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About One Week After the end of School- Daily Prophet

"Cheaters on Millionaire"

What's that you ask? Who would dare cheat on the Wizarding World's beloved radio show? I'll tell you who.

Webis Dilman!

No mistake there folks. You read correctly. The host was cheating. Or should I say was allegedly (he's awaiting trial) trying to make cheaters out of the show's contestants. He and two of the show's top two producer's (names being withheld at the moment) have been accused of multiple acts of wrongdoing. The most serious of which are- involuntary coercion and assault.

Yes, assault.

While full details are not yet available it seems contestants who were wrongfully accused of being cheaters were assaulted until either they admitted to 'cheating' or they lasted through their assault. The show's owner Quony Entertainment International has yet to make a statement on the charges.

As most everyone is aware- just last week the show was at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where The Professor's or our young bright minds took to the challenge of trying to win the Million Galleon Grand Prize to split between professor and school. All in all with gifts included the winning total of the Hogwarts Edition of the show raked in 1.5 Million Galleons. A million of that being won by none other than world renown war hero Potions Master Severus Snape.

Quony did make this small announcement "through our own investigations and with the help of the Ministry we've come to the conclusion that the Hogwart's edition of Millionaire was indeed legit and we will of course honor all the prizes won during our time there."

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Two Days Later- The Daily Prophet

The Real Webis

Not three days ago we reported the ongoing problems plaguing hit radio show Who Wants to be A Millionaire. And now the plot thickens. Well known and beloved Host Webis Dilman has been hosting Millionaire since the show's start. His smooth voice and charming personality has captivated listeners from the start. Making even the most shy contestant open up- or the quietest contestant speak their mind.

Seems someone should've been asking him some questions.

Webis Dilman aka Wrigley Derricks aka Walter Diamond aka Wunther Drischoll was born as Webster Drogen in a small town in Wizarding Germany. His parents split for reasons unknown and he grew up in London with his little sister and mum- occasionally visiting Germany to spend time with his father and older brother.

He spent his first two years at Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw- most people remember him as a brat. The most consistent story people remembered was of him throwing the esteemed Sorting Hat when it placed him in Ravenclaw instead if the house of his choice- Slytherin.

But two years later found him firmly in Durmstrang where he would excel in all his classes before graduating. Most of his life takes many twist and turns after that. Always changing his name and some of his features as he took up in different places around the world. Taking root in Russia as Wunther selling Dangerous Non Tradable substances on the black market. Appearing again some years later in Australia as Walter he ran a multimillion galleon ponzi scheme before the Auror's cornered him. But with his tracks covered well he managed to get bail and once again left a country. He appears again as Wrigley in the States with crimes all having to do with using magic around Muggles- in one case getting a man to give him his car.

His employment on Millionaire was actually based on his talent. After leaving America with their Auror's hot on his tracks he managed to land back in London when they were having Auditions for Millionaire- he walked in hadn't looked back since.

So who is the real Host of Millionaire? Webis? Walter? Webster?

Whoever he is will more than likely end up in prison for quite the number of years. And each country wants to have a go at trying him for his crimes.

More on page 6.

Five Years Later

As he walked the path to the main entrance to the school he couldn't help but take notice of all the changes to the grounds. The grounds were still as vast as ever- but now he could see- what was most likely; Hagrid's animal stables. He had already promised himself to stay well clear of that area.

A quick glance farther showed him the new Quidditch Pitch- complete with all those school brooms, new game equipment, and the fire proof, hex proof, stabilized new stands for spectators. They're guaranteed not to fall apart no matter where they're hit. It also showed him the new smaller Quidditch Pitch- so more than one team can practice at a time and the casual student can occasionally go for broom rides on their leisure.

He suspected seeing two pitch's was going to take getting used to.

His eyes had just landed on the newest green house. For a moment he wondered if he really should've okayed an additional one. After all, without Professor Sprout around it might be a bit of a daunting task to keep track of.

Neville's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an amused snort. He looked up to see his ex Professor's- and soon to be colleague's; looking towards him. So he took a deep breath and mustered up all his Gryffindor courage as he made his way the rest of the way up the path.

"Hello Professor Snape and Headmistress Mc… Quite sorry, did you keep your name after the wedding? Headmistress?" Neville asked more annoyed than anything that he'd forgotten to ask Harry about that.

He'd been all over the world working with plants for the better part of the last five years and was kept up to date through letters from his school friends. When he'd read Hermione's letter two years ago announcing that Snape and McGonagall were getting married he'd nearly fainted on a cactus in Africa.

In answer Snape looked down at him and tsked. Before Neville could figure out how to respond to that McGonagall (or Snape) elbowed him in the ribs.

"Severus be nice." She said with a stern expression, before turning to Neville with a smile, "Welcome back Neville."

"Thank you. It's good to be back really." Neville answered truthfully.

"And if you must know, for confusion sake's at least; for the time being she has elected to keep her name and I agreed." Snape answered.

Neville looked back at Snape quickly with a nod and focused his attention back on the Headmistress.

"I must admit Headmistress McGonagall-"

"Neville, by all means, you're one of the staff now, you must get used to calling us by our first names."

Neville noticed Snape's eyes snapped to his- and their expression clearly said 'don't even think about it'.

"And I do mean all of us," she continued not even bothering to glance up at her husband Neville noticed, "Severus here especially wanted you to know that he expects you to start immediately. In fact why don't we redo our entire greetings? Yes?"

Neville thought he'd rather be turned into a pin cushion, but nodded his head anyways- she was his boss now after all.

"I find this to be completely unnecessary." Snape said looking down at his wife.

"Yes, yes, I'm ready too dear," Minerva said ignoring him, "Hello Neville,"

"Er… right. Hello M- Minerva."

Neville had to admit it was a lot easier than saying McGonagall.

"Excellent. Now you two." And now she actually looked at him.

There was a bit of a silence as neither Neville nor Severus opened their mouths. Neville was about make up any excuse (he was sure it was something along the lines of 'oh look a Nargle') when Snape spoke.

"Hello Longbottom." He said simply.

Neville quickly caught on.

"Hello Snape."

"That wasn't quite what I had in mind." Minerva said as she shook her head. "But it's a start. Come on then, let's start your tour."

"Tour?" I said as I followed them into the main entryway. "I doubt I need a tour."

"You're probably right, of course, but we have made a few tiny changes since you've been here last. Better to just show you now so you're not unprepared."

Snape snorted with some unexplained amusement.

"Am I missing something?" Neville asked.

"Ignore Severus, I find that being married to him, I do a lot more of it now then I ever did to be honest." She said with a smirk.

Neville looked at Snape to see his reaction and saw neither annoyance or amusement- just a straight face. Then he turned and looked at Neville.

"She jests, but in seriousness, if you're as scattered brain as you were as a child then her 'few' changes will likely have you lost for days on end."

Neville had prepared himself for Snape's jibes. All of his friends- except Ron; swore Snape was much better than he was when they were students. Ron said he was more like Snape on good behavior- that the old Snape could show up at any time if Minerva wasn't around. Neville believed Ron.

"No worries then Snape," Neville said with a steady voice talking braver than he felt, "By all means lead the way Minerva."

Neville just caught Snape's raised eyebrow at his response as he took step next to Minerva. A few steps later the three had entered into the Great Hall- with Minerva in the center of the two men.

Neville couldn't help but gasp.

"I'm of the opinion that we ought to change its name to Ginormous Hall." Snape said.

Neville looked to see him smirking and Minerva frowning.

"As like always, it is merely a charm" Minerva said rather pointedly, "Severus acts as if we've made the room bigger."

"So you haven't then?" Neville asked.

Minerva cut him a glare he remembered well from his school days.

"That is, I mean it does look much bigger than the last time I saw it."

"The Great Hall was of course one of the first places we decided to remodel first with our winnings. So, personally more than a fair few times I walked into the Great Hall some scene of the final battle would play out before me. I thought it would be better- especially for those at the time still having negative connotations from the war still plaguing them; to walk in here and not have a reminder."

"Well, when you put it that way, you make a valid point. The war was quite far from my mind when I walked in." Neville admitted.

The ceiling of the Great Hall always looked as if you were looking straight into the sky- but now it was as if you were looking past the sky to whatever places your mind imagines would be in the sky. Were those cloudlike buildings heaven? Were they the place of the Gods? Who knows? He could only imagine what it looked like at dinner.

"It is still quite over done." Snape stated.

"You agreed to it. The whole staff did." Minerva said with a sigh.

"Had I known it would've looked like this, I would not have."

"As you can see Neville," Minerva said looking at him, "The reviews have been mixed. But we all feel it's been enough time since the war that we can start slowly bringing the dimensions back down."

"So it won't be like this when the years starts?"

"No, it will, we think we'll slowly bring it down bit by bit until it's back to normal size. Over the course of a few years, of course."

Neville could only nod.

"Everything else about Gargantuan Hall is the same, I trust you don't need a tour of the house tables?" Snape said looking at Neville.

"Not at all. What's next?" Neville asked deciding not laugh at Minerva's pursed lips.

The three slowly made their way through the castle. The two of them each pointing out certain things as they went by them. Minerva mostly sticking to things like the new paintings, the armor, better lighting and other things Neville was sure he wouldn't remember tomorrow. Snape stuck to anything that was formally a rule breaker. So the tour mostly wen like this-

"The fruit painting was redone. We added lemons- in honor of Albus and his Lemondrops…" Minerva would say.

"Tickling the Pear no longer gives entrance to the kitchens- it's the second banana from the left …" Snape would add.

"We've moved Violet closer to the Fat Lady- less worry about her disappearing that way…"

"She had a nasty habit of alerting students if a Professor was coming- good luck with that seeing as the Fat Lady is hardly a dependable guard as is…"

"The Humpbacked witch was of course moved- can't have the students headed off to Hogsmeade on their own…"

"Yes, like your lot…"

"Had to move Gregory the Smarmy too, couldn't take the chance…"

"Yes, like your lot…

"You may remember there was a suit of armor here, had to go- seemed to move about on his own…"

"It was a piece of junk, made it impossible to catch anyone walking this way…"

"Got rid of the Barnabas Tapestry- it was the easiest indicator that you were in front of the Room of Requirement…"

"Barnaby was foolish, pity the Fiend Fire hadn't extended to burn it as well- it would've save me the trouble of having to remove it…"

All in all most of the 'tour' gave Neville a chance to see Snape and Minerva together. He remembered when Ron and Hermione had burst into the Common Room the last night before school was over five years ago saying how'd they seen the two kissing. Well Hermione said kissing- Ron's words had been along the lines of 'old people snogging- s'not right I tell ya, not right' before giving way to shudders.

Neville found them rather cute- in that way that all older couples are cute. They are obviously quite comfortable with each other- nothing the other says seems to phase them. They go from serious to happy to annoyed to content all in the matter of seconds it seems. And they still respect each other.

The whole tour wasn't without surprises. Not surprisingly- the Transfiguration Corridor was a lot bigger and so were the classrooms in it. It also now hosted a see through 'trophy' case of the worst Transfigurations- meant as a lesson to the students about studying.

"More like a way to celebrate bad work. Every week Minerva adds a new attempt of some dunderhead or another. She ends up cleaning the whole thing out at the end of the year."

Neville had tried not to snigger at Snape's comment.

Also not surprisingly the Charms Corridor was remodeled. Filius let his best students of the week pick the design of the corridor for the next week. Part of the Corridor also included the portable swamp from the Weasley Twins escape.

"We've found quite a few students stuck in it trying to run away when their out after curfew- Filius believes a proper punishment is letting them try and figure out how to get out for themselves." Minerva said with a smirk.

Neville expected to see that the Dungeons had been remodeled- so his surprise was that they hadn't been.


"They're dungeons." Snape had said simply.

Neville looked at Minerva but she only winked at him and stepped forward.

"Don't listen to Severus. If I let him have his way they would indeed look exactly the same. But I managed to get a few things in. Better lighting, more portraits… a new Potions lab for the snarky Professor." Minerva had said as opened the door to the lab.

Neville knew his knowledge of anything potions related was negligible at best- unless you were talking purely about the ingredients. But even he could admit the room was nice. At least 20 cauldrons were set up- 5 of which were gold. There were shelves and shelves of ingredients marked in alphabetical order along the walls. And there were two floating chalkboards around the room- so you could see the instructions without having to look too far.

"As I've said before- these were all necessary changes for the safety of the students. Had Longbottom here had a room like this- even his work might've been marginally better."

"That depends Snape," Neville said realizing it wasn't so hard to call Snape by his last name, "This room and a different Professor- maybe. This room and the same you- probably not. I'd probably still be sitting here waiting for Hermione to whisper instructions in my ear."

Neville thought he might've seen Snape smirk.

Yes, all in all, the tour had gone alright. It ended with them standing in front of Neville's new living quarters.

"I suppose you've had a long day and will like to settle in?" Minerva asked as she took Snape's hand in hers.

"Not really no. I was at Gran's house you see- she said to tell you hello by the way-"

"Yes, you must be quite tired." Snape said glancing down at Minerva.

Neville saw a smile begin to ghost Snape's lips and had a feeling he was quite close to seeing them kiss- something they apparently did all the time; and he wasn't sure how he felt about that.

"You know what? I think I'm going to head over to the Three Broomsticks. Heard Hannah runs the place." Neville said stepping by them.

"Ah, yes of course," Minerva answered, "she was your year right?"

"Yes, we spoke a few times during the DA…" Neville said thinking their moment had passed but looked to see that it hadn't and that they were mighty close to each other now.

"Have a good night Longbottom." Snape said with finality.

Neville told himself not to look back as he made his way towards the stairs- but he couldn't help it. And indeed they kissed. Nothing deep- just long enough that it could promise something more. But when they pulled apart and Snape merely kissed Minerva on the forehead as he pulled her close- Neville couldn't help but repeat his earlier thoughts- they were cute.

He hoped one day he would find 'cuteness'. And like they did- he hoped he wouldn't have to go far to find it. And Neville made his way out of the castle and headed towards the Three Broomsticks.

About 40 years later

"Grandpa Neville,"

"Yes Alice?" Neville answered his 6 year old granddaughter from his son Frankie.

"What will Uncle Severus do without Aunt Minerva?"

Neville looked over at the man in question as he stands by himself looking down at the earth where his wife lays buried: and wonders how to answer it. In fact he was quite sure that the man in question was still trying to figure out how to answer it.

They'd been married 42 years, and now Minerva McGonagall was gone. A quiet death in her sleep at their home in Upper Scotland.

Neville had last seen them at the beginning of the year. They were excited about their upcoming trip to Australia. Well Minerva was excited Severus merely smirked. He'd gotten their postcard in March when they were there- telling him about the magical community there and all the wonderous sites. And of course to ask if everything was alright with the school.

Minerva always asked in her letters if everything was alright with the school- even though she hadn't been Headmistress in over four years. But Neville always smiled- sure he himself would be the same way whenever he vacated the position. And he planned to vacate it- like Minerva he wanted his last years on earth to be spent doing absolutely nothing but what he and his family wanted.

And then of course the two couples made plans for when the school year ended to see each other at some point during the summer for lunch. Neville always enjoyed their lunches- it was how Hannah and he had finally gotten together. What with Minerva's pushy attitude and Severus's sly ways it hadn't taken more than 10 minutes to get him and Hannah set up for a date. Their point was- not everyone could have a game show to help show them the path to the love of their life.

"Think he'll be alright?"

Neville looked to see Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had gathered near him.

"Can't say. I mean of course I remember him as a Professor, but most of my memories- my good ones anyways; all involve him with Minerva. It's like somehow they've always been together." Nevilla answered Harry's question.

"You're not wrong though." Hermione said, "They have been. Student and teacher. Colleague and colleague. Head of Gryffindor and Head of Slytherin. Heads and Deputies. Friends and Lovers."

"When she puts it like that, she's right." Ginny said with a nod.

"Tough Luck… if only they were, I don't know, born closer together or something. I mean, he could live another 30 years, couldn't he?" Ron asks.

"That's enough time for a new life." Hermione adds.

"You think he would?" Harry asks.

"No." Neville answers immediately.

"Don't think I could either." Ron say as he puts his arm around Hermione who blushes.

Neville looks at that motion and thinks of all the times he saw Severus put his arms around Minerva and he begins to feel sad all over again.

"Has her portrait appeared in your office yet?" Harry asks.

"Yes…" Neville replies with a vague tone.

"Has he gone to visit it?"

"No…" He answers.

"Really?" Hermione quizzes.

"Yeah… I think they may have had some sort of agreement about it before hand. She hasn't asked about him either."

Neville had thought he'd spend the better part of most days letting Severus in and out of his office- but the mand hadn't shown up. And Minerva truly hadn't asked about him- she mostly asked about Hiogwarts business.

They're all quiet for a moment until Hannah walks over and asks where Alice is. Neville realizes that the little girl is no longer standing next to him. There's a moment of confusion and a small panic arises before Frankie flags everybody over.

"Have you got her?" Roxanne asks her husband- worried about her daughter.

"She's fine… look…"

All of us stand behind Frankie and look to where he points at. Alice is standing with her 'Great Uncle' Severus holding his hand while he points down at the ground.

"That's not Minerva's grave right?" Ginny asks.

"No, I think that's Filius's."

"Sshhh…." Frankie says listening.

"This is where my friend Filius lies." Neville hears Severus say.

"Was he a good friend, Uncle Severus?" Alice asks.

"Yes. He was part Goblin. Even when he died at 144 he was about your height."

Little Alice giggled in disbelief.

"Nuh un," she ssaid.

"What have we…" and Neville watched with the others as Severus paused- probably realizing there was no more we, "we said about saying nuh-un?"

"That those aren't real words."

"And what real words could you say instead?" he asked.

"I could say, I don't believe you Uncle Severus."

Severus nodded in satisfaction and then smirked at the girl, "Well it's true. You can ask your grandfather about him later."

"But if he was so small, how did he teach Charms?"

"Size has nothing to do with anything. Filius Flitwick was a great wizard. He was even a dueling champion."


"Yes really."

"And what about this one over here next to Felius" Alice said leading Severus to the next grave.

"Filius, Alice, and this one here is my friend Pomona Sprout."

"Was she another good friend?"

"Yes. That was your Aunt Minerva's best friend for a long time."

"Did they have tea parties, and have sleep over's?"

Neville watched Severus smirk at the little girl, and he looked to see if anyone else saw. And he was saw that all the blokes were smirking, and half the woman looked as if they were about to cry.

"Yes, I do believe they did." Severus answered.

"And did they have real tea and real biscuits, like Aunt Minerva used to let me do with her sometimes?"

"They did." Severus answered.

"And did they make sure no icky boys were allowed in?"

"That depends, do you think I'm an icky boy?" Severus asked Alice.

Alice seemed to size him up as if she'd never thought about it before.

"You're a big boy Uncle Severus- you can't be icky."

"Ah… of course." Severus answers once again with a smirk.

"What did Poma teach?"

"Pomona taught Herbology. She was your grandfather's teacher."

"Really? So she taught him everything he knows?"

"Most of it, more than likely."

"She must've been a smart lady, like Aunt Minerva, right? That's probably why they were friends, because they were both smart." Alice said as she led Severus by the hand to rthe ecently filled in grave that was Minerva's.

"Perhaps…" Severus said looking down at the ground.

"And Aunt Minerva taught Tans… Tras… Tranasigrafalation?"

"Close Alice," Severus said managing a smirk, "Transfiguration."

"Yes that," Alice said nodding her head with a smile. "She was very good at it, right?"

"The very best."

"I always hoped and hoped and hoped Aunt Minerva would go back to school when I went so she could teach me. And now I hear about all your other friends and I wish they could teach me too. Is there nothing we can do Uncle Severus?"

Neville was about to tell his son to go get Alice before she made Severus Snape cry- but Severus answered easily.

"No Alice. There's nothing. Death is final."

"Does it make you sad? Because I feel sad…"

Everyone could see that indeed little Alice looked about to cry.

"Yes. I do feel… sad." Severus answered more slowly this time, "In fact I feel quite sad all the time without Minerva."

"Do you cry?"


Neville had to cover his own mouth to stop his gasp from escaping aloud. A few others had done the same.

"I miss her Uncle Severus. When are you supposed to stop missing her?"

"Never." Severus answered, "Just as I still miss Filius and Pomona, I'll always miss Minerva."

"You miss them?"

"Indeed I do."

"But you were smiling when you talked about them."

"Because eventually you realize you don't want to be sad when you think about them. So you think about them, and you think happy things instead."

"Happy things?"

"Yes, like one time Filius played a prank on me by switching my tea with another drink and spat it out all over the place."

Alice put a hand to her face to cover her giggles.

"And Pomona was terrible at keeping secrets- and would always be surprised when someone told the secret back to her."

Once again Alice laughed.

"And Minerva… Minerva…" Severus started and once again seemed to paused in thought.

Neville watched Severus struggle to say something but Alice spoke instead.

"I know one about Aunt Minerva- she told me the story herself."

"What story?" Severus quizzed as once again the little girl easily snapped him out of his stupor.

"About you being on the radio show. And how on the last question about the four mus-cat-ears she sent you her shiny cat but the mean man wouldn't let it tell you the answer. So she magicked it and made it turn into the letter C so you could win."

Neville looked around to see if anyone else seemed as shock as he was at Alice's words- and they were. Was that how he'd gotten the final answer when time had run out all those years ago?

"Did you know that Neville?" Hermione asked.

"I didn't… I always assumed he'd just had a sudden memory..." Neville answered.

"Sshhh" Frankie said again.

"That was a good story, right Uncle Severus? Because you won." Alice said.

"Yes… a good story indeed." Severus answered her.

"Can you tell me about the four mouse cat ears? Aunt Minerva and I ran out of time last time."

"It's Muskateers Alice, and I suppose I could start it… it is rather long."

"That's ok Uncle Severus,"

"Well to begin with it's actually only three Muskateer's."

"Uhn… I mean, Aunt Minerva said four. I'm sure of it,"

"Yes, in the end there were four, but there were officially only three."

"Then why not call it four? I'm sure the fourth one doesn't like being left out?"

Neville could see Severus's smile and wondered what had caused it now?

"Because the Three Muskateers were famous. They'd done numerous brilliant things their whole lives. The fourth Muskateer- he was only just beginning. He needed time to make his own name. So in the meantime… in the meantime he watched and learned and he told their story."

"Sorta like the way were telling stories right now, right Uncle Severus?"

"Exactly like that." Severus answered.

"And he does eventually become a Mus- Muskateer right?"

"He does Alice… he does…" Severus answers still smiling.

Neville feels as if he's just heard a giant secret. As he feels as if he's just learned one more about thing about the four professors around his granddaughter. And lastly he feels if Alice were to ask him again, 'what will Uncle Severus do now?' he feels he has an answer ready this time.

"He'll do what he's always done Alice- he'll teach.

About 20 years later

"We are gathered here today to honor Severus Snape- Potions Master, Headmaster, loved husband and surprisingly to most of us- a good friend."

There's a few light snorts of laughter after his words, and Neville feels himself beome a bit more comfortable at being chosen to speak.

"I say surprsingly because the small crowd gathered here are mostly former students and their families who somehow managed to end up on the good side of Severus Snape. And we're gathered here because we are very honored to have done so."

There's a few nods and even a 'hear, hear' thrown about.

"Before his passing he managed to impart to me he didn't want a lot of words and useless crying because he was gone. That while he still- even at age 106; couldn't figure out why the lot of us put up with him; he didn't think anyone should be crying over his death. Because he surely wouldn't."

Neville paused and took a deep breath.

"He was quite sure that when the time came to die this time- unlike all the other time; he would smile and welcome Death as if it were an old friend. And i think, after so many enocunters over the years- maybe they were. And maybe he saw Death as the usher that would lead him to eternity with his wife Minerva. Or at least that's how i like to think about them."

"I won't say much more on the subject- as he requested; but I will say like his wife, he is survived by the many students he taught and the many people who's lives he's touched. And yes Severus Snape- you will be missed."

Neville smiled as he walked off the stage- unable to resist looking up towards where his office lay. Thinking about the two empty portraits that had vacated their frames upon waking this morning to their other much more private frames in their old home to make up for the last 20 years of time. And he wondered perhaps if he'd ever see them again.

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