1: Earthlings

"You're aware that it's 2 o'clock in the morning, right Demyx?" My eyes slowly slide away from my alarm clock, and I struggle to keep them open long enough to find out why my friend would be calling me this late. When he takes a deep, shuddering breath, I sit up. "What's wrong?"

"You have to come fucking see this..."


Now, normally I don't get out of bed for anyone but when Demyx just hung up on me (like he's never done before), I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. So here I am, trekking it across the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning, to see exactly what's gotten the blonde's panties in such a twist. My eyes are heavy with sleep and my legs feel like they've been replaced with two hunks of lead, but I keep going, cursing myself for being so damn nosy. I would have asked if it could wait until morning, but he never even gave me the chance.

I get to the house, after what feels like hours, only to find every single light off and the front door locked. "Demyx?" I call out after knocking and receiving no response. I'm about to turn around and march home, right back into bed, when I see a light coming from the backyard. I hesitate, before forcing myself towards it, figuring that if Demyx called me, it must be him back there and not that psychopath Xigbar. From the looks of things, the beast must be asleep. Just as I'm about to walk around the corner of the house, Demyx appears, eyes wide and filled with what I could only classify as wonder.

He grabs my wrist without saying anything and tugs me harshly behind him. I'm so busy trying to worm myself free, that I don't notice the smoking pile of wreckage, crashed right into his yard. Well, I do notice it after, when we're standing right in front of it, the shed's light shinning brightly above the scene like a spot light. I don't know what to say. If this is what he called me for, he better be prepared for the rant of the century.

"You called me here to come look at scrap metal?" I raise an eyebrow, trying to figure out what all this junk is, but the more I stare at it, the more I realize it's not like anything I've ever seen before. My imagination supplies me with enough ideas to what it might be, like a crashed spaceship but that's ridiculous. I'm a grown man who stopped believing in aliens long ago.

I move away from the man's side and circle the pile, before crouching down beside it. I cast a look towards Demyx and see him standing here, staring not at me, but at his tool shed. "Seriously dude, what's going on?" I stand up, the bones in my knees cracking and reminding me that I should be in bed right now, warm and toasty, not investigating something that's probably Xigbar's fault.

"That's not the best part man," He motions towards the pile with his chin, "it's what was in there..." When the words leave his mouth, a cold chill runs down my spine, my skin prickling with goose bumps and I take a step away from the pieces of metal. Demyx starts grinning like a maniac, nodding his head, as if to say 'hell yeah, an alien'. I'm suddenly not so sure I want find out why he called me, and instead, I want to turn and get the hell out of here. I've seen enough movies to know that mysterious crash landed objects, carrying mysterious cargo can never lead to anything good. Demyx doesn't look scared though, so I suck it up to appear tough and manly.

"What...exactly was in there?" I try and hide the quiver from my voice, and I do so quite successfully. Again, instead of answering me, he grabs a hold of my wrist and starts tugging me towards the shed. This is where I have to stop him, and I yank my hand away. I'm not going into no tool shed, especially if there's something in there, something not human.

"Stop being a chicken Axel, he's harmless!"

"Whoa, what? What do you mean, 'he's harmless'?" My eyes are wider than monster truck tires, and when Demyx tries to grab me again, I slap his hands away. This has to be some sort of sick joke, because there is no way in hell a human being was crammed into that...unless whatever it is, isn't human. I suppress a deep shiver, memories of a time long ago when I did believe in aliens. When I was around ten years old, I saw one episode of the x-files and it happened to be the most terrifying one ever. All I remember is the alien ate brains, and it had snapped from working at a fucking burger joint. The raw beef reminded him of human brains!

The bad thing is, that isn't the worst part. It get's even more horrifying. At some point in the episode, the alien changes from his human form back into his original self. He pealed his ears and nose off, took out these contacts to revel piercing ebony eyes and was completely bald. Oh yeah, did I forget the huge, piranha-like teeth? Yeah...holy fuck. He scared me crapless for months after that. The same clip running on repeat in my petrified child brain. It took me years to convince myself aliens don't exist, Demyx isn't going to come and ruin all that...

After several failed attempts to get me to follow him, he gives up with a heavy sigh. "I was in bed when I heard the noise," he starts and all I can do is send him a look, one that tells him I think he's fucking crazy. He ignores it easy enough and pokes at the pile with the tip of his shoe. "I came outside when I saw the lights go on, and I found this," I look down at metal pieces, and the longer I stare, the more and more it looks like alien machinery. It's impossible though, isn't it? Aliens just aren't real. They can't be. This is probably some crashed satellite if anything.

"You said there was someone in there," I look over his head, towards the shed, remembering that he said something about someone being harmless and again my skin prickles in fear. This is just not cool if it turns out to be a sick joke, and once I realize it...I'm going to beat Demyx into a coma. I can see the lights inside and I just get this feeling where I know something is hiding in there and it creeps me out beyond belief. The part of me that isn't cowering in fear, which happens to be the same part still holding onto the belief that this is a joke, is anxious to see the supposed extraterrestrial. However, the larger part of me, that somehow just knows this isn't a joke, happens to be the same part that's terrified and rooted to the ground.

"Well...he looks like a human...sort of," he shrugs before turning and walking towards the shed. "I got a glimpse of him when I opened the shed doors before calling you, just to make sure it wasn't a raccoon or something." I'm torn between escaping or following him, because something about this whole situation just feels real. My damn curiosity gets the better of me and I hurry to catch up with Demyx before he pulls open the doors.

I know that this is the point where, if this is a joke, it'll be my fault for falling for it. My stomach flips as we both stop, and I hear the sounds of someone rummaging through the tools and gardening supplies I know are kept in the shed. I can't believe he's being so calm about this, and when I get a good look at this face, he's grinning from ear to ear. Not the reaction I was expecting, but I guess I shouldn't expect any less. This is Demyx after all, of course he's totally cool with a fucking UFO crashing into his backyard, an alien still living in it, and with said alien now hiding in his shed. I stop him, just as he's about to grab a hold of the door handle. Why does he have to like aliens? Can't he be normal and fear them?

"Aren't you a little afraid?" I ask and he looks back at me with a wide smile, a smile I don't really trust.

"Trust me, when you see him...you'll get it," he doesn't give me the chance to scream 'No, don't do it!' because before I even have the time to breathe, he's opening the doors and shoving me in. I panic, my eyes darting all around but I can't find the alien. No signs of green skin and a big bald head with protruding black eyes. Instead of calming me though, it only makes me even more scared, because what if it has some kind of camouflage technology and it's hiding? It could be just watching us as we search for it, waiting for the perfect time to pounce and devour our brains.

"Where is it?" I'm trying my best not to let Demyx see how scared I am, but I know he can hear it in my voice now. He laughs a little before patting me on the shoulder.

"You probably scared him away with your ugly mug," he winks at me when I send him a withering glare but moves away just in time, dodging a hard punch as he walks towards the corner of the shed, where a large canvas is resting against the wall. I watch him from a distance, close to the door, as he crouches and looks behind it. I'm reminded of Naminé, Demyx's younger sister as I stare at the huge rectangle. Soon, it'll be more than that, when she paints on it...that is if she even lives to. Who knows if this alien isn't just disguised all cute and when we unleash it from the shed, it's going to murder us all. I wonder if he can hear my knees knocking together, or the way I gulp loudly as he begins to slide the canvas to the side. "Hey...come out, don't be scared," he uses his softest, nicest voice to try and coax the thing out of hiding and with every passing second, I doubt my want to see the alien more and more. I have a really sick feeling in my stomach, telling me this isn't a joke. I could turn and leave right now, the shed doors aren't locked...but I don't.

I watch as a pale hand appears from behind the canvas, followed by the rest of the arm and then, a head of blonde hair pokes out. Demyx turns to look at me with a huge smile, and I stare back at him in disbelief. Holy fucking shit. I watch the arm suddenly tremble fiercely before collapsing and Demyx jumps up, pushing the canvas a little harder.

When I get a full view of the alien, I have to wonder if maybe he isn't just a kid because of his size, but something about his body looks older than that...or he could be a pretty toned ten year old, who knows now a days. I can't see his face because he has it pressed into the ground, he's just laying there motionless and even though I feel like I should help, I can't move. If he is a human, that thin tunic he's wearing mustn't be enough to be keeping him warm. The temperatures always drop at night, so it makes you wonder just why he'd be running around like that anyway. Then I remember the crashed object in the yard and I don't really know what else to think.

Demyx kneels beside the boy and I take a few steps closer as he turns him over, and this is when I know it isn't human. There is just something I can't explain about his features, something otherworldly, something sublime. Demyx sees it too and I know I'm not just being a weird creep. He looks up at me mouthing the words 'holy shit', his eyes round, completely mystified and I fight my quaking knees.

"So...cold," It's barely above a whisper but it's not like Demyx and I were making too much noise anyway. We were just staring at each other in silence, not sure if we should look back down at the alien or do what. Demyx is for once speechless, so that should tell you everything. We both snap out of it and look down quickly, and I have to swallow a gasp. My friend isn't so successful, and the bright blue eyes dart towards his face. I watch as the alien scans Demyx's features before slowly reaching up and placing an almost white hand against the blonde's much darker cheek. His skin colour is something else that's a dead give away to him not being human, and I can see it so much more now that he's touching Demyx.

"Axel..." Demyx squeaks and I hesitate before taking a step towards him.

"W-what is it?" I flutter nervously behind, realizing Demyx is sitting up very stiffly, his hands clenching at the ground. I have no idea what I'll do if the alien is hurting him.

"What the hell do you mean what is it? The alien is fucking touching me!" I stop myself from laughing, when the aforementioned alien makes a long, painful wheezing sound and Demyx lets out a scared yelp. "Oh god Axel...it's dying...oh god, it's dying in my shed." Demyx shuts his eyes and points his face up towards the ceiling, the little white hand dropping and something about that makes my heart break. We can't just let it die, right? I mean, we should at least try and help the poor thing. With one last hope that this doesn't bite me in the ass later on, I take a step forward and shove my dumb friend out of the way.

"I thought you weren't scared," I send Demyx a smug grin, sliding my hands under the alien's back and lifting him up slowly. Right away I realize how cold his body is and I shiver, his hands slowly clenching tighter to the front of my shirt, using his grip to pull himself against me. Demyx hurries over and helps, though I can pretty much do it all on my own. "We have to help him, he's hurt...I think," I look down as the alien's face contorts into a look of discomfort, and I hurry out of the shed. He nuzzles into my neck with a freezing nose, and his entire face like ice. I fight off another hard shiver, my skin littered with millions upon millions of goose bumps. It's not so much the cold, but the fact that the alien is clinging so tightly to me, burying its face against my skin. Demyx stops me, looking at me and then at the alien.

"It seems you can take it from here," He smiles at me, slowly inching his way towards the back door of the house and I narrow my eyes at him, the back lights making the look clear for him to see. "You can come by tomorrow and pick up the pieces of his ship."

"Whoa, hey, hey...wait! If anything, he's your responsibility!" I go to pry the small hands from my clothes but stop when I look down and see the alien staring at me. My god, he looks so scared.

"But Axel...look at him, he likes you," Demyx coos from his spot, all the way in the distance. It seems he's taken even more steps back towards his house. "Hey look, if it makes you feel any better, bring him back tomorrow and I'll help you...we can have shared custody! I mean, I already have my hands pretty full in here." He sends me a little grin and I realize this isn't something you can hide in a house with 6 people basically living in there. I can imagine Demyx trying to hide the alien from Riku and Sora, or even worse Xigbar...It just wouldn't be right to leave him here.

"I'm fine with this arrangement," The sentence takes me off guard and I stare down at the pale face of the alien. I have to stop myself from gawking at the smiling face, again that whole completely perfect thing about him seems so strange. I've never seen anyone like him and I doubt anyone else has either. I hear Demyx say something about 'excellent' and I look up to catch him walking away.

"We will talk about this tomorrow at my place, you can bring the pieces of the ship," I start marching away before he can say no, and I'm out on the front yard in no time. It sinks in when I'm walking along the side walk and the little alien in my arms looks up and sighs sadly.

"Everyone's dead, you know," He looks towards me and I blink a few times, not really understanding who he's talking about. He waves his hand in a sweeping motion across the sky, and I look up seeing millions of stars shinning out. "My whole civilization was destroyed...I'm all that's left." I adjust his body a little, fixing the grip I have on him and he lays his head on my shoulder.

"Well, I guess I won't need to warm any other freezing aliens up tonight huh?" The second that sentence replays in my head, I feel like slapping myself. Instead of an outraged cry, I hear a soft almost breathless laughter coming from him and he pats me on the cheek. His skin feels weird, so soft yet quite firm. I can't really explain it, I've never felt anything like it before.

"You must be the type that is poor with social interaction." He takes a second to look at me and I stare into his eyes before he shuts them and pulls himself closer. I can almost feel him draining my body heat and I shiver as he wraps his arms around me. This instant right here is when it finally seeps in. I am going to be harboring an alien in my house. I'm sure if the FBI were to find out, I'd be in some sort of shit...But I can't just pluck him off and toss him in the bushes now can I?

"You can call me Roxas." I feel him press a soft kiss against my neck and almost drop him, before regaining myself and clearing my throat. If he does that again, he'll send us both tumbling into the ground, so I adjust him again, trying to move him a little further from my neck but it doesn't work.

"I'm Axel...uh Axel Usher," Roxas nods his head, looking like it's what he expected my name to be.

"Ah, of course. It must be why you know how to properly carry royalty," I scrunch my eyebrows together and try to stare at his face, but he's back to laying it against my shoulder comfortably.

Something tells me keeping Roxas hidden won't be easy.

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