Author's Note: A series of one-shots that takes a deeper look at the Justice League: who they are, what they live for, and what they will die for. Any ideas or suggestions? Review/PM me!


When Diana was a little girl, she wanted to be just like her mother. Queen Hippolyta seemed to be everything an Amazon should be—powerful, beautiful, and regal. Diana would practice walking like a princess, talking like a queen, and fighting like a warrior.

When she turned sixteen, her mother brought her onto the beach and told her about men. Diana walked onto the beach more-or-less a child, and she walked out a full-grown Amazon, vowing to never allow a male domination over her body, soul, or heart.

When Themiscyra received the cry for help, Diana rebelled against her mother for the first time—not because she felt any true sympathy for Man's World, but because she saw something impure in her mother's face as she refused Amazonian help—saw fear, loathing, and vengeance. It was not the Amazon way to hate.

Two years later she returned to defeat the man who'd imprisoned her Amazon sisters and mother in stone. In the end, Felix Faust is turned to dust and Hades is defeated, but as Diana stands before her mother she sees shame, not pride, on the woman's face.

She is stunned when her mother banishes her from Themiscyra, stunned more by the accusatory glance the older woman gives the black-cowled man at her elbow. When she gets home—real home, back in Man's World—she lies down on her bed and cries.

She weeps, because where Diana once saw strength, she now sees prejudice. Where she once saw regality, she now sees pride. So Diana cries with all the pain of a little girl who knows that the woman she's always wanted to be is not who she seemed, and that Diana never wants to let hatred transform her as it did her mother.

When Diana stands up, she no longer wants to be her mother, but Wonder Woman, who is pure and just and loves people.

It is only later that she learns that to be truly complete, she must learn to be Diana as well.