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Chapter 7: Finding Goten

Goten shook in Vegeta's grasp. The older saiyan released his hold on the boy who just stood there numbly for a few moments staring blackly at the door behind which his older Brother had disappeared. His eyes changed from coal black to a brilliant shade of turquoise and back before anyone noticed. Videl stood from her seat and looked down at the three she thought were close to her before turning her back to them. She slowly began to make her way out of the room.

After sucking in a few lung fulls of air, Goten turned and ran, pushing past the lawyers, the people that stood idle in his path and toward the big oak doors.

Videl looked down as she felt something push against her. Goten ran from the room and pushed open the large doors. Before they slammed shut behind him, Videl called to him but he didn't stop. She heard the others calling to him from behind her. From the noise levels she could tell they were pushing themselves through the crowd attempting to catch up to the boy. Videl began to pick up speed and soon found herself chasing after the boy.

Goten heard them calling for him. But he didn't stop. He ran past his mother who was sitting on a bench, weeping. She looked up at him as he passed, and soon joined the others in their chase. Goten pushed open the doors to the courthouse and ran down the stairs that lead up to it. Before he reached the bottom, he jumped into the air and as fast as he possibly could, flew away from the courthouse.

Videl and Chichi reached the steps as Goten took off. They watched as he disappeared over the horizon. The others who were just behind them stopped as they reached them.

"He took off." Videl said looking off into the distance.

Krillin, Yamcha, Videl, Piccolo and Vegeta pushed off of the step into the air.

"Find my baby please." Chichi said looking up at them. They all nodded. As they flew away Bulma walked over to the younger woman and pulled her into a hug.

"It's not fair." Chichi said as Bulma lead her over to an awaiting car. "No Father and now no brother. It's just not fair."

~ ~ ( ( With Videl ) ) ~ ~

They remained silent as they flew. Goten had stopped flying and was now attempting to hide his ki from them. He was even doing a pretty good job except for the occasional spike which gave them a general idea where he was but he would get control of himself rather quickly and he would disappear again. As the others landed on the top of a near by mountain, Videl followed them closed behind. As she touched down, someone spoke up for the first time. "Gohan trained him well." Piccolo said. "He can mask his ki until his emotions break his concentration." He turned and looked at the surrounding area. "To find him quicker, our best bet would be to split up." The others nodded and few off in different directions. Videl stayed where she was for a moment, and looked around at the mountains for a moment before taking off.

~ ~ ( ( … ) ) ~ ~

"Goten?" Videl called as she flew. "Goten are you here?"

She sighed and landed in the mouth of a cave. She heard something from behind her. "Goten? Is that you?" she called. After getting no answer, she made her way deeper into the cave. The noise she had heard grew louder and louder. It was a growling noise. In the dim lit of the cave, Videl could make out two figures. One was definitely Goten. The other Videl couldn't make out in the position it was in. Then came a loud growl and the strange figure moved from its position from beside Goten, to in between the two facing her. It growled again at her. Videl slowly made her way toward Goten. As she got close and closer, the growls got louder and louder.

"It's okay Mr. Tiger." Goten said. The tiger looked back at him then to Videl. It moved away from her back over to sit next to Goten.

"Goten you're mother is worried about you." she said. "Everyone is. Why don't you come with me? We can go home."

Goten didn't look up at her but nodded. As he stood up, Videl took his hand and walked out of the cave. Everyone was waiting for them just outside.

"Let's go home." Videl said looking down at Goten who kept his head lowered. Videl watched the others take off. She looked down at Goten. "Ready to go?"

Goten nodded before turning to the cave. "Cya Mr. Tiger." he said. Before he and Videl took off to go home.

~ ~ ( ( Gohan ) ) ~ ~

Gohan stepped inside the small cell. The door slammed shut behind him and the jingling of keys told him that the guards were making their way down the hall. He sighed and walked over to the bed. He slumped down in it and looked around. The white paint on the walls was chipping away in places revealing the concrete blocks underneath. Carved into the paint, were tally marks and things like names and sayings. Gohan fell back in the bed and looked up at the top bunk.

~ ~ ( ( Videl ) ) ~ ~

Videl landed with Goten outside of the Son home. The door flew open and Chichi raced out of the house toward her youngest son.

"Oh my baby you're okay!" she said as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a tight embrace. "Please don't do that to me again." Chichi looked up at Videl with a smile. "Thank you dear." she said as she got back up to her feet. "Please come in." she finished indicating the house.

Videl nodded and the three made their way into the house.