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Epilogue: Never-Ending Night

The boy looked on at the armor that sat across the room from him. It was pretty banged up and useless but it held purpose and extraordinary feeling, the head, on the other hand, was missing. The boy continued to smile at the armor; his golden, soft hair was braided back and hung down his back. Edward was wearing nothing but a white long gown, around him was an average room. A bed, a bathroom, and a bookcase, but alas there were no windows and only one locked door. He was trapped inside the room, doomed to forever stay in his little domain. In his arms, an armored head was being hugged. He never let go of the head, and he would never let go of it, it was too precious to carelessly put away. He continued to smile and squeezed the head tightly, "Oh Al…" Edward whispered to the head. How long had he been in this room? He didn't know, time just didn't seem too important to him.

Edward stood up and went over to his bookcase. There wasn't much to read but there were a variety of books going on from The 3 Little Pigs to Alchemy books. It didn't read about alchemy as much as he did before but occasionally when he felt like it he would read a page or two. Edward scanned over the new books and picked a colorful, preschool book. He then went over to his bed and lied down with the book in his hand, the armored head was right beside him as he began to read Where the Wild Things Are. He knew it was immature to read such a childish book but he couldn't help it, the book was actually fascinating to him, the adventures and friendship displayed in the book made him happy to read such a story. He read aloud so that the armored head could hear him, in between his readings he would sometimes stop to laugh at the humor that was shared.

After ten minutes he was done. He laid the book on the ground beside his bed and hugged the head again. He closed his eyes for a split moment but they were soon reopened as the locked door opened, General Roy Mustang came through it with his team behind him, Hawkeye, Hughes, Havoc, Breda, Fury, and Falmon. Roy looked over to the teen, who was now at the edge of his bed, and sighed, "Would you like us to take him out?" Roy asked pointing to the armor. Edward nodded at this and smiled.

"Don't hurt him." Edward said in a soft, warning tone. The soldiers went over to the armor and began to disassemble it; the armor was too heavy to be carried by one man so they each had to carry a piece or two. Once the armor was out, Riza went over to Edward and asked him if he wanted them to take the head too. Ed replied, "No! No, I want him to stay with me…" she sighed and looked down sadly at the Elric. Mustang instructed her to leave the room, she said a sad goodbye to Ed and he said goodbye back to her with a smile on his face. She left, leaving a distraught Mustang and sound Edward alone.

"Fullme- Ed, are you alright?" Roy asked feeling obviously worried for the teen.

Edward nodded. "I'm alright, General." He stood up, placed the armored head on the bed, and began to strip. He lifted off his gown and began to pull down his boxers but stopped when the General didn't leave. "Pervy old man, get out of here!" Edward spat with frustration.

Mustang flinched and began to walk out. He took one last solemn look at Ed and without saying anything else; he left, locking the door behind him. Ed breathed and proceeded on taking off his boxers, he threw his clothes on the floor and sat back on his bed. Any moment it would begin. He hardly felt the pain of going through the transformation since he had went through it so many times but it was still uncomfortable. He waited and waited and waited, until finally he felt it. That burst of energy within him, and at that precise moment he knew that night had fallen.

And so it began as Ed howled in longing.

Golden eyes fluttered open as muscles ached and throbbed. Ed found himself on the cold, damp floor and pushed himself to stand up. He was still naked as he stood up straight and looked over his messed up room. Paper and torn books were scattered everywhere, torn to pieces and shredded to bits. Claw marks were etched into the walls and bed sheets were shredded and torn, Edward sighed at this.

He looked over to the disaster bed and gleamed. Al's head was still in good shape, that was some good news but then again every night that he transformed Al's head has never been damaged. Edward picked up the head, looked deep into its hollow eyes and smiled, "Looks like I'm going too need new books… and a room."

Ed hugged the head and laughed softly. He fell down to his knees and continued on to laugh… he laughed and laughed until a group of military men entered his territory and sedated him. Darkness crept into his vision as he clutched the armored head tightly, intending never to let go of it. He laughed until his voice started to fade as the sedative took effect… soon only one thought crossed his mind.

What was so funny?

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