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Aiden Wallace paced her bosse's office. Back and forth, like a caged tiger. Her frustration and iritation had mounted until the air was thick with emotion. She paused only long enough to pull her thick copper hair into a ponytail, and then resumed her pacing.

"I could be reviewing witness statements right now. Or adjusting the profile. I'm wasting valuble ..."

Her thought process was interrupted when her boss finally entered. Aaron Hotchner was an attractive man in his mid to late 40's. With dark hair that was only greying slightly at the temples. She often wondered if he ever smiled. For some reason, she doubted it.

"Agent Wallace, have a seat."

He took his place behind his desk and she sat in one of the dark leather chairs that ere strategically placed in front. Still too wound up to sit still, she bounced her legs impatiently. A habit she developed in highschool.

After straightening some papers on his desk, he finally looked up at her for the first time since entering. While she had been slight when she had joined the B.A.U, now she was downright skinny. Her clothes hung on her body as though she were made of twigs. Her face was pale, or paler rather, with dark circles around her eyes. J.J. had told him that she was basically mainlining coffee now and she couldn't remember the last time she saw Aiden eat. He had seen it before, a new Agent becomes so focused on a case they become oblivious to themselves and their surroundings, but never on such a massive scale. It was so bad, the Director was stepping in.

"As of today, you are on 6 months paid leave." He watched her face intently. At first it didn't seem to register, but as the words slowly seeped into her caffeine fogged brain, her expression shifted.

"Its because I havn't caught him yet isn't it?"

He shook his head. "It's because you have become so obsessed with him. Aiden you hardly sleep, you barely eat, and before you say it, chocolate covered espresso beans do not count as food. The Director thinks that its best if you take some time off."

"So 6 months is her solution?"

"No," he leveled his gaze at her, "The 6 months was my idea. Aiden, he has become as obsessed with you as you have him. Why do you think he sends you the basket of fruit everytime he kills another victim?"

"Personally, I think that its his way..."

"It was rhetorical, Agent Wallace."

She winced at that. She went from Aiden to Agent Wallace again. Not good. A sure sign that he was in no mood for arguments. Tough. He was about to get one.

"Hotch, please?" She looked at him with her deep green eyes, hoping it would help. It usually worked on Derek.

With a low groan, he glanced out to where the rest of the team had assembled. His gaze met the one given by the teams' youngest member. After a second of silent discussion, Aaron got up from behind his desk and walked out of his office. Aiden went to follow him, intent of finishing the discussion, when her path was blocked by Spencer. She smiled at this. They were making it too easy. She knew that Reid harbored a slight crush on her, and she could play him better than the first violin of the Philadelphia Philharmonic. Even though she really like his new shorter haircut. The "Edward Cullen Special", as the other girls called it. She widened her eyes slightly hitting him with the full force of her gaze.

"Spencer, see if you can convince Hotch that I don't need to be taken off this case. You know I'm fit for duty."

He shook his head and rested his hands on her thin shoulders. "Peaches," he said, using his nickname name for her, "Have you taken a look at yourself lately? Your falling apart at the seams. A short vacation will be good for you. Your obsession with him isn't healthy."

She shook his hands off of her angrily. "Don't talk to me about obsession, damnit! You go to the hospital at least once a month to visit with Amanda Jackson! Hotch started drinking because of his guilt over Haleigh! Ask Emily about the last time she ran a check on that Preist who performed all those exorcisms on her friends! Derrick does the same thing with..."

Spencer covered her mouth gently. "Yes, and we don't want you to turn out like us. We don't want you to make the same mistakes we did. Get yourself out while you can. Break the cycle." She glanced around and breifly met the eyes of each one of her teammates. She saw the same look in each of their eyes. Finally, she looked down, defeated. He calmly removed his hand and loked at he expectantly. "Ok,"she said quietly, "I'll do it." Without another word she gathered her belongings and waited for the elevator. A motion out of the corner of her eye had her looking up to see Agent Derek Morgan waiting with her."Come on Schnnaps," He said softly,"I'll take you home."

The ride to her apartment was quiet till she asked a question that had been nagging her from the beginning. "Derrick? Why do you call me Schnnaps?" He laughed slightly. "Your first day at the B.A.U. Do you remember?" She nodded.

"That night, we went to the bar, right?"


"What did you order?"

She wracked her brain for a moment, but came up blank. "To tell you the truth, I honestly don't remember."

"Peach Schnnaps and orange juice. you told me that it was about the only liquor you drink. With Reid calling you Peaches, it only seemed fitting."

Content with the answer, she continued the ride in silence. To her surprise, Derek followed her up to her apartment. "You really don't need to see me in. I can find it on my own."

"Hotch wanted me to do something for him. Don't wory about what I'm doing."

She shrugged and unlocked the door. Derrick took one look around and began gathering up all the evidence that she had collected on the unsub. After gathering several boxes full of evidence, photos' and witness statements, he calmly took them too his car. when he came back upstairs, he was talking on his cell phone.

"Yeah, Im sure I got it all. She dosn't have so much as a scrap of a newspaper. Ok, here she is..." he passed her the phone silently.


"Aiden , I don't want you to be angry at me, but it was for your own good."

"I know, Hotch. I just don't know what I'm going to do for the next 6 months."

"Take a vacation, you earned it, but first spend about a month getting yourself back together. You look worn ragged."

After promising him she would, and bidding Derek goodbye, she was left alone with her thoughts. Not really sure what she should do next, she fixed herself a bowl of soup and after eating, she went to her room, drew her shades, got undressed and under the covers. Soon she was fast asleep.

After a few weeks of doing this, she started to see a change in herself. Her color returned, her dark circles faded, and she started to fill out her clothes a little better. She was watching t.v when a travel commercial advertising a trip to Hawaii when she suddenly had an idea. Grabbing her cell phone, she scrolled through the number till on hilighted. Praying that it was still good, she listened to the other phone ring a few times till a woman finall answered.



The other woman paused for a moment. Aiden prayed some more. The two had met when Kono had attended a law enforcement seminar that Rossi had been giving. The two had become fast friends and usually spoke to each other once or twice a week, at least they did till Aiden had gotten into the case, after that, the calls came few and far between. She held her breath, hoping that the pretty surfer wouldn't hold it against her. She let out the pent up air when a response was given.

"Aiden? My God girl! I was starting to worry that you had forgotten about me! What have you been doing with yourself?"

"I'm sorry. I caught a case and I started to get a little strange over it, But as of right now, I have a little required vacation time and was wondering If, you wern't doing anything, if I could go spend it on the islands with you?"

"What kind of required?"

"VERY required."

"Sure. work here is getting kind of slow and I just moved to my new place, and I can't wait for you to meet the boys."

A few hours later, Aiden had her flight booked and a promise from Kono to meet her at the airport. After they hung up, she called Garcia, to update her info. After a few more minutes, Garcia wished her a good trip and was able to get Aiden to promise her that she would have at least one one-night stand with a surfer. Aiden laughed and swore she would try her hardest. Little did she know that it would be the easiest part of her 5 month vacation.