Author's Note: I do not own Mega Man Battle Network or any of the characters of the games. But if a NetNavi design of mine was used in the games, which it wasn't I never even entered one, would I own him?

He Who Bears the Scar

Chapter 1: The Past

30 years ago…

Dr. Cossak stood before the board of SciLab scientists to present the fruits of his labor. After taking a few deep breathes, he began to speak.

"Gentlemen, as you know, many devices of this time are operated by NetNavis." Cossak said, "But of course, the Navis are operated by humans. This leads to errors in judgment just as severe as if humans were operating the machines themselves. But I have the solution. I have devolved an independent NetNavi. I present to you…Bass!" A monitor behind Cossak turned on. A NetNavi in a black outfit with two large fins off his head and the forte symbol (the musical symbol that looks like a lowercase f) on his chest was on the screen.

"Greetings gentlemen." Bass said in a cheerful voice, "I am Bass. I am fully able to preform tasks on my own. Including, but not limited to, virus busting."

"A navi who can do virus busting on his own?" One of the SciLab scientist asked, "What are you trying to pull Cossak?"

"It seems that we will have to show them what you can do Bass." Cossak said, "Do you think you preform?"

"I'll be happy to give a demonstration." Bass said.

"Very well." Dr. Cossak said pushing a button on the pedestal; several Mettaurs appeared in the Cyberworld with Bass, "Now watch as even without access to battle chips, Bass is able to delete these viruses quite easily."


"Mettaurs?" Bass asked, "Doctor, you know I can defeat foes much stronger than those."

"Be that as it may Bass," Cossak said, "You'll be able to defeat them easily enough that there is no chance of collateral damage."

"You're right." Bass said, "I'll face these viruses. Arm Blade!" Two swords appeared. Bass rushed the group of viruses and slashed them apart with blinding speed.

Real World…

"As you can see, Bass easily terminated the viruses." Cossak said, "And that was with just one ability in Bass's arsenal. The best ability he has is the Get Ability program which allows him to absorb the data of anything he defeats."

"Cossak you fool!" A SciLab scientist yelled out, "Do you know what you've done?"

"What do you mean?" Dr. Cossak asked.

"If he is truly as powerful as you say, then you've created a monster!" the scientist yelled.

"I'm not a monster." Bass said sadly.

"I move that we delete this navi at once!" the scientist yelled.

"Hold on!" Dr. Cossak yelled, "You have no grounds to delete Bass."

"Call it a preemptive strike." The scientist said, "He has no one to control him. If he goes rouge, no one can deactivate him. And by absorbing data from defeated opponents he will simply grow stronger with every kill. We must delete him now!"

"I can assure you, Bass will not turn against us." Cossak said, "I programmed him. I gave him a mind, a conscience. He can distinguish right from wrong just like any human." The argument continued between Cossak and the SciLab scientist, as well as a few others, before an older scientist stood up.

"Alright, that's enough." The older scientist said.

"Doctor Tadashi Hikari!" Cossak said, "I didn't know you where here."

"Yes, I took a special interest in your project." Dr. Hikari said, "And while I don't believe Bass proves an immediate threat, I do believe he could prove dangerous if we do not carefully observe him. So we won't delete him, but we will have to keep a close eye on him."

"Thank you Dr. Hikari." Cossak said.

10 years later…

Bass was running through the cyber net panicked. Chasing him, a collection of official navis.

"Dr. Cossak, what's happening?" Bass asked trying to reach his creator. Unfortunately, he found himself in a dead end.

"Bass, you aren't going to escape." The head official navi said, "Do you have any last words?"

"What did I do?" Bass asked, "Cossak! What's happening?" After that cry, a depressed looking Cossak appeared on a holographic screen.

"Bass, I'm sorry, but we have to delete you." Cossak said, "They believe you are responsible for the problems on the internet."

"But, I'm not." Bass said, "You know that! Tell them!"

"I'm sorry Bass." Cossak said before the screen disappeared.

"Cossak! Cossak!" Bass yelled out.

"It is time to be deleted Bass." The official navi said as his arm changed into a sword, "I assure you, I take no pleasure from this." The navi sliced in an attempt to cut Bass in two, he pulled back in an attempt to dodge, but the blade still sliced into his navi crest causing him to collapse in pain. The navi then raised the sword for a final blow.

"Sir, it seems that we are needed elsewhere." One of the official navis said, "We have to leave him."

"Very well." The leader said, "He will self-delete soon enough. Let's go." Bass laid on the ground his chest burning with pain.

He…he betrayed me. Cossak, the man I could think of like a father, Bass thought, he betrayed me! I'll show him, I'll destroy every human. A mettaur came up and examined the navi to be quickly deleted and for his data to be absorbed by his killer. Bass then rose to his feet, a sudden surge of power flowing through him.

"Head my words Cossak, I WILL find a way to kill you." Bass said with anger coursing through him, causing his symbol to fade to pure black, "You may be able to run, but you can't hide!"

Author's note: I know I'm probably wrong with how long ago Bass was created, cut me some slack.