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Summery: AU, after the DOM, Harry is well and truly pissed. He learns that he is the only one capable to defeating Voldemort once and for all. Only he decides that he is not going to fight for the Wizarding world after they keep turning their backs on him at the drop of a hat. Instead; he's fighting this war for himself and he's doing it his way. With his heart shut down and his mind taking over, Harry decides that if you have the Dark Mark then you're GUILTY.

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The lost Prophecy

"Crucio." Harry Potter shouted as he jumped out from behind the statue he was hiding behind in the Ministry Atrium. His first ever unforgivable curse found its mark as Bellatrix Lestrange fell to the floor screaming in pain; however, the screams did not last long and she lay panting and the floor looking up at Harry.

"Never used an unforgivable curse before, have you, boy?" Bellatrix laughed completely abandoning her baby voice. "You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain – to enjoy it – righteous anger won't hurt me for long." She taunted thinking that Dumbledore's pet golden boy would not ever want to really cause pain.

However, something snapped inside Harry. He felt the hate he felt for her, his Godfather's killer begin to fill him up inside. The hate he felt for Snape for the Occlumency lesson's in which he attacked and tortured his mind without mercy. The hate he felt for Wormtail for betraying him and his parents to Voldemort all those years ago. And he felt the hate he felt towards Voldemort for the murder of his parents. For what seemed an eternity, but was really only twenty seconds, Harry felt pure hate filling his insides before his eyes snapped open.

Bellatrix was smiling sickly as she watched Potter from her position on the floor. His eyes were closed and his face a mask of pain and hate. However, seconds later his eyes snapped open and she gasped as she got a glimpse off his eyes; normally a bright and vibrant emerald green, Potter's eyes were now a dark almost black green.

"CRUCIO." Harry roared at the top of his lungs pouring all his hate into the curse. This time Bellatrix did scream and wither on the ground.

Bellatrix screamed for all she was worth. The pain was unbearable, her nerves felt like they were on fire as did her very bones. Her head felt like it had been split open in ten different places, her skin felt like a thousand white hot knives were piercing her over and over. The pain was so absolute, that the Dark Lord's paled in comparison. Just when she thought she must surely lose her mind to insanity, the curse was lifted.

Harry ended the curse panting slightly; never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that causing someone else unbelievable pain and listening to them scream would give him such a thrill. It chilled him for a split second but then he remembered her sick crimes. Killing not just his Godfather but countless others, torturing the Longbottom's into insanity he knew she deserved it and more.

As he was thinking what to do with the sick bitch next, his scar began prickling as a cold voice began whispering in his head.

"That's it Harry, she killed him, she deserves it! She deserves to die." Said a voice in his head. "You know the spell Harry." Just as he was about to utter the worst unforgivable of them all, his scar exploded in pain and he dropped to his knees, his wand falling from his grasp as he held his head in his hands.

"MASTER, I TRIED, I TRIED, DO NOT PUNISH ME." Came Bellatrix's loud voice through the pain in his scar.

"Don't waste your breath!" Yelled Harry through the pain, his eyes screwed up. "He can't hear you from here!"

"Can't I, Potter?" Hissed the high cold voice of nightmares.

Harry opened his eyes and looked up.

Tall, thin and black hooded, his terrible snakelike face white and gaunt, his scarlet, slit-pupilled eyes staring… Lord Voldemort had appeared in the middle of the hall, his wand pointing at Harry, who froze at the sight where he was on the floor on his hands and knees, unable to move.

"So you smashed my Prophecy?" Voldemort softly spoke, staring at Harry with those pitiless red eyes. "No Bella, he is not lying… I see the truth looking at me from within his worthless mind… months of preparation, months of effort… and my Death Eaters have let Harry Potter thwart me again…"

"Master, I am sorry, I knew not, I was fighting the Animagus Black!" sobbed Bellatrix, flinging herself down at Voldemort's feet as he slowly paced nearer. "Master, you should know-"

"Be quiet, Bella," Snarled Voldemort dangerously. "I shall deal with you in a moment. Do you think I have entered the ministry of magic to hear your snivelling apologies?"

"I have nothing more to say to you, Potter." He said quietly as he turned his attention to the boy before him, the bane of his existence. "You have irked me too often, for too long. Goodbye, Harry Potter." But before he could utter another word a fireplace to the right of them roared to life and out strode the Headmaster.

"Dumbledore!" Breathed Voldemort as he glared at the aged wizard.

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom." Dumbledore calmly spoke as one might when greeting an old friend. "The Auror's are on their way –"

"By which time I shall be gone, and you shall be dead!" Voldemort spat before he launched a killing curse at Dumbledore, who turned and was gone in a whirling of his cloak. Next second he reappeared in front of Harry, before sending his own curse at Voldemort, who also vanished on the spot only to reaper a metre from where he last stood, Dumbledore's curse sailing harmlessly by.

Bellatrix tried to get a cheep shot on Dumbledore, as he was concentrating on the Dark Lord; however, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Harry, with the appearance of the Headmaster. As Dumbledore blocked both Voldemort's and Bellatrix's spells, Harry sprang to his feet, and began launching a volley of spells and curses at Bellatrix, leaving Voldemort and Dumbledore to battle it out.

"Stupefy" "Diffindo" "Expelliarmus" "Petrificus Totalus" "Reducto" Harry's wand spat out spells one after the other, but Bellatrix was not one of Voldemort's top followers for nothing, as she dodged and shielded against Harry's volley before returning her own.

"Confringo" "Crucio" "Expulso" "Avis" "Oppugno" Bellatrix didn't dare fire the killing curse at Harry, the Dark Lord had made it clear to all his Death Eaters, that Potter was his to kill, and his alone. However, Harry was not the youngest seeker in a century and leader of the DA for nothing, as he blocked the first blasting hex, dodged the Cruciatus, Shielded against the second blasting hex, before slashing his wand at the attacking ravens.

As Harry and Bellatrix were flinging spells, curses and hexes back and forth, Voldemort and Dumbledore we doing the same on the other side of the Atrium. Only their duel was faster, more deadly and a lot more awe inspiring and impressive.

Voldemort vanished once more to dodge Dumbledore's stream of spells, only to reappear seconds later next to the magical fountain, not fifty feet from where Bellatrix and Harry were battling, but he paid them no heed as Dumbledore launched another curse at him, which he easily swatted aside.

"Avada Kedavra." Shouted Voldemort with glee, his aim was true, the deadly curse would strike the Headmaster in the chest. However, a flash of flames appeared in front of the green jet, before Fawkes the Phoenix swallowed the Curse, bursting into flames seconds later. Voldemort snarled in anger as his chance to kill Dumbledore was snatched from his very finger tips, before he once more locked in battle against the aged headmaster.

None of the four combatants noticed that the members of the Order of the Phoenix and the five DA members, who had come to the Ministry, were standing in front of the golden gates, watching the two duels. Remus Lupin wanted to go help Harry against the deranged woman, but was afraid Harry would think him a Death Eater and curse him by mistake. All the members of the Order were awed at the two duels. With Harry and Bellatrix's duel, they were more impressed that a fifteen year old wizard could hold his own against one of Voldemort's top followers.

However, they were more awed with the magic of Voldemort's and the headmasters duel. Both wizards with sporting visible Aura's, Voldemort a jet-black one, while Dumbledore's was pure white with flecks of gold at the edges, the floor where they stood becoming red hot and cracking with the amount of magic pouring from the two enemies. Both wizards were flinging some very powerful and deadly spells at each other in a seamlessly endless stream.

Ten minutes into the duel, the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, Head of the department of Magical Law enforcement Amelia Bones and around ten Auror were spat out of the fireplaces, only for them to freeze where they stood. In front of them was proof of what Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore had been telling them for a year. Lord Voldemort was back and was at that moment battling against the Headmaster, whilst Harry battled Bellatrix Lestrange.

"He's back." Thought Fudge as he stared wide eyed at the two duels. Seconds later, the Aurors and the Order members sprang into action at the same time. Half the Auror's and Order fired at Bellatrix, while the other half fired at Voldemort.

"Stupefy." around fifteen jets of red light shot at the Dark Lord; however, he slashed his wand at them batting every one of them away like flies before he vanished once more.

"Stupefy." Bellatrix was no Voldemort and the fifteen curses thrown at her struck her in the chest, sending her flying across the Atrium, before she crashed unconscious into the ground. The Auror's and Order members thought they had finally caught the escaped witch, but seconds after she landed, Voldemort appeared at her side grabbing her robe before they both vanished for the last time that night.

Harry dropped to his knees panting heavily; he face was slick with sweat. He had numerous cuts and bruises all over his arms and torso. And he had never had to use so much magic, so fast in his five years of being in the Wizarding world, when he and his friends had battled the Death Eaters down below, he had mainly been running with the others, only occasionally throwing a curse at the Death Eaters, he had been more interested in getting the others out of there alive than he was in battling Death Eaters.

"Harry?" Came Dumbledore's slightly winded voice from above him, looking up; Harry found the headmaster bent over him holding a bar of metal in his hand. "Take this it will get you back to Hogwarts."

As the nights events caught up with him, Harry began to feel the loss of his Godfather, so he took the bar without question. Seconds later he felt the tug behind his navel as he was pulled along in a whirlwind of colours via the Portkey. He reappeared in the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts. He let the metal bar fall nosily from his hand as he stared at nothing for a moment. He then walked towards the office door, intending to leave and be on his own; however, the door was locked and would not budge no matter how hard he tried.

Harry paced around the office for what seemed forever but was only twenty minutes before the fireplace roared to life and Dumbledore came walking gracefully out before he took a seat behind his desk, placing the baby Fawkes in front of him, under the unblinking stare of Harry.

"Now that you're finally here, you can let me out of this damn office." Harry said in hard voice.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that Harry." began Dumbledore gently. "We have much to discuss before the night is over."

"You have ignored me all year; I don't give two flying fucks about what you've got to say." Harry said as he glared at the Headmaster.

"You will." Dumbledore stated simply, calmly.

"NO I WON'T, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE, AND I'VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT." Harry roared at the Headmaster and he seized the delicate silver instrument from the spindle-legged table beside him and flung it across the room; it shattered into a hundred tiny pieces against the wall. Several of the pictures let out yells of anger and fright, and the picture of Armando Dippet said, "Really!"

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry screamed at the picture before picking up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. "LET ME OUT, I DON'T CARE FOR THIS WAR ANYMORE." However, Dumbledore did not open the door, so Harry whipped out his wand and sent a dozen blasting hexes at it. When he was finished, he was enraged to find the door still intact with not a mark on it, the headmaster had made no move to stop him.

"Harry please sit down." Dumbledore asked quietly, Harry seeing no other option at the moment sat, however the glare in which he looked at the Headmaster with would have had Snape green with envy.

"When you've had your say, I'm outta here." Harry stated before Dumbledore could say another word.

"Very well." Dumbledore murmured with a slight nod. "Harry I think it is time that I told you everything" he said quietly, Harry however said nothing. Dumbledore took a deep breath before he went on.

"Before you were born a Prophecy was made, it said… "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

"You were born at the end of the seventh month, July." Dumbledore began again after a few minutes silence. "When Voldemort hit you with the Killing curse and left that scar on your forehead, he marked you as his equal."

"I'm the only one able to defeat him?" Harry asked, at Dumbledore's nod he went on. "You have known about this since for fourteen years?" Another nod and Harry exploded with rage.


"I wished for you to have a childhood without this burden on your shoulders." Dumbledore said calmly in the face of Harry's rage.


"I did what I could at the time when I placed you with the Dursleys." Dumbledore began in that still calm voice. "Living with your aunt was the safest place on earth for you."

"Even though I was never loved, beaten and nearly starved?" Harry asked in a hard voice.

"You where still protected from any rogue Death Eaters, three times the wards stopped a Death Eater from attacking your home." Dumbledore explained in hope's to make Harry understand and see that he did what he did for the greater good.

"Are you even sorry for the first ten years of my life?" Harry asked knowing the answer would decide how he handled the fact that he was to stop Voldemort.

"I am sorry for how you were treated but not sorry for the fact that you were safe." Dumbledore answered softly, as Harry nodded slowly.

"Would you place me there again if you could do it over?" Harry asked slowly.

"Yes." Answered Dumbledore softly, simply. For five minutes neither wizard spoke as they stared at each other. One set of eyes sad and caring, the other defiant and angry.

"Let me out now." Harry said quietly as he came to his decision.

"Harry we still have to talk a bit more." Dumbledore replied.

"Let. Me. out." Harry repeated through clenched teeth.

"Very well." Dumbledore sighed knowing he would accomplish nothing by denying Harry, except to push him further away. The door slowly opened and Harry walked towards it. He stopped halfway through the door.

"I'll fight this war without you." He said not looking at the headmaster.


"Your inaction to help train me has most likely doomed the Wizarding world." He began still not looking at the Headmaster. "It's up to me to train and stop Voldemort, you had your war against Grindelwald, this is my war and I will fight it my way, you try to get in my way or stop me and I'll consider you an enemy." With that he left the office completely, leaving behind a stunned to his core Headmaster

After stepping off spiral staircase, Harry made his way towards Gryffindor common room, as he walked he was deep in thought about the upcoming war that he was determined to fight his way. He gave the password to a sleeping Fat-lady before he climbed into the common room, and made his way over to the boy's staircase. After reaching his dormitory, Harry walked over to the bathroom stripping his clothes off as he did. After taking a long hot shower, cleaning his cuts and soothing the bruises, he put on a clean pair of boxers, before falling into his bed.

Only one thought came to his mind before he dropped into a deep dreamless sleep. "If someone has the Dark Mark, then they are guilty and a plague on this earth and must be dealt with permanently, going to Azkaban did not work anymore." With that Harry was out like a light, asleep. Earlier that night, Harry Potter's heart had died with his Godfather Sirius Black and now his mind was taking over.

End of chapter.

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