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Epilogue: Visiting Hours

The ride from Kurain to the city is 2 hours by train and it's another 45 minutes on a complicated bus route to get from the train station to the hospital, but Maya can't just not go. Phoenix asked for her by name. Well, that's not exactly true; he really asked for Pearly by name, but Maya's not about to let Pearly pay a visit to an institute for the criminally insane by herself. Or at all.

It sounds so harsh, the term "criminally insane." Nick is many things, but he's not a criminal. She knows that Nick didn't mean to do those things. He didn't want to kill anyone, it's not his fault, he's sick and doesn't know any better. But the judge wouldn't listen, and now Nick's stuck in that awful place for the rest of his life.

When she's seated in front of the pane of glass in the visitor's room and they bring Phoenix out, Maya is shocked by how little difference there is between him and the Nick of her memory. She's not sure what she had been expecting, perhaps a pale face hidden behind drooping spikes, but this Nick looks vibrant and so happy just like he did in those days before he lost his badge. She was told that he looked happy when he was cradling Prosecutor Edgeworth's dead body too, that he had been smiling and laughing when they took him away.

He does frown a little, however, when he peers through the glass.

"You didn't bring Pearls," he says gloomily.

"I'm sorry Nick, she wasn't feeling well today." They probably took his Magatama, so there's no harm in a little white lie. "Why did you want to see her so badly?"

"Because she would understand. She would make everyone else understand. I had to do whatever it took to be with my special someone."