Dean woke with water being splashed on him, ice cold water and then a slap to the face, "Rise and shine!" yelled Olivia with a laugh.

Dean shook his head trying to breathe from the ice cold water that had woken him from a dead sleep. He glared at her, "You bitch!" He seethed.

She laughed, "No you're my bitch." She slapped him again, "At least until we can kick that piece of shit humanity out of you."

"Never gonna happen sweetheart," Dean smirked, "You can bitch slap me all you want, hell you can send me back down I will never lose it again."

Olivia snickered, "We'll see." She reached for the belt and Dean watched her closely and before she grabbed the strap she looked down at him, "Remember our deal Dean...if you try anything funny your brother is the one I'll be after and you know my father will be very pissed off. And be after you both."

"Bring it," Dean snarled staring into her eyes.

"Dean," she taunted.

"What the fuck do you want from me?"

She leaned close to his face and smiled, "To hear you beg." She licked his lips and pulled on the belt. She leaned up and he sat up, " me a bath."

"Excuse me." He looked at her as she walked towards the closet that held her clothes. He rubbed his wrist watching her. She opened the doors and looked around.

"I know you heard me," she turned and looked at him the bathroom is right over there, "Make the water nice and hot."

Dean glared at her as he continued to rub his wrist and got up from the bed. He had to find a way out of here without getting his brother hurt or worse. He walked into the bathroom and stopped looking around. The bathroom was almost the size of the motel rooms Sam and him stayed him maybe a little bit bigger. There was a Jacuzzi tub in the middle, two shower stalls, one where the edge came out to sit in and one just to stand in, the room was marble all around.

"Fucking bitch would live large," he continued to rub his wrist as he walked over to the tub. He kneeled down and turned it on. The water came out clearer than he ever saw water come out. He tested it out making sure the water was hot enough for her heiness. He rolled his eyes. He was some demons bitch slave once again. How did he get into these predicaments?

Dean looked up from the tub and stood up walking around the bathroom waiting for the tub to fill. He walked towards the marble counter and looked through her stuff. He picked up her perfume and smelled it. The smell automatically sent him back to Hell. He could always sniff her out no matter where he was.

Dean walked past all the demons, through the chambers of torture where he once was tortured. He now did the torturing since today he said yes. And today he wanted Olivia. She's been begging him since she first had her hands all over him and now she was going to get him.

He could smell her perfume. That's how he was tracking her. Her perfume was strong to his senses. He followed the scent till he found her near her room. Dean walked up to her and grabbed her arm forcing her into her room. She gasped as her face hit the cold cement wall.

"You wanted me I am," he said in her ear. He pulled back a little and let her turn around.

Olivia stared at him, "What are you doing off the rack?" she asked scared of the look on his face and the sheer evil in his eyes.

Dean pushed her back against the wall and stared into her eyes loving the fear in them. He gripped her upper arms tightly slamming his body against hers to hold it still.

"You wanted me this way didn't you?" he asked not expecting an answer. His grip tightened on her arms and she gasped in pain and bit her bottom lip, "You wanted me to say yes."

Olivia swallowed hard staring into his cold evil eyes, "Yes," she said quietly.

Dean smirked, "You scared Olivia? I've never known you to be scared. What would daddy think?"

"I'm not scared."

"Prove it." She didn't do anything and his smirk grew, "I knew it."

Olivia pushed him as hard as she could, "I'm not afraid of you."

Dean laughed an evil laugh in her face as she struggled against him. He slammed her against the wall once again and her eyes turned black. His laughter stopped and he smiled, "There's my princess." He gripped the back of her head pulling at her hair and she cried out and stared him in the eyes, "You're mine princess. No one else's got it?"

"Can't tell me what to do." She loved this side of Dean. For forty years she's seen the weak side of him and now this evil sadistic side was such a turn on for her. She wanted him to control her but she also wanted control as well. She knew in the future they would be butting heads. Hell, she loved the thought of it.

"Oh no?" he yelled angry and placed his hand on her throat, "You will do whatever I say!"

"Daddy won't like that." She grinned.

"Daddy won't find out." Dean smirked.

That smirk alone gave her exciting chills. She wanted him badly. She pulled his head to hers and kissed him hard. He kissed her back with the same roughness, maybe even a little rougher. Dean gripped her ass and she jumped on him wrapping her legs around his waist, "Fuck me Dean! Now!" She kissed down his neck before throwing her on the bed and getting on top of her.

"You want me to fuck you huh you little bitch?"

She rubbed her body against his nice and slow and hard, "Fuck yes! Show me no mercy!" She stared into his eyes, "I want it all!" And Dean was happy to oblige…anything to make him feel.

Olivia watched him from the door as he thought about their love affair in Hell. He remembered more than he let on.

Olivia cleared her throat and Dean turned his head seeing her in a robe and placed her perfume back down on the counter. He turned leaning on the counter with his arms crossed.

"There you go princess," he waved over towards the Jacuzzi, "Nice and hot just how you like it."

She smirked as she walked over to him. He watched her as she tilted her head, "Not quite. If you were in it," she ran her hand under his shirt and stared into his eyes, "That's how I'll like it."

Dean pulled her hand out of his shirt, "Not happening anytime soon princess."

She narrowed her eyes at him and then took her robe off letting it fall to the ground. Dean's eyes followed the robe to her feet then slowly back up her body. He had to admit she has a great body, even in Hell she walked around with it. It was hers after all.

Olivia smiled, "See something you like tiger?" His eyes lingered at her breast for just a few more seconds before he looked back into her eyes. They were so alluring no wonder he fell for them in Hell. "It can all be yours if you just say the magic words. You know I'll be happy to give you whatever you want. I did in Hell after all." She smiled at him.

"Not a snowballs chance bitch."

Olivia frowned and walked towards the Jacuzzi. "Fine then make yourself useful." She stepped into the hot water and sunk in. She grabbed the wash cloth and threw it at him, "Wash my back."

"You've got to be kidding?"

"You know I never joke." She turned her head to look at him with that evil glare of hers. He knew she inherited that from her father. "Get over here NOW!"

Dean growled as he grabbed the wash cloth and walked towards the Jacuzzi. He kneeled down and dipped the wash cloth in the water and poured some soap on it. He then slowly washed her back. He rolled his eyes, not believing he was actually giving a bath to a damn demon whore.

Olivia all of a sudden grabbed his wrist when it was near her neck and pulled it towards the front. Dean bit his lip as she leaned back and had him wash her chest. She closed her eyes a soft moan coming from her lips. Dean licked his lips and watched his hand wash her chest and then moved down it towards her breast. She arched into his hand and licked her own lips moaning again.

Demon Dean! Demon! Fucking hot demon…but demon!

Dean stared at her breast and bit his bottom lip as he looked back at her face seeing her eyes closed. He knew how she liked it, he remembered all too well because at the time he liked it as well. His hand moved to her left breast slowly massaging it and then let the wash cloth drop into the water as he pinched her nipple and twisted roughly. Olivia let out a surprise pleasurable yelp arching her chest into his hand.

Olivia was breathing heavy staring at Dean as he smirked, "I'm sorry I thought you liked it rough."

It happened all too quickly but Olivia grabbed Dean by the back of the neck and pulled him into the tub. Dean spit out the water as she pushed him against the edge of the tub and straddled his lap. Her lips came crashed hard against his and his hands stayed at his sides not knowing what to do. He knew too well what to do but to a half breed, demon/human, sure in Hell it was different but now he knew right from wrong.

Olivia shoved her tongue into his mouth clawing at his shoulders with her nails and rubbing herself against him. Dean grabbed her hips and groaned into her mouth. He didn't mean to it just slipped out with her rubbing all up against him in her naked way.

Olivia moaned as she continued to rub up against him and kissing him with everything she had. She had missed his mouth, his body up against hers. She bit at his bottom lip hard and he groaned again as he moved his hips up against her.

She smiled as she pulled back breathing heavy, "I still know what you like," she said as her right hand moved into his jeans and grabbed hold of his cock that was now fully hard. She pumped him with slow hard strokes of her hand. He threw his head back with a groan. He forgot how good she felt, the only thing that he felt down in Hell. He would never tell her that.

Someone behind them cleared their throat and she turned her head quickly. Dean sat right up and looked over to see a servant.

"Ms. Olivia I suggest you get decent," he said.

Olivia pulled her hand out of his jeans and pushed hard on his chest. He grunted in pain as his back hit the tub.


"Your father is downstairs."

Dean's eyes widened a bit. Alistair. Olivia growled and turned back to Dean who had a smirk on his face, "And I was having oh so much fun," he mocked and she glared at him.

"I'll show you fun."

Their eyes held each others. He challenged her with his eyes, "Bring it."

Olivia gripped his shoulders tightly and threw him out of the Jacuzzi and he hit the wall by the door. The servant quickly vanished knowing Olivia's wrath. She got out of the Jacuzzi as Dean coughed and started to get up slowly. She grabbed her robe tying it around her.

Dean started laughing, "That all you go bitch," he spit on the floor.

With a flick of her hand Dean was in her room and up against the wall. She walked in closing her hand and Dean felt his air supply going low.

"I don't want to hurt you Dean...well, when we're not pleasuring each other in Hellish ways," she laughed but stopped and glared at him, "You are really pissing me off!"

Dean let out a small chuckle and coughed. He smiled the best he could, "You'll have to kill me bitch to get what you want."

With her other hand she made a clawing action and Dean tried not to scream as his shirt slowly started to rip and it felt like her nails were going into his chest like she had done once again. She slowly moved her hand down; antagonizing the pain he was in. Dean held on as best as he could trying not to scream but the pain at one point was too much. He screamed tilting his head a little.

"Aw, what's a matter baby?" she asked making a pouting face as she slowly walked up to his place on the wall, "Too much for ya. You told me to bring it. You know how I can be."

"You fu-fucking b-b-bitch."

She laughed as he stuttered. She sighed knowing her father was downstairs and he, like herself, didn't like to be kept waiting too long.

"I have to go and talk some business now." She threw him on the bed and with another fling of her wrist ropes had tied tightly around his own wrist to the bed and also a gag in his mouth. "I'll be back soon baby." She winked at him and licked her lips before walking out the door.

Olivia made her way to the stairs tying her robe tighter to not be exposed when a stench hit her nose. Her lip curled and her and her nose flared in disgust.

"What is that hag doing in my house?" she yelled as she turned the corner and there was her father and Ruby standing there. She walked down the stairs angry and Ruby smirked.

"Nice to see you to Olivia," she said sarcastically with her arms crossed.

"Get this slut traitor out of my house daddy! NOW!"

"Calm down Olivia this is business," Alistair said as he watched his daughter and Ruby stare daggers at each other.

"What business?" she seethed. She wanted to rip Ruby limb from limb because of her traitor ways.

"Did you get Dean?"

Olivia looked at her father, "Yes sir."

"Where is he?"

She smirked, "Tied up at the moment."

"Gross," said Ruby with a scowl on her face.

Olivia quickly looked at her and took a few steps towards her, "At least I didn't fall for a Winchester with a human side! I'm kicking the humanity right out of Dean!"

"Have fun with that," said Ruby, "Remember how long it took him to say yes?"

"I'll be able to do it! It won't take long."

"Ladies...let's not fight. After all we are all on the same team," said Alistair.

"Or so we think," said Olivia.

"I made a fucking mistake! Sue me!"

"I'll do more than that bitch!"

"Olivia and Ruby! ENOUGH!" Both demons looked at Alistair, "Like I said we are here for business Olivia."

"And what is this business...father?"

"The Winchesters of course. With the way you are working on Dean I'm pretty sure his humanity will be gone soon. We need people up here on our side."

"And?" She placed her hands on her hips.

"And that's where the Winchester's come into play. Why with Dean's ability of torture and his warrior instincts he'd be a great candidate to go out there and fight and well be my little princess's guardian." She smiled at her father and Ruby rolled her eyes, "And with Sam's demon blood he's almost ranking up there with us. Ruby you just need to push him a little more, get him into his evil ways."

"That's what you want?" asked Ruby, "To turn both Dean and Sam evil and on our side?"

"Exactly. Why with two beautiful demons you can seduce the two easily, especially Sam he just lost his brother after all," Alistair mockingly pouted and Olivia laughed, "Get him to trust you again. Say you can get in on the inside, double agent sort of thing. What do you girls say?"

"As long as I get to be with Dean it doesn't matter. I'm slowly getting to him," Olivia smiled.

"I know you are princess. Now that that's settled get to work." Alistair disappeared and Olivia looked at Ruby.

"You stay away from Dean...he's mine."

"Please princess...I don't want anything to do with that meat suit. He's not my type."

"But Sammy is?"

Ruby glared at her, "You're lucky your Alistair's daughter."

"And you're lucky I don't rip you apart right now."

"Daddy won't like that."

"I'll try to put the pieces back together in the right get out of my house." Ruby flipped her off before vanishing. Olivia rolled her eyes, "Real mature, bitch."


Dean kept pulling on the ropes and biting the gag trying to get out. He was curing Olivia out with ever thought. His chest was burning and hurt so bad. His wrists were slightly bleeding from pulling on the ropes. If he was lucky he'd break a blood vessel and bleed to death before she came back.

But he wasn't too lucky. Dean saw the door open and in walked Olivia in all her glory. She smiled at him as she closed the door. "I'm sorry I took so long baby."

Dean watched her with a glare as she walked up to the bed and straddled his lap. She gripped his shirt and ripped it off his body along with the gag. She saw the blood still coming out of his chest and she pouted. "Poor baby," she leaned down and licked the blood up his toned chest, "Remember how I use to clean you up after father would rip into your soul?"

Dean winced as he felt her tongue move against the cuts. "I try to forget."

Olivia looked up at him and smiled, "You can try all you want but you can never forget everything that happened. It will always be there. No matter how hard you try."

"I'll try as long as I live."

"Who knows how long that will be." she said.

Olivia leaned back over and gave him another long slow lick up his chest and suddenly the pain was gone. Dean looked down and saw his chest was once again perfect. Just like hell. One moment he was ripped open and the next it was as if nothing ever happened.

"See, I know how to take care of my man." Olivia winked at him as she sat back up.

"I will never be your anything." Dean smirked, "Try all you want but nothing you do will ever break me."

"Never say never. I still have a few tricks that I think you will like."

Dean watched her hands move to her robe and opened it up. She let it slid down her arms and she threw it behind her. Once again Dean's eyes traveled her gorgeous body. He closed his eyes. He couldn't give into temptation, not again. He was not weak.

"I saw the way you were looking at me," she said, "In the bathroom and just now." Dean heard a moan come from her lips and he couldn't help but open his eyes. He saw her grabbing her breast and pinching her nipples. "Mmmm, Dean...I wished you just touch me," she moaned as she looked at him.

Dean bit his bottom lip watching her, "Fuck," he threw his head back closing his eyes. She laughed as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. This was the same shit she would pull in Hell when he was on the rack. She would never fully commit to the deed, she'd tease him, touch herself, hell even touch him till he exploded in her hand...or her mouth.

" loved it when I use to tease you," she said rubbing him through his boxers, "And since you've been a very bad boy I think you just need a little touch."

"Don't you fucking touch me!"

"Aw baby you know you like it. And maybe if you're good you'll get the whole prize."

Dean whimpered as she pulled his boxers down and her nails teasingly scraped his long erection. She laughed and then teased the head with her thumb. She watched his breathing increase and she smiled.

"I know you like it baby. Don't hold back."

She then straddled his cock and rubbed against it with her wet opening. She let out a breath taking moan and bit her bottom lip.

"Fuck," Dean moaned throwing his head back. Her hot wet juices were now on the underside of his cock teasing him. She then moved forward rubbing her clit and opening again against it.

"Oh sweet Lucifer," she moaned loudly, "If only you were inside me Dean." She dug her nails into his abs and he hissed in pain and pleasure through clenched teeth. She began to move faster and Dean couldn't help but move with her. He gripped the ropes as he moved with her faster.

Dean bit his bottom lip hard lust and pleasure taking over his body.

"I want you to cum Dean," she moaned and with her thumb teased the slit as her wet opening continued to tease him.

"Fuck...shit!" Dean groaned as he felt his abdomen tighten up and he came all over his lower abdomen.

Olivia moaned as she came all over his cock. She ran her hands through his cum and then brought her hands to her mouth and licked her hands. She moaned at the taste of him.

Dean was breathing hard and heavy. She smiled down at him as he looked up at her, "I hate you."

She laughed getting off him, "Hate is just one step closer to love my pet." She walked close to him and kissed his lips. He hated how he could taste himself on her. She smiled before walking to the bathroom.

Dean sighed heavily and threw his head back, "So fucked!"

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