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As soon as Merlin got home he logged on to that website and cancelled everything, cleared his name from it and took himself off it. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and drank it in one go before collapsing on to his settee. The last he thought of before falling asleep was 'I hope when I wake up in the morning everything was just a nightmare and none of tonights' embarrassment never happened.'

The next morning when Merlin was sat at his kitchen table eating his breakfast, he heard his front door open and close. "Let yourself in, by all means." Merlin called out as Will came walking into the kitchen. Merlin knew that he had come over to see how last night went but, Merlin wasn't going to tell him, even if Will was his best friend.

"How did last night go?"

"I went to the pub. Had a couple of drinks, got fed up of waiting so I came home. As soon as I came home I took myself off that website."


"Because it was a stupid idea in the first place and I was stupid to go along with it."

"Do you want stay in today? I'm not at work today. You can tell me all about it."

"Thanks Will. But no. I'm opening the shop."

"Why? You've only got one big thing going on at the minute and that's that wedding."

"Yes and the couple who are getting married are coming to see me today. They have picked one of the best selections. I can't turn this down Will."

Will sighed and nodded. "You're off tomorrow aren't you?"

"I am."

"Can I come round tomorrow morning then?"

"Of course you can." Merlin stood up and washed his empty cereal bowl before putting away. "Come on then. Out. I want to lock up behind me."

Merlin opened up his shop and set everything up before going into the back place where he had his own desk, computer, kettle and mini fridge. He put the kettle on and unlocked his dark room to check on some photos whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. He sorted the pictures out and left the dark room. Making his way over to the kettle, he stopped when he noticed a red light flashing on his phone that was sat on his desk, telling him he had one message. He pushed the button to listen to his message as he made himself a drink.

"Merlin. It's Guinevere. Something has come up and me and Lancelot will not be able to come and see you today. But Lancelot's best man is coming and he knows what we want. He should be there about ten o'clock. Bye."

Merlin smiled and looked up at the clock to see that it was quarter to ten. He took out Gwen's and Lancelot's order and set it out on his desk before sitting down to drink his tea whilst he waited for Lancelot's best man to arrive.

Merlin was lounging back in his chair, feet upon his desk and his head laying back against the chair, his eyes had started to drift close when the sound of a bell told him that someone had entered his shop. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was five minutes past ten. Knowing it would be Lancelot's best man, he stood up and started to gather the things on his desk. "I'll be with you in just a minute." he called out.

Merlin looked up when someone walked into the back room. "Freya? You're early. You aren't supposed to be in until eleven."

"I know. But I was all ready and I thought why sit at home when I could be doing stuff here."

"Oh. Okay then. Um. I'm going to stay in the back for a bit. I was going to be talking to Gwen and Lancelot today, but they can't make it so Lancelot's best man is coming instead, he should have been here five minutes ago."

Freya nodded. "I'll send him through when he comes."

"Thanks Freya."

It was twenty minutes later when Merlin was making him and Freya a hot drink when he heard the shop bell ring, followed by a very loud squeal. Glad that he didn't have the kettle in his hand at the time, as hearing Freya scream like that made him jump, he walked into the shop. "Freya what are you squea-?" Merlin stopped and froze when he saw Arthur Pendragon stood in his shop doorway. "Merlin." he said nodding his head and smiling at him.

"Arthur? How did you find me?"

Freya looked between them both. "You two know each other?"

"We've seen each other before." Merlin answered, not looking away from Arthur who smirked. "I've seen a lot of Merlin."

"What are you doing here?" Merlin hoped that Freya or Arthur didn't notice him blush when Arthur said that, but from the looks of Arthur's face. He did.

"I am Lancelot's best man. I know I should have been here at ten, but I got held up with a photo shoot this morning that I couldn't get out of. But I'm free for the rest of the day. So I'm all yours." Arthur said looking at Merlin.

"When you say that you are all his, do you mean business or sexually?"

"Freya!" Merlin scolded. Merlin went back into the back room, picked up Gwen and Lancelot's file and walked back into the front of the shop. "Freya. You can lock up at closing time. Will might come in at dinner. If he asks where I am. Do not, I repeat, do not tell him who I am with."

Freya nodded and couldn't keep the smile from her face as she watched Merlin leave the shop with Arthur following him.

Merlin walked into his flat and let Arthur in before shutting the door. "Is this where you live?"

"Yes Arthur. I had to bring you somewhere where we won't be disturbed so we can discuss Gwen and Lancelot's wedding, and how Freya was when she saw you, a private conversation is likely to happen."

Arthur nodded. "Who is this Will that you are determined to keep hidden from?"

"I'm not determined. I just can't risk him seeing you. He's my best mate. I didn't dare tell him what happened last night otherwise he won't leave me alone."

"Why can't he see me?"

"He was as straight as an arrow until he discovered you."

Arthur looked smug. "I turned him? What about you? Did I turn you?"

Merlin snorted. "No. It's hard to turn me gay when I already am."

"You are?"

"Yes. Now can we get on with why I brought you here."

"Tell me Merlin. What do you normally do when you bring men back to your flat?"

"Wasn't me embarrassing myself last night enough for you? I brought you here where it will be nice and quiet so we can discuss Gwen and Lancelot's wedding."

"I'll save us some time Merlin. I didn't come to discuss their wedding. No-one, not even Lancelot is allowed to pick how he wants the photos."

"This was set up."

"It was."


"Because I wanted to see you Merlin. You left my flat last night before I could say two words."

Merlin sat down and watched as Arthur sat down next to him. "Why go to the trouble in finding me?"

"It was no trouble Merlin. I told Lancelot about last night and asked him to help me find you, as soon as I mentioned your name he gave me your business card. I told him to cancel everything that I had on today but I couldn't get out of a shoot I had this morning, that's why I was late. As to trying to find you and meet again. I wanted to. I know we hardly know each other Merlin, but there is something about you Merlin." Taking advantage of Merlin just sitting there staring at him, Arthur leaned forward and kissed him. Merlin sat frozen for a few seconds before he started to kiss back. Feeling Merlin respond, Arthur shifted closer, keeping his lips locked with Merlin's as he slowly wrapped his arms around his waist. He licked Merlin's bottom lip and was immediately granted access.

Merlin found himself straddling Arthur's lap as he wound his arms around Arthur's neck, deepening the kiss that was quickly getting passionate. Merlin pulled back, gasping for air. "I didn't know that you were gay." Merlin panted.

"I may expose my body to everyone. But my private life is exactly what it is. Private." Arthur explained before putting his hand on the back of Merlin's head, pulling Merlin's lips to his own.

Merlin groaned as he felt Arthur's hardness against his inner thigh and ground his own erection against Arthur's, causing the blond to moan. "Where's your bedroom?"

"No. I want you right here. Right now." Merlin began to unfasten Arthur's trousers. "Your brave aren't you? " Arthur asked as he began to undo Merlin's trousers. "What happened to the embarrassed Merlin I met last night?"

"He fucked off when he found that not only were you gay, but also wanted me." Merlin said as he stood up to pull both his trousers and boxer shorts down. He leaned over Arthur and took his trousers and boxer shorts by the hand, pulling them down when Arthur raised his hips. Naked from the waist down, Merlin pulled his t-shirt over his head watching Arthur follow his movements. Now they were both naked. Merlin climbed back on top of Arthur, threading his fingers through his hair as he started to kiss Arthur again.

Arthur slowly stroked Merlin, lathering his fingers the best he could in the pre-cum that was leaking from Merlin's tip. His hand left Merlin's cock and moved round to Merlin's arse, with his fingers still covered with Merlin's cum, he pushed them into Merlin's entrance, one by one. When the three fingers were buried in Merlin, Merlin started to move up and down on Arthur's fingers. "Arthur." Merlin gasped. "As much as I am enjoying your fingers, I would very much prefer your cock in me."

Arthur removed his fingers and lined his cock up before helping Merlin gently ease onto him. Once Merlin felt that Arthur was fully sheathed, he started moving up and down. Arthur gripped hold of Merlin hips hard, digging his fingers into the flesh as he started to thrust upwards. Merlin gripped hold of Arthur's shoulders and started to get faster. "Oh Merlin." Arthur moaned, feeling close.

"Arthur." Merlin leaned his head down and kissed Arthur as he felt himself cum, screaming into Arthur's mouth. Feeling Merlin clench around him, Arthur pulled his lips away from Merlin and threw his head back, yelling out Merlin's name as he emptied his self inside Merlin. "Oh wow." Arthur panted as Merlin buried his face into Arthur's neck. "You don't have to get back to the shop do you?"

"No. I'll text Freya, she can go home early and lock up. Do you want to stay a while?"

"All day and night if you'll have me."

Merlin gave Arthur a chaste kiss. "Of course I will."

The next morning, Will let himself into Merlin's flat and frowned when he saw clothes scattered around on the floor near the settee. He was about to call out Merlin's name when someone who walked out of Merlin's room, naked, stopped him.

Not seeing Will, Arthur made his way into the kitchen and took a small bottle of water out of Merlin's fridge. As he made his way back, he spotted Will. Not in the least bit bothered that he was naked, he walked over to Will with his hand out. "Hi. I'm Arthur. You must be Will."

Will could only nod. "Are you here to see Merlin?"

"I-uh. I" Will cleared his throat. "Yes. I can come back later. Actually. Tell him to ring me later. Nice to meet you." and with that. Will left the flat.

Arthur smiled as he made his way back to Merlin's room, seeing Merlin still laying in bed, Arthur went and got in next to him, wrapping his arms around Merlin.

"Please don't tell me that was Will I just heard." Merlin mumbled.

"It was." Merlin ran his hand down Arthur and stopped when he reached his cock. "Please tell me you didn't go out there naked."

"I didn't know there was someone out there, I only spotted him on my way back from your kitchen. And anyway, some of the shoots I do, I'm sure it's not the first time he has seen me naked."

"Looking at a picture of you naked and seeing the real thing in front of you is different. Besides. I want it to be only me who sees you naked for real from now on."

Arthur smiled. "You know there might be a way around that. How about you become my photographer?"

Merlin propped himself up on his elbow and looked at Arthur. "Seriously?"

"Yeah. I want to keep you in my life Merlin."

Merlin smiled. "Then who am I to say no?" he whispered against Arthur lips before kissing him.

From that day on, Merlin became Arthur's only photographer. Merlin used to look back on that night when he first met Arthur and feel nothing but embarrassment. Now, whenever he looked back, all he felt was happiness and that the day he met Arthur Pendragon, was the best day of his life for he had never been happier.

The end.

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