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"Naveen, you know we ain't s'posed to be doing this!" Tiana whispered before she stifled a moan as her boyfriend proceeded to lick her neck. "I am sorry, my flower, but this urge required immediate tending to, and you are the only one to sate it," Naveen whispered back in the small, rather cramped closet- perfect for a quickie.

Tiana wiggled slightly, but found this wasn't a good idea as her body was squished up next to Naveen, and her leg rubbed against the prince's crotch. Naveen moaned, low and loud, forcing Tiana to clap a hand over his mouth. She sighed, her eyes black in the darkness. "Look, if we do this, we need to be as quiet as possible." Tiana could feel Naveen smirk against the back of her hand. When she took her hand off, Naveen stated sensually, "I find it hard to keep quiet with you."

Tiana was about to reply but then Naveen took her hand and kissed the palm of it, rubbed it with his thumb and smiled sweetly at her. She always wondered how Naveen could be so irresistible, and she finally gave in as she leaned forward and captured his lips with her own. Their kiss soon became heated, and clothes were shed as the couple made out. Naveen cupped Tiana's now bare breasts, running a thumb over a dark nipple and loving the moan that left his princess's mouth. The rowdy noise of the restaurant was able to drown out most of their lovemaking noises, thankfully, as the two were making a lot of sound.

Naveen could no longer hold it so he hoisted Tiana up and leaned her against the storage room wall. "Ready?" He asked, and Tiana, panting slightly, nodded her consent. Naveen proceeded to enter her while pressing his lips against hers, shivering delightedly as her warmth enveloped him. They broke apart for breath. "Naveen!" Tiana scream-whispered, wrapping her arms around her prince's back. Naveen went slowly at first, but then sped it up, and soon he was thrusting inside Tiana, barely able to keep himself from screaming her name.

"Naveen-oh my god-ah!" Tiana bit her lip and raked her nails lightly over Naveen's back. Close, they were both so close. Suddenly-

"Now hold on, I'm sure there's a mop in here!" Charlotte's voice rang out, muffled by the door. "It's Lottie!" Tiana whispered, panicked, before the door was flung open to reveal Charlotte in all her glory, her smiling face suddenly shocked at the image before her. The couple stared at the blonde, wide-eyed, before Naveen reached beside him and grabbed a mop, gingerly handing it to Charlotte. Charlotte took it, still speechless, before a voice behind her rang out, "Lottie, you find a mop in there?"

Charlotte turned slightly. "Sho' did!" She turned and winked at them before she grabbed the door handle and closed it, encasing Tiana and Naveen in darkness once more.

"Well… that was… strange," Tiana said, struggling to find the words that described how awkward she felt. Naveen chuckled and pecked her on the cheek before he whispered back, "At least it wasn't your mother."

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