April Fools Day (JOE Style)

I do not own GI JOE or any characters with the exception of China Doll who is an original character. This is my first story, so be kind. Flamers will be tormented till the end of their days. You have been warned.

Duke watched as Alpha Team's four female members sat around a table, snickering occasionally. Knowing that this was a bad sign, he nonchalantly walked over.

"So, what are you girls doing?"

Scarlett looked up,grinning maniacally. "We are planning our April Fools Day pranks."


Cover Girl chimed in, "It's sort of a cross between April Fools Day and Secret Santa."

Duke shook his head. "I'm confused."

Lady Jaye rolled her eyes."We all put our names in and then secretly drew one."

"You do know that its not April, right?"

"Yeah, we know."

China Doll shook out her mane of dark hair and spoke up. "Whats the fun of pranking somebody if they know its coming?" The girls all agreed and with that, They turned back to their sketchbooks.

Duke went back to where the guys were waiting. "So, what are they doing?" Flint asked. Duke shook his head slightly. "Im not sure, but I know its not good."

One week later, the girls all met up in Scarletts's room. They all unwrapped their April Fools Day gifts and silently pulled on the T-shirts, and, after a few moments of straightening and primping, they trooped down the hallway to the workout room and lined up on the treadmills.

"Don't forget," Lady Jaye hissed,"don't make eye contact. Just completely ignore them." Each girl nodded at these final instructions and each began to jog in place.

The boys were in the common room, celebrating a known terrorist's death at the hands of some Navy SEALS when Flint spit out the mouthful of water he had been about to swallow.."Oh my God. Look at them go." Three heads turned and were faced with all four girls jogging with looks of complete innocence on their faces, but their attention wasn't focused on their faces, it was on their clothing.

Lady Jaye was wearing a chocolate brown shirt with gold lettering that spelled out the phrase "I like boys in berets." Flint flushed slightly. "I didn't know she felt that way." Cover Girl's was baby blue with silver letters, "The Duchess is in." Duke couldn't help but smile devilishly at that. Scarlett's was forest green with black,"Save a helicopter, ride a cowboy." Wild Bill let out a soft "Yee-haw." under his breath. Lastly was China Doll who wore a fitted white tee with black and red lettering."I love ninjas.", but instead of a red heart or the word "love" it was the symbol for balance. A symbol that a certain dark ninja was prone to wearing. The other three guys glanced over at Snake Eyes, but he suddenly became preoccupied with Timber. They all smirked at each other and turned their attention back to the girls.

"Is it time yet?" Cover Girl asked. Lady Jaye nodded. "One...two...three.!" At this, each girl turned so that they were walking backwards with their backs turned towards the guys. "Hey, whats that?" Wild Bill asked. Each girl, in matching lettering, had the same phrase on their back. "April Fools! Or is it?"