Chapter 4



"Don't annoy me right now Electabuzz…go and train you weakling." Paul said with a sneer as he walked away from his loyal electric type. Nimbasa City was too loud and gaudy for his tastes. Even the electric gym leader was dressed in barely nothing, not that his male pokemon didn't complain or anything.

He gently massaged his hickey, which had gone from dark purple, to light brown with fading.

Paul blushed at that memory.

'T-That's my mark. Now we match, ok Paul?'

Ash's words still rang fresh in his head. He groaned, 'What was so special about his rival? Why did his heart beat faster at just a glance at the raven haired boy?'

Electabuzz sighed and was drawing something in the sand with his fingers. Paul frowned and crouched by his pokemon, "What are you drawing? You should be training instead of doing artwork…" His voice trailed off when he saw the picture.

It was simple, but easy to recognize: Pikachu.

Paul sighed, "Let me guess…you love Pikachu, Ash's female pokemon?"

Electabuzz grinned and stared at the drawing with longing. He electric type drew a heart around his picture and then wiped it away, looking crestfallen.

Paul patted his pokemon on the back. "Yeah…I know just the way you feel."

-Twenty minutes later-

Elisa's emolga slammed against the wall of the gym, landing on the floor with a dull thud. "EMOLGA!" She screeched. Paul stood calmly on his side, his sandile growled happily as it saw its opponents defeat.

"AH! Y-You win. Here, take this badge as a sign of proof that you have bested this gym." The gym leader sighed as she handed Paul the Bolt Badge.

The purple haired trainer sneered and accepted the badge. He grunted to sandile, "You did alright, now get in your pokeball for some rest. You'll need it in the next battles." Sandile frowned and disappeared inside its pokeball.

Elesa frowned, "The bond with your pokemon is surprisingly weak."

"You're saying my pokemon are weaklings now?"

"No. They are truly powerful and they respect you true."


"But they lack love, your Electabuzz sitting in the corner of my gym all by himself looks the most miserable. You won't get very far if you don't treat your partners with more respect."

Paul scoffed and returned Electabuzz, "What do you know? I defeated YOU, not the other way around."

Without another word, Paul exited the electric type gym, still seething at what the gym leader told him. He stormed around Nimbasa City, ignoring the flashing lights and sounds coming from the Big and Small Stadiums. The music from the Pokemon Musical nearby made his ears want to bleed.

'Weak bond…who cares? My pokemon will be the strongest there is, no one will dare cross me.'

He sneered at a little girl that looked at him funny before slouching down on a green painted bench. A cold wind blew by and Paul had to hug himself to stay warm. His cold heart didn't help much either, some days he really despised his life. Everywhere he went, people would challenge him and he would win, though they would always say the same thing.

His bond with his own pokemon was weak.

Electabuzz appeared from his pokeball and sat next to Paul.

Irritated, Paul ignored his pokemon as usual. A paw jabbed into his side, he brushed it off, until it jabbed again.

*poke, poke*

"Cut it out."


"Seriously, cut it out."


Paul rubbed his shoulder ruefully as he shot his pokemon a withering glance. "Alright, fine. What is it?" Electabuzz pointed towards the Ferris wheel in excitement.

"Electabuzz? Buzz!"

"You want to ride on the stupid Ferris wheel? Fine, if it will make you quite bothering me, we'll go on it once and that's it."

-Ferris Wheel-


"Yeah, yeah…" Paul mumbled as he stood in line, it wasn't very long so the ride would be over soon. 'How did I get dragged into this?'

A commotion erupted from the front of the line.

"What do you mean I need to have another person ride with me? Doesn't a pokemon count?"

"Not really. Your Pikachu needs another pokemon to ride with as well, she will have her own ball in the wheel."


Paul's curiosity got the better of him as he peeked his head out from around the line of people. He couldn't see very far so he got out of line to go see who was up front, Electabuzz followed eagerly. "Electa?"

At the front of the line stood a pissed of Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu was on his shoulder, glowering at the poor ride manager. Ash's raven black hair shined in the afternoon sun, light danced on his tanned arms and face.

Paul flushed a bit as he was aroused by this.

He regained his composure and walked up to the upset rival. "…What seems to be the holdup, loser?" Ash turned and faced him, surprise on his handsome face, "Paul! H-Hi. They won't let me on because me and Pikachu don't have a partner."

Paul looked at Ash's neck and saw that the mark he left there was fading, but at least Ash didn't cover it up, unlike most of the girls Paul had dated in the past.

Well, he only ever dated two in his life, both ended on a sour note.

"Well…I suppose I can ride with you and Electabuzz can ride with Pikachu, is that ok?" Paul asked the manager.

The man looked relieved, "Yes, yes, go on, your seats are all ready." Ash blushed, "Hey, thanks for this Paul." Paul rolled his eyes, though his heart was warming up a bit. "Don't get used to this, I think the sun must be getting to me if I'm doing something for YOU."

The manager let Pikachu and Electabuzz get on their seats first, the seats were basically enclosed in a giant clear glass pokeball.

Electabuzz had hearts pop out in his eyes as he looked at the female pokemon. Pikachu grinned, "Pika." As soon as the two pokemon were in, Pikachu licked Electabuzz on the cheek, causing the other electric type to blush harder and his snout to slightly bleed.

Ash and Paul boarded next and sat next to each other as the door to their seats closed.

Paul stifled the urge to move closer to his rival, clenching his fists on his pants. Ash smiled at the purple haired boy, "I guess we didn't need that mark after all."


Ash blushed, "Well…at first I thought it would be months before I saw you again, but it was only a few days. I have to admit…I kind of missed you." Paul widened his eyes, then turned his attention to the outside scenery.


"Paul? Hey, are you ok?"

"I'm fine…"

The ride must've been having technical difficulties since it still hadn't moved for quite some time. Paul sighed, "Ash?"


"Do you think I don't treat my pokemon ok?"

Ash bit his lower lip, looking adorable. "Well…yeah, you don't really seem to have a strong bond with them." Paul gritted his teeth, 'you too?' Ash continued, "But I don't think it's entirely your fault, a pokemon bond is a two Way Street, you and your pokemon need to be in perfect sync in order to grow together."

Paul smiled a bit, "You're the first person to actually say it's not my entire fault with the way I raise my pokemon…"

"Heh, well that's cool."

Paul draped an arm on Ash's shoulder, "Yeah…" The ride finally began to move. Ash looked at the ground below, "Wow, look at the view."

Paul was concentrating on the muscles that were almost visible through Ash's shirt.

'Oh I am…I am.'

Paul slinked a hand under Ash's chin and turned the boy towards him. Ash blinked in surprise, "What are you doing?" the raven haired boy whispered. Paul smiled and leaned closer, dark onyx eyes stared into light brown.

"What's it look like, loser?"


"Shh…" Paul murmured as he pressed their lips together. As their lips collided, Paul was taken over by a feeling of lust and desire. He tilted his head to the side as his fingers threaded in soft black hair, tugging slightly.

Ash closed his eyes in ecstasy.

He licked Ash's bottom lip slowly, drawing a moan from his rival, Ash's lips parted enough for Paul to push his tongue in the raven haired trainer's mouth. His tongue explored the moist cavern, running over the roof of Ash's mouth slowly, making the boy shiver. Paul let his tongue glide over to Ash's, the two rivals tongues twisted around each other lazily as they felt and tasted.

Paul slid a hand up Ash's shirt, the rival sighed, "Oh…" Paul smirked as he pulled out of the hot kiss. "You like that?"


"I thought so."

Paul lifted Ash's shirt up a bit, just so that Paul could gaze at Ash's bare chest, muscled and tanned just right.

He leaned in and gently drew his tongue around Ash's left nipple while he teased the right with his hand. The raven haired boy gasped as Paul went faster, licking Ash's chest more, tasting the trainer's warm flesh, loving every minute of it.

'Ash…Ash…I think I…I think.'

Paul finally pulled away and pushed Ash's shirt down slowly, he took note of Ash's gaze right then and there. Eye's half lidded with desire, lips slightly parted, raven black hair tousled.

Paul closed his eyes and bit down on Ash's neck, creating his mark all over again in the same spot. He finished licking the bruise, and turned bright red.

Ash pulled Paul close to him after the purple haired trainer had finished his mark and did the same to Paul. The raven haired trainer gently nipped Paul's neck, a little bit where his blood pulsed under his skin. Ash's warm tongue scraped over the onyx eyed trainer, causing him to shiver in delight and pain from the bite.

'New marks. How long will these last?' The purple haired trainer thought to himself.

Ash blushed as he moved back, Paul smiled shyly as he felt his own face heat up. "Um…well, that was…fun."


Ash looked over at Electabuzz and Pikachu's seats in the clear glass ball next to theirs. "Looks like Electabuzz is happy."

Paul looked over and saw Electabuzz resting his head in Pikachu's lap, the female pokemon was grinning and petting the male pokemon's head. Electabuzz had never looked so happy, so comfortable, as if Pikachu was all he needed to be happy.

The purple haired trainer smirked, Ash leaned against his rival, head resting on Paul's shoulder.


Ash smiled dreamily, "Paul…can you hold me? Just like this?"

Paul widened his eyes as a faint blush spread across his face. He swallowed hard and draped an arm across the raven haired boy's shoulders.

Warmth filled him, body and soul. He exhaled and closed his eyes, living in the moment of being close to someone he cared deeply.

Once the ride ended, the two boys jumped apart and walked out of the ride. Pikachu and Electabuzz walked out last, Pikachu sitting on the male electric type's head, she jumped into Ash's arms when she saw him.

"Pi, pi, pi!"

"Hey, buddy. Had a good time?"

"Pika! Pikachu."

Paul cleared his throat, "Well…I'll be going. Bye Ash." Ash frowned, but let him walk away, "Ok…I'll see you around, then?" Ash's two friends ran up to the raven haired trainer and crowded around him. Paul looked at them, a pang of envy in his chest.

"Maybe…maybe not. I love you Ash…" Paul added the last part to himself silently as he walked away, Electabuzz trudging behind.