Author's Note: So lately I've been listening to some songs from the Evil's Kingdom album by mothy and for some reason when I heard "The Tailor of Enbizaka Street," I immediately thought "Naru-Mitsu." If you haven't listened to the song, this might not make as much sense to you, but maybe you'll be surprised by the ending? I hope so.

Phoenix seems terribly out of character sometimes here, but please imagine that it's just because he's crazy. This is my first fic and it's unbeta'd (OTL). It's very short too, but please overlook that. I rated it M for implied violence and strong-ish language (I have a filthy mouth, I'm sorry for that too).

Prologue: The Edgeworth/Wright Wedding

It was still early in the afternoon, but Miles and Phoenix had run out of games. Sitting in the grass of the play park, Miles was engaged in the process of naming out every game he could think of and Phoenix was shooting every single one down.

"House?" He asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

"We played that yesterday. We even played it so long we both got to be the Dad." Phoenix didn't even look up from poking that worm with a stick.


"We played that Tuesday, you made sushi."


"We got in trouble for that last time."

Miles was running out of ideas quickly. Sure he was a precocious 8, but even genius 8-year-olds only have so much creativity. Fortunately for him, Phoenix seemed to have an idea of his own.

"Let's get married," he said, "If my moms can do it, it's ok for us too isn't it?"

Miles pondered this for a minute. If Ms. Roc and Ms. Xenia were both girls and they were allowed to marry, basic fairness dictates that two boys should also be allowed to marry. He nodded in agreement.

"Ok Phoenix, let's get married." Overjoyed, Phoenix slipped a ring made of grass onto Miles' finger and ran home to get his dog, Pace, to be the best man.

Phoenix took promises like marriage very seriously.

A/N: Sooo short (orz) I promise the next chapter will be longer.