Chapter 1


Authors Note:

Ok, this is a warning: Commashipping Ash/Paul yaoi fanfic. Ok, unlike most stories, I'm not gonna rush straight into the sex scene, because let's face it, it gets boring after a while, they meet, talk and then seduce each other. Yawn. I'm gonna write of them being in the Unova (Or Isshu) region, traveling people: Dawn, Brock, and an assorted mix of pokemon. Now then, I'm going to make their love go slow then lead up to hot make out scenes (They're will be a lot) and of course, more than one sex scene. For now, this is rated T, but as I continue writing, it will be turned into M so don't be surprised. Uke: Ash, Seme: Paul. Ok I'm done rambling, enjoy and please Review ok? And check out the beginning to my Palletshipping Ash/Gary, both stories are unerrelevant to the other.

"Pikachu! Get back here!"

"Pika pi!" Pikachu squealed as she took off in direction of the nearby forest. Ash sighed and ran after her, Dawn and Brock skidded to a stop.

"Hey, get back here Ash! I need to get to the Contest!" Dawn shouted.

Brock sighed, "Let him go, Dawn. We'll make it there on time, it's not for another two weeks."

-In the Forest-

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled as his feet pounded the forest floor, he panted as he skirted around tall trees and nearly slid into a bush. Pikachu was just ahead, scratching her ear with her foot and looking content.

Ash almost reached her when he tripped.


He groaned and looked down on what he fell on.

A person passed out, wearing a blue jacket, and dark blue jeans. He had light lavender hair and groaned slightly from time to time.


"Moan . . ."

Ash scrambled up and tried pushing Paul's shoulder in an attempt to wake him up. "Paul! Paul! Wake up! Are you alright?"

Pikachu cocked her head to the side before bouncing around the clearing, sniffing everywhere.

Ash tried again, panic tainted his voice, "PAUL! GODDAMIT WAKE UP!"

Paul's eyes snapped open, his eyes were dark brown almost black, and Ash's rival sat up and shook his head. As soon as his gaze found Ash's he sneered.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want loser?"

Ash huffed, "Hey, I was just looking for my Pikachu and I found you passed out. Are you ok?" Paul rolled his eyes and stood shakily, "Of course I'm fine, idiot. I just haven't eaten in a few days."


"Probably. Maybe a week, I'm not sure."

Ash frowned and laid a friendly hand on Paul's shoulder. "You need to eat or you'll keep fainting." Paul blushed and smacked Ash's hand away.

"And what? Let you beat me in my quest in becoming Pokemon Master? Please, you already took my pathetic Chimchar from me. Why would you want to help me?"

"Geeze, can't you be at least halfway decent for once?"

"Why must you be such a loser?"



"Pathetic wimp! Go back to your mother you little momma's boy."

"Get a life, you abusive trainer!"



The spark in Paul's eyes dimmed and he looked at the ground. " . . . You hate me?" He whispered. Ash was taken aback, "Well, you hate me too, so fair's fair."

"You hate me . . . "

Ash frowned and stepped towards the purple haired boy, "Paul? Paul, are you ok?" Pikachu padded over to the two trainers and cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Pika?" She asked in her own language.

Paul's shoulders started to shake with anger, "YOU HATE ME? YOU ASS! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW I FEEL ABOUT-" He clamped a hand on his mouth and shuddered, his face had a light pink hue to it.

A tear leaked out of the corner of Paul's eye, as the faint blush covering his face spread across his cheeks..

Ash didn't know what to do, Paul was upset. The icy heart that was Paul, who was always prepped with a snide remark or chilling disposition was at a loss for words and seemed to be doing everything in his power to stay in control.

He moved towards Paul and cautiously laid a hand on the boy's shoulder. Without warning, Paul grabbed hold of Ash's face in his hands.


Paul stopped shuddering and fixed a glare on Ash, his onyx eyes were cold and calculating. "Sorry about that . . . I don't know what came over me, I must be ill. But tell me Ash, why do you hate me so much? Is it envy?"

"No, I hate the way you treat your pokemon."

"Oh, so you don't hate me in general?"

Ash blushed slightly as Paul leaned closer, his scent surrounded him, arousing the raven haired trainer slightly. He couldn't help noticing how handsome Paul was, he even longed to thread his fingers in that silky purple colored hair of his. He mentally shook himself, "ARG! Why am I thinking these things?"

True, Ash respected Paul's methods at times, and even though he was thoroughly hardened against teasing and cold remarks from his old rival Gary (Who is currently dating Misty), Paul knew just the thing to say to make Ash feel inferior.

"What's up with you, Paul?"


"Your acting strange, I think you need to sit down and rest." Ash suggested as he pointed at a half sunken log.

Paul shrugged, "I'm fine, just a little hungry."

"You can tag along with me, Brock and Dawn you know?"

Paul sneered, "I don't take charity-" His stomach began rumbling, the purple haired boy blushed, "Shut up, not one word."

Ash sighed and dug around in his backpack for something for Paul to eat. He managed to pull out a box of pockey, chocolate flavor. Ash handed it out for Paul to take, "Here, eat this. You need to eat something."

Paul looked at the box with disdain but reached for it. Their fingers brushed slightly as Paul took the snack.

"Thank . . . you." Paul choked out with a pained expression.

Ash snickered slightly at Paul's confused face, it made him look downright adorable. He flushed at that, 'A-Adorable? I think he's . . . adorable? Oh shit am I getting hard?'

His lower half began to feel uncomfortable as the young trainer shifted from foot to foot nervously.

"Yeah, yeah. I gotta go, see ya." Ash smiled nervously.

Ash turned to go, but Paul stopped him, "Wanna share?" Paul asked quietly. Ash blushed, but faced Paul with a carefree smile anyway, "Sure, if you want."

The two of them sat on the forest floor, Paul looked awkward.

"Um, Ash?"

"Do you want to share . . . a better way?"

Ash frowned, "Huh?"

Paul sighed and leaned forward, "You hold the pockey stick in your mouth and I'll lean forward and bite off a piece."

Ash turned beet red and swallowed hard. 'What is Paul thinking?'

"I-I suppose that'll be alright." Ash stuttered. Paul quirked the corners of his lips up in a slight smile, though not quite. Paul slid the Pockey into Ash's mouth, the young trainer just sat there, unmoving and afraid to move at the same time.

Paul leaned forward and gently broke the pockey in half with his teeth, munching his piece in content.

Ash chewed his piece and swallowed, though he was too embarrassed to really enjoy the flavor.

'What's Paul up to? Something doesn't seem right.'

Paul slid another pockey into Ash's mouth and leaned forward again. This time, their lips were a fraction, an inch really, from touching before Paul bit down and chewed his piece. Ash swallowed his own smaller piece of Pockey.

'What's happening?'

-Twenty minutes later-

They finally finished the box of Pockey, Paul exhaled slowly, but didn't look the least bit disturbed. "That was good . . . "


Paul raised an eyebrow at Ash's blushing face. "Hey loser, why are you all red?" Ash blushed harder, "I'm not red, stupid."

Paul chuckled lightly, "Are you embarrassed?"

The raven haired trainer huffed and turned his face away. "Nope." Paul scooted closer so that the two trainer's sides touched. Ash glanced at Paul's face and found that he couldn't look away, dark eyes stared into light brown. His rival lifted a hand and gently touched his cheek, brushing a black lock of hair out of the way.

Tiny shivers went down Ash's spine as Paul continued to caress his cheek. His hand was smooth and warm, which surprised the less experienced trainer.

Paul rested his hand on Ash's chin and tilted his face up.

"Are you afraid . . .?" Paul whispered into Ash's ear. The raven haired trainer smiled nervously, "N-Now w-what would give you that idea?"

"Ash . . ."

"P-Paul, are you ok? Why are y-you coming closer?"


Paul leaned down and was just within a fraction of touching Ash's lips with his, Ash's heart started to beat faster and louder as-


"Ash! Pikachu!"

Paul sighed and pulled away, he stood and dusted the back of his pants off. Ash scrambled up too, Pikachu bounded over and climbed onto Ash's shoulder. "Pi Pika!" She cried, cupping her mouth with her tiny yellow paws.

Brock and Dawn came running into the clearing, both were breathless from running.

The two of them froze when they saw Paul. Brock's gaze turned serious, which is hard to tell since his eyes were so slanted.

"Hello Paul."

"Paul. What are you doing here?"

Paul shrugged on his backpack and turned from all of them, "Leaving. This loser here helped me with something. I'm fine now."

Dawn shrugged, "Whatever. Come on Ash! We need to get to the next city already." Brock sighed as hearts popped into his eyes, "Yeah, hurry up so we can get to the Pokemon Center so Nurse Joy will fall in love and go out with me! Or maybe even Officer Jenny, or a threesome! I don't mind!"

Dawn bonked Brock on the head, snapping the gym leader out of his hysterics. "Ow . . ."

Ash frowned and looked back at Paul, who wouldn't look at him. 'Were you going to kiss me? I thought you were my rival.' He thought to himself.

The purple haired trainer looked at Ash, eyes cold as ice, "I suppose I'll see you three later." He walked past Ash, brushing his shoulder against the less experienced trainer before leaning down and murmuring, "I need to talk to you…meet me in the pokemon center in Castelia City, ok Ash?"

Paul cleared his throat and continued to walk away, his hair shifted gently in the wind as he disappeared deeper into the forest. Dawn scowled, "What a jerk. What did he say to you, Ash?"

Ash blushed and looked at the ground, "Nothing…"