4: Oh No, It's The Five-0!

"What the hell took you so long? Is that anyway to treat a woman?" My mom shoves her way into the house, sighing as she takes off her sunglasses and slips off her shoes. I watch nervously, not liking how comfortable she's getting, as she leaves everything on the floor, her purse and sunhat included. I guess I get my sloppiness from her. I mean, there's a hat rack right there.

She was only outside for like, 10 minutes, so I don't know what the fuss is about. It could have been much worse, after all, I was going to completely ignore her and pretend I wasn't home. She should be grateful I let her in at all.

I'm about to ask her why she's here, when I hear the water bubbling and sizzling on the burner. I completely forgot about the macaronis and now they're probably burning into the bottom of the pot. Without saying anything, I turn and run towards the kitchen.

My mom follows after me, tying back her long, red hair and I turn off the stove, casting a look over my shoulder when she asks me a question. "Are you home alone?" The question seems innocent enough, yet my heart plummets into my stomach and I get those jittery nerves. I busy myself with draining the pasta and scraping the ones that got stuck, off the bottom. I don't know why I'm freaking out. It's not like she knows I'm in here with Demyx and an alien...there's no way she'd know. I calm myself enough to speak without stuttering and make my lie totally obvious.

"Uh, yeah..." I say but I don't feel good about that answer. I can feel it in my bones, something is going to happen while she's here. Either Demyx or Roxas will prance out and she'll wonder why I lied about being alone and stay for more questioning. Or worse, she'll notice Roxas' extraterrestrial-ness right away and flip the fuck out. I leave the macaronis in the colander, deciding I'll finish this after my mom leaves (read: after I chase her out). I turn around to look for the crazy bat and find her still standing in the kitchen arch way. "Go sit in the living room," I motion towards it with my head, as if she doesn't know where it is but she doesn't turn to go.

"I'm not going in there, it's filthy," I'm confused for a few seconds, because my living room isn't that bad...and then I remember all the mud Demyx tracked in and how I told him to vacuum while I made lunch and instead, he spent the whole time fucking talking to Roxas. God damn it!

My mom raises her eyebrow at me and I realize I was glaring at the floor.

"Oh sorry, uhm...I was in there with my work boots," I shrug, hoping she'll eat up that perfect excuse. It's my damn house, I can walk around however I please. Still, I feel reprimanded when she sends me that disapproving, motherly look and pulls out a chair at the kitchen table. No, don't fucking sit down! "Anyway mom, other than being a pain in the ass, what brings you around?" I ask, steering the questions and attention away from my house and its state and bringing it to her totally, unannounced visit.

"I just came to see you," She smiles at me and I know it's all bullshit. My mom hates this house, and she's never really gotten along too great with me. We're sort of in this love-hate relationship. Regardless, our bond isn't the 'visiting-for-no-reason' kind.

"Cut the crap mom, what's up?" I lean back against the counter and take in her entire appearance. The best way to describe her style would be bohemian, I guess. All she wears are skirts that flow right down to the ground, sandals and different shawls. Ol'Granny hated every article of clothing my mother owned and made it obvious, calling her a filthy hippie, constantly telling her she'd never raise her kids properly looking the way she does. I think it suits her though, and I'd never be able to picture her in anything else.

She's very long and lanky, with not much curves, so pant suits would make her look like a man, or so she says. As I observe her, I realize this is probably what I'm going to look like when I reach 40-something years old. My mother and I look almost exactly the same, Kairi apparently taking after my father. I never understood why my grandmother favored me, when she couldn't stand my mom. Maybe it's 'cause I was a fucking cute ass kid.

My mom flashes me a bright smile and pulls out her smokes, asking if she can light herself one even though she's already got her matches out. I'm a smoker myself, yet I hate the smell of cigarettes when I'm not the one smoking. It's disgusting but I wave my hand at her, giving her the go-ahead anyway.

Whatever, I figure the sooner I find out why she's here, the quicker I can get her out of my house and if I have to let her smoke in here to get my answer, I'll live with it. "For starters, I'd like a drink," The grin she sends me, is the one she knows always makes me laugh. The reason for it, is because we both look the same when we make that look (like we're about to raise hell) and it weirds me out. All she's missing is the tattoos on her cheeks and all I'm missing is the hair down to my ass.

"Here," I give her a can of coke from the fridge, hoping she'll just take it and not complain, but it's almost like I don't know my own mother. Why hope for it, when I know there isn't a moment she won't complain? With a long drag of her cigarette, she eye-balls the red can, blowing her smoke at me.

"You wanna give me diabetes," It's not a question, it's a statement, like she knows this to be fact. She takes the can anyway, mostly because it's nice and cold and she's probably really hot. I can see the sun blazing, as I peer out my windows and I wonder if Roxas would like laying under it for a bit. It's pretty warm, so I'm sure he'd love it...

"Hey, whatchu thinking about, boy?" My mother snaps her fingers and I look towards her and away from outside. "You seem all..." She wiggles her fingers around her head, eyeballing me curiously, "...Spacey."

My heart makes a strange thump in my chest when she uses that word and I shake my head, ready to start spewing excuses in my defense but I stop myself. She doesn't know about Roxas and that isn't an in-direct jab at anything. I'm not being questioned about aliens, and it's my fault for acting all weird and spacing out on her in the first place.

"Nothing, I'm just sort of busy right now," I hope this will get her going, finishing her drink and smoke, ask for whatever she wants and be on her way but she doesn't budge. Instead, she narrows her eyes and points a long, ringed finger at me.

"This is much too itchy!" I hear the voice that cuts off my mother, but I really don't want to turn around. I'll just pray that it's not Roxas...I'll pray really hard.

I watch my mother's finger curl back and she turns her head in the direction of the voice. "I can't wear this anymore...my skin has never been so irritated!" My mother stares off in the direction of the arch and I stand there at her side, my back towards the little alien. I'm watching my mother for her reaction, but I can't really tell how she's taking it. All I know is that she won't look away from him.

"Oh...Hello Mrs. Usher, I'm Roxas," I hear his feet pad along the kitchen floor softly until he's standing beside me and by some miracle he's wearing socks. I wonder where Demyx got them, because both our feet are much too big but the socks are perfect for him. I notice he's holding his hand out for my mother to shake and I almost have a heart attack. He has no fucking finger nails!

I look quickly to my mom as she shakes his hand and thank heavens she doesn't look down. The thing is, she's too busy watching his face closely and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. She must notice it, because she's not saying anything and my mother never stays quiet. I chance a glance towards Roxas and he's smiling at her sweetly. My mom finally looks towards me with her own smile breaking out across her face. What's that look for?

"Ah, so you're sorta busy, huh?" She says with a chuckle and stands up, fixing her skirt before reaching for the coke can. All her movements leave swirling trails of smoke, and I watch Roxas stare at the cigarette in curiosity. "I've lived my life boys, I know," She shakes her head before moving towards the garbage can and throws away her drink. She must have been thirsty as all fuck because it's empty. "I came over to tell you about Kairi's wedding. You'll be getting the invitation soon," She wiggles her eyebrows and looks down towards Roxas' face as she takes a drag. "You can bring a guest." The alien looks up towards me and smiles hugely, his eyes sparkling and I watch as they begin to shift colour. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Oh that's great...uh...yeah, whatever, I'll go when the time comes..." I move to start leading my mom out of the house, placing my hand on the small of her back and everything, in the process hiding Roxas behind me. She walks along easily, finishing her cigarette but stops a little ways out of the kitchen. Roxas is right behind me, so he crashes into my back when I stop to avoid running into my mom, who abruptly stopped walking. I'm almost in the clear, I need to get her out of here before the alien does something completely un-human.

"Don't get so pushy, lover boy. He ain't going nowhere," She looks behind me towards Roxas and smiles at him before handing me her cigarette butt. "I need to borrow your car, if that's okay sweet-heart," She gets me with that stupid grin again and I swallow the chuckle, instead escorting her towards the door and getting the keys from the front table. All I want is for her to leave the house, she needs to get out before she notices the weird stuff about Roxas. I'm sure she won't over look the fact that he's missing finger nails once she gets a good look at his hands.

"Here...bring it back in one piece, Evel Knievel." I drop the keys into her hand and open the door for her, but she doesn't leave.

"Just like that? No questions or bitching? You two must be really busy," My mom winks and I have to fight against everything in me, not to shove her out the door. Roxas steps out from behind me, rubbing his nose and walks right into the sunlight. His feet wiggle under the warm light, before he drops his hands to his sides and looks out the door, his mouth hanging open in amazement.

"The sun!" He cries and rushes out, my heart jumping into my throat when he runs past my mother and onto the lawn. I hear my mom crack up when I race past her and after Roxas. She probably thinks it's because he's wearing no pants or something, and it partially is. He stops and stands with his arms spread out, and his face up towards the sun. His skin looks bone white under the light and I stare at him for a while, amazed, before remembering I should probably get him inside. Something about the sheer joy on his face makes me hesitate though. He seems so happy to be under the sun.

"Got a thing for hippies," My mom says as she walks past us, towards my car and thankfully doesn't look over. She chuckles to herself, opening the driver's door before smiling at me from over the hood. "You must be my kid."

I send her a glare before turning towards Roxas, blocking him from my mom's view and gently putting his left arm down. He looks towards me in question, his eyes a bright, electric blue. My words get stuck in my throat and I just stare at him, because I really can't do anything else. I'm rooted to the ground. He's so unbelievably beautiful and there is no other way of putting it, that would sound any less weird.

"Fuck, that is an ugly sweater..." I hear my mom call out as she drives by us, stopping in front of the house. I panic, because now she has a clear view of Roxas under the sunlight. She'll notice how white his skin is or something, I'm sure of it.

Instead, when she speaks, she doesn't sound shocked or anything, in fact, she doesn't even mention his skin. "You know, when you said 'gay' all those years ago, I really thought you meant like...into big, burly men," She grins at me, shaking her head and Roxas lets out his breathy-laughter, still soaking up the sun. "This seems easier to take in somehow..."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I forget about Roxas for a second and let him enjoy the sun. I cross my arms over my chest, shifting to block Roxas from her view again and my mother snorts, shaking her head.

"Don't worry about it...now, I expect to see you at your sister's wedding. You didn't come to the engagement party but there's no way in hell you're missing this," She puts on her sunglasses after sending me a stern look and I sigh. I hate Kairi's circle of friends and I hate her fiance's family even more. They're all a bunch of douche bags.

"Fuck...okay mom...you know I hate this social shit," I glare towards the car, one last attempt to weasel my way into not going and she just starts to roll up the window. A clear sign that this discussion is over and I'm going to have to show up, if I don't want to be disowned or maimed...or both.

"I don't care sweetie," that's all she says before closing the window and driving off. I turn to Roxas and he's looking right into the sun.

"We can't be out here," I say and grab his wrist, trying to gently tug him back into the house. It doesn't work, he stays glued to my lawn, staring up at the sky. It reminds me of when I was younger, and I'd stare up into the sun. I don't know why I'd do it, but I think it had something to do with the way my vision would go all blotchy. Hey, I never said I was a normal kid.

"Just a while longer...please," Roxas looks over at me with the most pathetic face, all the sadness he must feel inside pouring out through his miserable stare. "I haven't been under the sun in light years...please Axel," I can't find it in my heart to say no. I can barely find words at all, so I stay standing in front of him, with my back towards the street. There's no one outside, so I figure it wouldn't be too bad to stand here for a bit.

"Fine, but only for a few minutes." I huff, trying to sound like I'm not a total push over. He smiles at me before turning his face back up towards the sun and sighs, shutting his eyes.

I watch him, feeling slightly creepy until I hear the sound of car tires. I look back, spotting a police cruiser and almost shit myself. I quickly grab Roxas' cold hand and tug him back towards the house. He stumbles behind me, caught off guard and when I go to keep walking, I can't. I can't pull him at all, it feels like he weighs 200 tons. My eyes are stuck on the police though, as they park their car down the street and the doors open. "Roxas, we need to get inside, now," I panic, my heart racing and the little alien must feel my frantic pulse through my hand because he tilts his head in question.

"You said I had a few minutes!" I keep pulling even though it's useless, but I stop when I notice the police walking towards someone else's house. My heart calms a little, but not by much and I hope they don't look this way and see me staring. Cops seem to hate me, and over the course of my life I've been stopped and interrogated for no reason. My friends say it's because I look like a criminal, but I don't see it at all. Cops are just assholes.

Roxas finally seems to realize I'm looking at something, and turns to see what it is, catching the police knocking on the door. "That is..." He trails off and seems to be trying to figure out who these people are. "Those are enforcers?" He looks proud to have figured it out and I nod my head, though I should elaborate and explain it better to him...there's just no time.

"We need to get inside quickly...we can sit out in the backyard, okay? Just get in the house Roxas, please!" The urgency to get inside comes back when the police walk away from the person's door and don't head back to their car. Instead, they begin walking towards the next house and now they are only a few houses away. I do not like the looks of this at all.

We rush back inside, Roxas making me promise that we'll go outside again and I find Demyx standing in the hallway, his eyes huge and full of worry. He throws his cellphone at me from where he is, and the thing doesn't even make it all the way. It smashes into the floor and the battery pack slides away from all of us but he doesn't freak out like he should. He looks down, realizing he should have thought this through better before I finally ask what the hell his problem is.

"Xigbar just called me...the cops are looking for Roxas' spaceship!"

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