumph. "See, I win." Gohan rolled his eyes before nuzzling her neck, it was now her turn to become red and stunned.

"See now I win." He whispered in her ear, she rolled her eyes and ducked out of his reach.

"We are even now." Videl offered and he nodded, being able to live with that. Videl scooted closer to Gohan, before laying her back against his chest and closed her eyes, letting the dull thudding of his heart and the movement of the bus lull her to sleep.

Gohan smiled, kissing the top of Videl's head. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned his head back against the bus seat, eyes closed as he rested, but still alert for anything.

Mirai was already asleep, his head resting on Erasa's lap; she was playing with strands of his purple hair. She tilted her head as images of a purple haired girl with brown eyes popped into her head, followed by a blonde boy with bright blue eyes. That's what Erasa imagined her children to look like, her cheeks heating up she shook her head. Why was she thinking about kids already? She and Mirai haven't even you know…Done 'it' yet, just thinking about that her heart sped up and her whole face turned red. She slapped her cheeks with her hands, trying to force that idea out of her mind and the blood out of her face. It didn't work very well, the more she tried not to think of it, the more she did and the more she did, the more blood rushed to her face.

"Argh!" She exclaimed, running a hand through her blonde hair.

"Hmm… What's wrong babe?" Mirai asked groggily, waking up when sensing his mate's distress.

"Ah! Uh…Nothing Mirai, baby go back to sleep. I'm fine." Erasa assured her boyfriend, touching his cheek. He gave her a raised eyebrow look before closing his eyes again, within minutes he was breathing normally signaling he was sleeping again.

"That was close." She muttered to herself, but it had taken her mind ofd that thing… She looked around the bus, Gohan and Vi were cuddled up on the seat across the aisle from them, Sharpener was cuddled up with…Angela who was still nursing a bruise, but seemed proud of it. Erasa smiled, those two were perfect for each other, and she was happy that Sharpener found someone to be with and now could move on from Videl making life easer for the black haired couple.

The bus pulled into the OSH parking lot as the bell for school to begin rang. When the last students were off the bus, it lurched away with a puff of gray smoke. Gohan coughed on the exhaust fumes, fanning his hand in front of his face.

"How is it fair that we spent 2 weeks in hell only to be bussed back to another version of hell?" Mirai sulked as the class made their way to their 1st period class after storing their bags in their lockers.

"Life is unfair, just smile even though you want to Ki blast someone on the inside." Gohan suggested weakly.

The OSH's only health/P.E teacher stood in front of the just returned class of students, arms folded in front of him with what he thought a menacing glare planted on his face. Most of the students didn't even notice it because that look had nothing on Vegeta's death glare. Coach cleared his throat to grab attention from the teenagers, who all looked at him.

"Welcome back maggots, as a special treat for you. Each of you get to go outside and run 15 laps around the track." He instructed and braced himself for the coming whining and complaining. Instead, each student, including the internet nerds (who last he saw couldn't even do 5 let alone 15) all got up to get changed without a word of complaint. Not believing what he was not hearing, he followed them outside to the track and stood there dumbfounded as each student quickly and easily ran their 15 laps. Unnerved by this drastic change in the class, he pulled Videl and Erasa aside from the others.

"Miss Satan and Miss Rubber…Care to explain to me what is going on?" He asked, trying to pull his menacing stance back together.

"What you are seeing coach is the result of the field trip we just came back from." Videl stated coolly.

"Yes, but what could have happened to change you ALL so dramatically?" The coach stuttered.

"A lot of things Coach, all of which will stay back at the camp site and Capsule Corp." Erasa said cheerfully as per normal, before she and Videl jogged off to join Gohan and Mirai, leaving a very stunned coach behind them. He scratched his head and headed over to some of the waiting students to give further instructions.

The school day seemed easy and boring by comparison to the last 2 weeks the class endured. Each of them seemed to have grown on the others in the class and nobody stuck with their old group, the seating arrangements were all mixed up because the students all seemed comfortable with each other. The teachers couldn't fathom what was happening before them. Even the principle with tears in his eyes witnessed the change and went off cheering 'This school has hope yet!' The staff at OSH referred to that class of students as 'The reborn students'. The final bell rang and the class all hugged each other and said good-bye like it would be the last time they would see each other, with full knowledge that they would see each other after the weekend.

Mirai, Erasa, Gohan and Videl all snuck up to the roof with their bags, the four just stood there letting the wind blow around them. Videl was really never one for long good-bye's so she hugged Erasa and Mirai before taking to the sky.

"Hey Gohan, race you to my place!" She called down to the Son boy, who grinned as he floated up beside her.

"You're on Vi, but 1st…" He said and leaned in, kissing her lips. No matter how many times he does that Videl still could never get rid of the 1st moments of shock. Gohan pulled back and took off laughing. Videl understood what he did and her face went red and flew after him.

"GET BACK HERE GOHAN SON!" She cried outraged and soon the 2 flying teens were out of sight, just small dots on the horizon.

"Uh…Mirai…I was thinking on the bus ride back here…I uh want to tell you something." Erasa stammered as she played with the hem of her shirt, Mirai turned to his mate giving her his full attention. "I just wanted to tell you…I uh…I love you…" She mumbled in a low voice, but thanks to saiyan hearing Mirai heard every word.

"You do?" Mirai asked stunned, Erasa nodded furiously, her cheeks tinted red. "Good since I love you as well Erasa." Mirai said softly as he cupped her face in his hands before leaning down and capturing her lips with his. Erasa melted into the kiss, arms wrapping around his neck pulling his head down lower so it was easier to kiss him.

"Fly me home my sexy demi-saiyan boyfriend whom I love?" Erasa asked cutely, Mirai swept her into his arms and took to the sky as the sun started to set. As they passed the Satan mansion Erasa squealed and pointed to the 2 figures of Gohan and Videl outlined in the setting suns light, floating above the mansion in each others arms, kissing. Erasa looked up at Mirai who kissed her lips again.

Everything that started off as a horrible idea turned out to become perfect. Nothing could spoil the happiness the 4 felt at that moment. Nothing.

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