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Chapter 1


A four year old Primrose sat on the couch of their enormous mansion.

Her grandam was sitting in the rocking chair looking at her lap. She had some kind of picture in her hand,no one ever saw it not even Prim.

Prim's mom in her late thirties. She had dark brown hair like her daughter but Prim had emerald green instead of brown eyes.

Her mom had a duffle bag on her hand.

"mommy where are you going?" asked innocent Prim

"I'm leaving" she said getting to the point.

Prim saw that her grandma was doing nothing so Prim ran over to her mother and grabbed onto her mom's leg

"mommy you can't leave me! Not like dad did" said Prim

"it's your fault he left you little brat" yelled her mom

This caused Prim to let go of her moms leg. And her mom walked out of her life just like her dad

*End of Flashback*

Primrose's POV

The sound of someone hitting something woke me up from my dream. No nightmare.

I looked at my clock. Two AM.

I ran out of my room to see if grandma had fallen down agian.

I ran to the living room only to see my grandma had not move yet from her spot in the rocking chair nor has her eyes moved from her lap.

I rolled my eyes and walk back up stairs.

I open the door to my room. I was about to lay down when Thimbletack appeared

"goodness Thimbletack don't scare me like that." I said

"Primrose we don't have time" he said

"Thimbletack what's wrong?" I asked

"the book!he knows about the book"said Thimbletack in a panic

"Thimbletack it's two in the morning! Let me sleep!" I said pushing him off the bed

He then looked hurt and disappeared. Great I'll have to apologize to him tomorrow.

I then laid down and went back to sleep.

~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~

I woke up groggily still tired from the rude awakening. It was about twelve thirty. I guess Thimbletack was still mad at me.

I got dressed. A simple dark green shirt and blue jean shorts. I kept my dark brown hair down. I tied my black converse up and walked down the stairs.

I was about to go to the kitchen when I herd "we have new neighbors" came my grandmas soft voice. A voice I hadn't herd in years.

"what?" I asked walking to the living room

"new neighbors" she repeated

I walked over to her rocking chair by the window. She was looking out the window like she was expecting someone to be there.

I looked down in her lap. The picture was visible. I was a picture of a boy with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. He had his arms wrapped around a younger version of my grandmother.

"who's that?" I asked

"Peter Spiderwick. He used to live next door before the fairies got him" she said

This was one of the things that drove my mother crazy. Grandma use to tell me these stories about the wonderful creatures around us.

I didn't really believe until I met hogsqueal and he gave me the sight. Since he ate my pet bird. Not a fair trade at times if you ask me.

"he was my one and only love" she said

See my mom was adopted since my grandma didn't want to get married but she wanted kids.

I never have known what it's like to be in love. Even though I'm only fifteen I've never had a boyfriend.

"you want breakfast" I asked even though the answer was always no.

"no"she said. She then went back to looking out the window.

I walked to the kitchen. I poured my self a glass of milk.

I herd a voice "Timmy? Mr. Tims breakfast time" (A/N I don't know what the cats name is I couldn't understand him) i saw a boy who looked my age with brown hair and he was dressed all proper.

Then I saw him. The ugly little goblin. They tripped the boy who was looking for a dog or a cat. he began to struggle.

I panicked so I dropped my milk leaving a huge mess on the floor.

I ran out of the house. And tried to help the boy. I was pulling him away from the goblins.

Then one of then tripped me and I bumped and hit my head on the ground hard.

I was I began to see black spots before I completely passed out and was dragged deep into the forest.

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