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The Potter's Return

"May I have your attention please?" Headmistress of Hogwarts Luna Lovegood called over the chattering students as she stood from her seat at the head table. After the defeat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters fifteen years ago, Luna had finished her last year as a student before taking up the post of Charms Mistress. Luna had been the Charms Professor for ten years before accepting the post as Headmistress three years ago; this was to be her fourth year as Headmistress. Luna was currently dating an American Muggleborn, Phillip Brookes who had bought her fathers' newspaper three years ago when Xeno decided to retire.

"I have a few announcements to make before we all enjoy our excellent feast." Luna smiled at them all in her usual dreamy way. "First of all too our new students welcome and to our returning students welcome back." Here she paused a moment to drink some water before clearing her throat and continuing.

"Now tonight's feast is a very special one, not only because it marks the beginning of another year at Hogwarts but also tonight we are joined by our Minister for Magic Hermione Weasley and her husband Ronald." Hermione and Ron who were sat at the head table stood up and gave a wave to the clapping and cheering students before retaking their seats as Luna continued.

"We are also joined by the Head of the DMLE Astoria Longbottom and her husband Head Auror Neville Longbottom." The two mentioned also stood to wave to the clapping students. Neville had begun dating Astoria a year after the final battle after splitting with Hannah; the two had married two years later and they had a son aged 12 and a daughter aged 11 both in Ravenclaw. Harry James Longbottom and Blaise Daphne Longbottom, in fact this was to be Blaise's 1st year and Harry's 2nd.

"And here to report this historic day is Chief Editor of the Daily Prophet Remus Lupin." Luna continued once Neville and Astoria had retaken their seats. Remus had taken over the running of the newspaper after Harry and Tracy decided to travel the worlds (Magical and Muggle) and disappear from the public eye. In fact no-one in the entire Wizarding world had seen the two since a week after Harry's final duel with Voldemort fifteen years ago. Of course that does not include their closest friends but the public had not seen the two as they always wore glamour charms whenever they were in the Wizarding world.

"Now I'd like you all to welcome your new flying instructor Ginny finnigan." At her announcement the students went wild for the veteran Quidditch star. Ginny had played for the Holyhead Harpies for the last 10 years as their leading chaser and reserve seeker, making captain in her fifth year. Ginny had also been the lead chaser for the English national Quidditch team for three world cups leading them to victory twice. She had married Seamus four years after leaving Hogwarts. Seamus ran an Irish restaurant in Diagon Alley and had looked after their only son Dean until he started Hogwarts this year, sorted surprisingly into Slythrin.

"Also Please welcome your new Potions Mistress and new Head of Slythrin House Daphne Greengrass who is taking over from the once again retired Professor Slughorn." Luna continued once the mad cheering for Ginny had died down. Daphne was the life partner of current Herbology Professor Susan Bones, they had an adopted son who was this years' Head-Boy for Hufflepuff, Simon Greengrass-Bones.

"Now we have one more new staff member too welcome but before we get to that we have four more students to sort." As she spoke the Students and Professor's and guests began whispering amongst each over, nobody had heard of four new students to be sorted after the sorting ceremony had finished. Luckily the sorting hat and stool was still in front of the head-table.

"First please welcome Sirius Bradley who along with his twin brother will be starting his second year." As Luna finished speaking the door leading to the antechamber opened and a young boy stepped through. He was of average height of around 5"3, his hair was jet black and very messy, stuck up at all angles, he wore sliver framed square glasses over bright emerald green eyes. He strode over to the sorting hat with his back straight, eyes forward and a lopsided grin on his face. A few of the professors and guests gasped as they got a good look at Sirius Bradley, whose hair and eyes reminded them of another young boy.

Sirius stopped next to the stool and picked up the sorting hat placing it on his head before sitting on the stool to be sorted. There was a few moments silence before.

"Gryffindor." Shouted the sorting hat to the somewhat subdued clapping of the Gryffindor students who were still unsure why four students had been left until after the sorting. Sirius stood from the stool placing the sorting hat back down before strutting towards the Gryffindor table with huge shit-eating grin on his face, he took a seat before winking at the four girls near him who all blushed brightly.

"And now Sirius' twin brother, James Neville." As Luna spoke most students realised that she had not spoken their last names. The students, Professor's and guests watched as a carbon copy of Sirius strode up to the Sorting hat and stool. However, where Sirius had bright green eyes, James had bright blue eyes.

"Gryffindor." The Sorting hat shouted moments after James had placed it on his head and before he could even sit down. The Gryffindor students clapped once more as James strutted to the table and took a seat next to his brother.

"So, who are we pranking first?" James asked Sirius with a huge grin after also winking at the four girls near them.

"And now for the sorting of James and Sirius' twin sisters who will be starting their first year." Luna called moments later. "First Lily Astoria." Out of the open door leading to the antechamber walked a girl of around 4"6 with long straight jet-black hair reaching to her mid back with blonde streaks. The girl had bright emerald green eyes like her brother Sirius. However unlike James and Sirius's confident walks, Lily seemed very shy and reserved as the entire great hall watched her place the sorting hat on her head before sitting on the stool.

"Ravenclaw." The hat shouted minutes later and the Ravenclaw table clapped politely as Lily went over to join them after placing the hat back onto the stool. Lily smiled shyly at her new house mates before turning to watch the head table.

"And now for the final sorting of the night, Daphne Susan." Luna called once the Ravenclaw's had finished clapping. A carbon copy of Lily entered the Great Hall from the same door her three siblings had entered from, like her brothers she had different colored eyes from her sister, where her sister and Sirius had bright green eyes Daphne had bright blue eyes like her brother James.

"Slytherin." Shouted the sorting hat moments after Daphne had placed it on her head and sat on the stool. Most of the adults and students were shocked as they had been expecting her to join her sister in Ravenclaw. James and Sirius smirked at the shocked students while Lily smiled at her sister as she passed her heading towards the Slytherin table.

"We're pranking the entire Slytherin house first." Sirius smirked answering his brother's earlier question.

"Daphne will kill us." James smirked back knowing it would be well worth it in the end. "Then again we could always leave a mark saying it was Granddad-prongs' last prank too Slytherin." At this both brother's snickered at the mischief and mayhem they were about to unleash on Hogwarts for the next seven years.

"And now for the reason why today is one of the most historic days in Hogwarts History." Luna called loudly causing the students and adults to begin whispering amongst themselves once more whilst two sets of twins smiled and smirked respectively.

"He is the only known survivor of the killing curse; he was the Boy-Who-Lived now man-who-conquered and you're new Defence against the Dark Arts Professor. He is HARRY JAMES POTTER."

As Luna spoke the adults and students in the hall had been whispering louder and louder until they finally erupted in cheers as she announced his name confirming their whisperings. At her shout of his name the doors to the Great Hall opened to reveal a tall, slender man of around 6"4 who stood sideways in the doorway his head turned towards the cheering students with a smirk on his face.

As he stood there music began blaring over the great hall, most of the Muggleborn's instantly recognising the song to be Cult of Personality by Living Colour. Harry turned fully to face the students before he began walking down the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables. As he slowly walked his arms out to the side and a smirk on his face the cheering students seemed to become louder and it took a moment for the adults to hear what the standing students were chanting and screaming.

"POTTER IS OUR KING! HE DIDN'T LET THE DARK LORD WIN! POTTER IS OUR KING! WHO THE FUCK IS VOLDEMORT! WHO THE FUCK IS VOLDEMORT! WHO TTHHEEE FFUUUKKK IISSS VOLDEEMORTTT POTTER IS OUR KINGGGGG!" The adults at the head table laughed as they heard the chanting song over the music blasting in the great hall. It seemed like one of those spur of the moment things with no planning or practicing, it just happened.

As Harry stopped in front of the head table the students could see red writing on his white t-shirt and they cheered loudly once more before he turned to look at them showing writing to the staff and guests.

BEST IN THE WORLD was written in large red block letters under which was a large red fist that had the middle finger up in the world renowned flip off sign, under that was the date. 01/09/2012.
Moments later harry was joined by his wife of fourteen years Tracy who had entered through the same door as theirs two sets of twins.

"I'm back" Bellowed Harry with a huge grin and once more the cheering and chanting began anew as the students celebrated the return of the Leader of the Light and defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort after a fifteen year absence. The Potter's had returned to the Wizarding world and more importantly too Hogwarts at long last.

End of story

AN: well there you go, that concludes this story. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Please review your final thoughts for this chapter and what became of some people. And for those wanting to know here is a list of some people and their jobs they have as the Potter's returned. And yes I did give Harry CM Punk's entrance and music…

Remus Lupin – Chief Editor of the Daily prophet, husband of Tonks and father of three, Teddy, Jamie and Nadine

Neville Longbottom – Head Auror, father of Frankie and Alison (Twin girls)

Astoria Longbottom – Head of the DMLE

Hermione Weasley – Minister for Magic, mother of Rose and Hugo

Ron Weasley – former starting keeper for the Chudley Cannons, now Head coach

Daphne Greengrass – Potions Mistress and head of Slytherin house, life partner of Susan and adopted mother of Simon Greengrass-Bones

Susan Bones – Herbology Professor and Head of Hufflepuff house

Luna Lovegood – former Charms mistress and head of Ravenclaw house, now Headmistress, dating American Muggleborn Phillip Jackson

Ginny Finnegan – flying instructor at Hogwarts after playing for the Holyhead harpies and English national Quidditch teams

Padma Nott – Transfiguration Professor and Head of Ravenclaw house and Deputy Headmistress

Harry Potter – travelled the world with his wife Tracy for fifteen years relaxing after, in his mind a seventeen year war (Dursley's and Voldemort) new DADA professor and head of Gryffindor house, has four children, Lily-Astoria, Daphne-Susan, James-Neville and Sirius Bradley.

Tracy Potter – will be assisting Harry in his DADA classes