Blood of the Beast

Chapter 1/ Fateful Meeting: Destiny's Will

It was already past midnight when Edward Elric was searching Central. Colonel Roy Mustang had given him an order to search and apprehend a mysterious "phantom" killer.

"Thirteen murders have already occurred in the past two weeks and so far no evidence shows who or WHAT the killer is." Mustang had said.

"What?" Edward questioned.

Mustang sighed then continued, "All thirteen victims have one thing in common with their murder," Mustang sat up straight in his chair and looked dead serious in the eyes of Edward. "Their bodies were mauled, completely torn to pieces. When the victims were found they were missing body limbs, and most of them had their insides torn out or…"

"Or what?"

"Forensics says that the insides were eaten by some kind of animal."

Edward flinched, "So what does this have to do with me?"

Mustang sat back in his chair and smiled, "Well Edward you are a state alchemist… and it is your duty to the people not to mention that you work for the military…" his smile widened while Edward groaned.

Now Edward was regretting ever coming back to Central, he told his brother to wait for him back at the hotel room and that he would come back safely. Alphonse objected and said that he wanted to help him search but Ed managed to persuade Al to stay, much to Al's disagreement.

Ed walked into a dark ally and grumbled to himself, "Damn Colonel, giving me orders, pissing me off, keeping such a smug look on his face…" Ed continued to grumble but stopped when he heard a low growl. Ed turned around and kept close attention to his surroundings, he put up his guard and got into a fighting stance, another growl was heard and Ed's eyes looked around frantically but nothing was in his sight.

Oh my son…

Ed jumped at the voice. "Who's there! Come out!" he shouted.

Such a furious shout my golden son…do not fear I am here to free you from your prison…

Ed clapped his hands as alchemic blue lightning spread and frizzed the air. Ed grabbed his automail arm as it turned into a sharp blade and the lightning disappeared. "Come out already!" He shouted again.

Alchemy…wonderful! Heh heh, the time is now, the moon is full with the celebration of our encounter! Okay my son you'll have your wish, I will reveal myself to you!

Ed heightened his guard up even more but before he could realize it, a large furry creature appeared out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. Ed coughed at the sudden impact and gazed upward, his eyes grew wide with shock as he saw what had tackled him. Hot breath stabbed his face as he saw sharp fangs, a long slobbery tongue, and a snout, he followed the snout up and found two glowing red eyes and two wolf like ears. The creature growled lowly then licked Ed's face. Ed made a disgusted look then realized what the creature was: the wolf like appearance and body gave it all away, but it seemed highly improbable for such a creature to exist! His cold scientific mind couldn't dare believe in what was on top of him, yet, the idea didn't vanish from his mind…

"What are you? A chimera?" Ed asked. Somewhere inside him he felt stupid for asking this…thing a question.

No I am not. Edward, deep down you know what I am so don't act like you don't.

That voice again, Ed thought. Ed sighed, "You're a werewolf."

Correct my son and soon you will be too.

Ed flinched at the statement. "What did you just say?"

Before Ed could get an answer the werewolf lunged at Ed's shoulder and sank it's fangs deep into his soft flesh. Ed groaned and gritted his teeth he refused to scream, the werewolf bit down deeper this time drawing a large amount of blood causing a pool of crimson to form next to Edward. Ed clenched his fist and once again suppressed the desirable scream instead to his surprise his body started to jerk upwards then shake violently as if he was having a seizure. The werewolf released its fangs from Ed's flesh and licked the blood away from its fur, and then it stared straight at Edward.

3 days and 3 nights is how long you will have to fight

The first it will begin, sending you to make a sin

The second is your humanity, throw it away and give into infinity

The third will be the final end of your life, as well as your strife

Welcome to the Clan, my golden son

Ed grabbed hold of his bleeding shoulder and shouted, "What's that suppose to mean!" the werewolf didn't answer; it threw its head back then let loose a long howl, Ed groaned and wished he could block out the terrible sound. The werewolf stopped howling then jumped onto the wall, it began to crawl up the wall then finally got to the top of a building disappearing from Edward's sight.

Ed looked at the sky for a bit then his aching, bleeding shoulder caught his attention. It started to throb with pain and was still pouring down his life sustaining liquid. Ed coughed once then inhaled the night air, "What the hell-"

Here's the new REVISIONED version of Blood of the Beast! I was thinking that since this was my very first fanfic I might as well try to make it better!