"I want him daddy…I want him now," pouted Olivia as she watched her father Alistair rip apart a soul right in front of her.

"Then what are you waiting for," said Alistair as he ripped out the guts of the person and they screamed. "What have I always taught you Olivia?"

Olivia didn't say anything.

Alistair stopped carving into the body and looked at his daughter as she stood with her arms crossed across her chest and leaned against the wall. Alistair walked over to Olivia with the bloody knife in his hand, "Olivia what have I always taught you?"

Olivia smiled and looked at her father, "Always take what I want."

"Then you get your ass up there and you take what you want. Got it!"

Olivia nodded and kissed her father on the cheek, "Ok daddy."

Alistair smiled at his daughter as she walked out of the dungeon. Olivia always was able to get Dean Winchester to do whatever she wanted once he said yes. He knew she would be able to break him once again.

Dean and Sam opened the doors to the hospital as they walked out. Dean sighed loosening his tie then felt a pair of hands on his arm pulling him back.

"What the fu-" Before he could finish a pair of lips were on his.

"Uh, hello?" asked Sam looking at the two of them. Sam has never seen this girl in his life.

Dean groaned the kiss was remarkable and just how he liked it; it reminded him of something he couldn't place. The lips that were attacking his parted from his own and he opened his eyes to see two gorgeous emeralds staring into his own green orbs.

"I've been looking for you," she said with a smile as she ran her hands up his chest.

"Uh…ok," said Dean glancing at Sam who shrugged then looking back at the girl and taking a step back, "Do I know you?"

"Of course."

Dean watched the skillful tongue that had licked his entire mouth trace across her perfect plump lips. He wished he knew who this girl was.

"I'm sorry…I just don't-" he tried to think but nothing was coming to him, "Are you the friend of Terry or Sherri…the girl I hooked up with the other night?"

Olivia shook her head, "No."

Dean looked at Sam then back at Olivia, "Then I'm sorry I think you have me confused with someone else but I surely wouldn't mind seeing you again." He winked at her before walking away with Sam.

"Who was that?" Sam asked looking back at the girl who was pouting and crossing her arms across her chest.

"I have no clue but she is a good kisser." Dean smirked looking at Sam with a slight shrug.

Olivia knew his mind must be blocking out the memories in Hell. Which meant it was blocking her from him. The two were a match made in…Hell so to speak. When the two were together they made the ground quiver and the lightning strike. She had to have him remember.

That night Dean was sound asleep when Olivia had crept into the motel room. She was able to go over the salt line being half human; she had all the demons strengths but no weakness. She found Dean asleep on the bed jeans on t-shirt off and she ran her nails over his body. Dean opened his eyes quickly and sat up staring at her. He grabbed the knife under his pillow and stood up.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I really can't believe you don't know who I am," her eyes turned black and she smiled, "After all we were really close in Hell."

It hit him. His eyes roamed the body and the smile. Sure she was a divine thing and they had memories in Hell…a whole bunch of memories he didn't even want to think about. It sent chills running up and down his spine thinking of what he had done with Olivia.

"Olivia," he whispered.

"You going to drop the knife or are we going to play rough tonight?" She asked with a slight laugh as her eyes turned back to the emerald green. She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Dean felt a rush of lust and hunger run through him and he fought it back, he fought it hard, "You know the two of us always liked it rough." She stood on her tip toes about to kiss him when he placed the tip of the knife on her chest.

"Back up," he growled.

Olivia let go of him and glared, "What are you doing?"

"I want nothing to do with you," he growled, "You were my only option so don't think it meant something."

Olivia gritted her teeth and walked a few feet behind her, "I'm sorry to tell you this Dean-o but you will be mine. I don't care what it takes."

"This isn't hell Olivia you can't rule people here!"

"Watch me."

The lights in the room flickered but Dean didn't take his eyes off her. She quickly vanished and ended up behind him. She grabbed the back of his head and threw him in the wall. He groaned dropping the knife and turning around and diving at her. The two fell into the table breaking it beneath them. Olivia laughed as the two rolled around on the ground.

"You think you are better than me Winchester?" she asked as she scratched at his chest and he groaned in pain, "You've been up here for too long you're weak." She grabbed his wrist and with all her strength placed them above his head. Their faces were inches from each other. She had a triumphant smile on her face as he stared angrily at her. She nuzzled her nose against his with a smirk, "I win."

"Dean I got you-" Sam stopped as he saw the two on the floor.

Olivia's eyes turned black with a smirk, "Little Sammy Winchester."

"Dean!" Sam grabbed his gun but the two vanished before his eyes.

Authors Note: Ok another new one. But I was talking to April and I was like what if Dean was seduced and with her help we came up with this little idea. More to come hope you enjoy please review :)