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He waited until they had walked back inside before coming out of hiding. He stood over the spot where she had sat, enjoying the feel of being close to her, even though he wasn't. Something pale caught his eye, and after picking it up, he realized that it was the flower she had been wearing in her hair. He brought it to his lips before slipping it in his pocket. She had obviously left it for him as a gift. He had almost lost is mind when the Hawaiian grabbed and kissed her. He had half expected her to fight back, but no. She was too much a lady to do that. He would have to figure out how to send a message to the other. Let him know that she was strictly off limits, and kissing her would not be tolerated. With a plan forming in his mind, he walked off, whistling to himself. The surf soon washed away his footprints. Almost as though he had never even been there.

Kono actually had the patience to wait until Aiden was changed to ask her first question. Aiden was bent over, briskly drying her hair when she snapped the trap.

"Soooo...Chin, huh?"

Aiden paused for a fraction of a second. If she admitted it, the 5-O might take her off the case, because of a "conflict of interest". So, she decided to play it off. She straightened and began to brush out her damp tangles. "I have no idea what your talking about."

Kono flopped down on the love seat situated in the corner of her office. "Don't play games with me, little girl. I invented that one. Just between us, you couldn't do any better."

Aiden sat down in the desk chair and faced her. "Speaking as his cousin, of course." was her sarcastic reply.

Kono frowned. Maybe it was time to change tactics. "You know, Its not like he has someone else waiting for him. That relationship was called off, long ago..."

Aiden shook her head. "I figured. Its not that I'm worried about."

This sent Kono's mind racing. If she wasn't worried about another woman, then what was it? Thats when it hit her. What would scare a woman who lived for her career? "Trust me, Steve won't take you off the case as far as you and Chin are concerned. Your in Hawaii, enjoy yourself!"

Aiden shook her head. "No. Its unprofessional. What happened between us was a mistake and it will never happen again." She looked down guiltily, remembering the touch of his lips. "At least not till the case is resolved."

Kono looked pleased with herself. "I knew it!"

Aiden pushed herself out of the chair. "yeah, yeah. Just keep your mouth shut about this, at least until I'm done thinking it over."

Kono gave her a cheshire grin. "Of course, little bit. I wouldn't dream of telling anybody."

The redhead looked less than convinced but shrugged it off. "lets get back to the boys before they send a search party after us."

They two girls walked back out to the main room, Aiden's gaze looking everywhere except at Chin. She wasn't sure how she felt about him yet. He was attractive enough...scratch that...he was sexy as hell, he seemed interested in her, and she wasn't going to kid herself, he did things for her, and if she didn't have too much on her plate as it was, she would be right there. She pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind. She had a case and it needed her full attention.

"So, where are we?" she asked, sliding into a chair next to Danny, totally ignoring the one next to Chin. Kono took that one, after giving Aiden a sideways look.

"Well, apparently your UNSUB followed you to Hawaii, and we have agreed that the F.B.I will stay out of it, unless McGarret specifically asks us to show."

She jumped at hearing Hotch's voice. Then she realized exactly what he said. "What? Why him? What about me?"

"Because if you had your way, you would go after him without consulting anybody and with no back-up."

She winced at that. He wasn't exactly wrong, but it was kinda harsh hearing him say it that way. "Alright. Shutting up now."

"Ummm, everybody? If nobody's going to mention it, then I will. Look at the face shot of the vic and tell me that she doesn't look like Aiden. Or at least a close female relative." An F.B.I voice spoke up.

"Thank you, Derek, for pointing out the obvious." Aiden muttered. She had noticed that the dead girl looked like her, but she had been naively hoping that it was just a coincidence.

Kono spoke these thoughts out loud. "It doesn't mean anything, not yet anyway. For all we know it could just be a coincidence."

Steve nodded in agreement. "Look, Its too late to do anything right now. lets touch base Monday morning, alright? Its late, I'm sure that Aiden is exhausted and we can all think better after a good nights sleep."

A female voice came over the phone. "Now thats the best idea Iv heard all day."

After a few goodbyes and promises to call sooner if anything came up, the call was disconnected. Kono stood first. "Alright, boys. I'm taking Aiden home so she can get some sleep. Chin? If you want to ride with, I can take you home first."

Both he and Aiden looked at her, speculatively. Her face was perfectly blank. They however, were not fooled. She was trying her damnedest to give them some more alone time together. At first, Chin thought to refuse, but however, who was he to refuse? "Alright, cousin. If Aiden doesn't mind."

Aiden was shaken from her thoughts at the sound of her name. "Hmmm? Oh no. Of course I don't mind. Why would I?"

After the travel arrangements were settled, the trio walked out into the misty night to Kono's car.

Next chapter: The car ride home, and Kono and co. show Aiden what they do on their weekends off.

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