He Who Bears the Scar

Chapter 3: Cyber Showdown

"Protoman, crave him up!" Chaud ordered his navi.

"Yes sir!" Protoman said charging Phantom preparing a slash.

"Pathetic." Phantom said easily dodging Protoman's sword, "Simply pathetic." Still in the motion of the dodge, Phantom swiveled and kicked Protoman in the stomach.

"Protoman, Step Sword!" Chaud ordered.

"Sir!" Protoman said as an image of him sliced Phantom in two, "Heh, guess he wasn't so tough."

"Protoman! Look!" Chaud said as the two halves of Phantom turned into a floppy doll version of the appropriate part.

"Too slow!" Phantom said in the air launching three four point shuriken with transparent blue energy blades straight for Protoman, who raised his shield which caught all three.

"I must admit that I wasn't expecting you to use battle chips." Protoman, "But I guess I should have expected a ninja navi to use Anti-Damage."

"Yes, but this is my own spin on it." Phantom said almost proud in his attack, "Look." Protoman looked at his shield to see all three blow up, knocking him back and shattering his shield.

"What was that?" Protoman asked, "What are you? Navis shouldn't be able to alter battle chips!"

"I don't see a reason to keep quiet." Phantom said, "Me and my siblings were made 20 years ago when the secret data Dr. Cossak used to create Bass was stolen from SciLab. We were manufactured using it and what we improved on Navi technology. As the oldest, our creators made me the most powerful. I have the ability to absorb raw data from battle chips to keep them as regular attacks. And as you have seen, I can combine the attacks with others I know. But enough talk." Phantom then put his hands together in a ninja style hand seal, "It's time to finish this." With blinding speed Phantom did several different hand signs until in a puff a smoke appeared. When it cleared, five Phantoms stood.

"Don't panic Protoman," Chaud said, "We can handle this. VarSword!" The hammerhead blade appeared on Protoman's arm. He swung the sword creating a read shockwave, but all the Phantoms scattered and easily dodged it.

"Is that really all the great Protoman has to offer?" One of the Phantoms said as the other four rushed him.

"Moon Blade!" Chaud yelled as his sent Protoman the Moon Blade Battle Chip allowing him to slash and destroy all the Phantom clones.
"Good move." Phantom said, "Most people try to run from that. Maybe I was a little hasty in attacking. I have an offer for you."

"What are you talking about?" Protoman asked.

"I teach assassin navis the finer arts of combat." Phantom said, "How about you join me? You don't know much about analyzing an enemy, but you have such potential."

"And if I refuse?" Protoman asked.

"Well, if you refuse," Phantom said, "I'd have no choice but to kill you. But think about it. You could even surpass Shadowman."

"Shadowman was a student of yours?" Protoman asked.

"The best one I've had so far." Phantom said, "But you could be even better."

"Well, when you put it that way," Protoman said suddenly striking Phantom with the fighter sword, "I'm going to have to refuse."

"Such as shame." Phantom said pulling a katana with a semi-transparent blue blade from his back, "Then I guess I'm going to have to get serious."

"So are we." Chaud said, "Cyber Sword! Wide Sword! Long Sword!" The three sword battle chips were sent to Protoman, creating the life sword.

"A program advance." Phantom said barely scared, "I've always wanted to fight someone who could do that."

"Be careful what you wish for!" Protoman said as he swung the blade, its energy arc flying right for Phantom. The attack struck causing a large explosion, "Because sometimes they come true."

"And I'm thankful this one did." Phantom, unharmed from the attack, said. He held up his katana in a taunting manner and Protoman saw it was glowing before it returned to normal.

"How did you survive the life sword without a scratch?" Protoman asked shocked.

"Remember how I said I absorb chip data?" Phantom said, "I absorb them through combat. So by trying to kill me with that slash, you gave me the ability to do it anytime I want."

"Protoman! Jack out." Chaud ordered.

"No you don't." Phantom said suddenly in front of Protoman, his hand glowing green, "Jack out seal!" Phantom slammed his hand onto Protoman's crest knocking him back.

"Protoman! Jack out now!" Chaud hollered.

"I can't." Protoman said weakly.

"What do you mean?" Chaud asked confused.

"He means, he couldn't jack out even if he wanted to." Phantom said, "Short of me or some navi with expert healing skills removing it, he'll never jack out again. Now it really is time to end this." Phantom kicked Protoman against a wall and summoned a single shuriken which he hurled at Protoman. The shuriken became lodged in Protoman's shoulder, holding him to the wall. He then summoned another shuriken and began to performing several hand signs over it. The shuriken then began to change from blue to red to yellow to green and back to blue rapidly.

"What did you do to that shuriken?" Protoman asked.

"I super charged it." Phantom said, "Trust me, you, and every navi within a 10 yard radius, won't survive this." Phantom threw the shuriken into the wall next to Protoman, jumped onto the top of a building, and snapped his fingers. The super charged shuriken exploded in a blinding white light as Phantom logged out.

"Protoman!" Chaud screamed out, "Protoman!"