Twin Witches:

What if you knew nothing about your life because your parents were dead and any other living relative that you knew of were too. What if while you and your twin sister were out of the country to find more about yourselves, the love of your life and his family were taken, and you were the only one to be able to find them and return them to there normal lives. Follow Bella and Rosalie Swan as the venture to find themselves and there only family they know the Cullen's.

Chapter 1: Gone

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I am a twin to my sister Rosalie Lillian Swan, we are not identical I have my dad in me with the brown hair and eye color and Rose has our

mom blue eyes and blond hair, but that's all we know of our parent's they died when we were 4 and we were sent to live with our godparents Leah and Jacob Black. They knew

only little about our parents and were given place for me and my sister to search for answers to our past. So here we are on a plane heading home to Cookeville, Tennessee. Back

from Italy where we just found out that we were witches, and rare ones at that. It was rare for twins to run in the magical world and therefore we have special powers. They are

all interesting, when we were sad it would rain when we are sad and the sun shines when we are happy. There is a prophecy on us that says we are the ones who can change

Vampires back into humans. This is us and this is what we found out and so are life beings.

Our plane arrived in Nashville at 5:30 pm and we were due at the Cullen's for dinner at 7:30, it only takes and hour to get home but with Rose's driving it only takes about 45

minutes. We arrive home in one peace and get ready to head just three doors down. It was ten minutes till 7:30 so we grabbed our coats and headed down to their house. When

we got there it was strange that the outside light was off, and no lights were inside, the door was unlocked so we went in to see if we could find out what was going on. We were

shocked at what we found the place was a total mess it looked like a robbery I called the police and they came out took are statements and finger prints and left. We walked

around the house there was nothing there not furniture no appliances nothing its like they up and moved without telling us. We went back home because it was about midnight and

we were tired from the jet lag and sad because our only family was gone. We got ready for bed took our showers and got in bed. I laid there what seemed like hours and I looked

at the clock and it was only 1:30 in the morning, I hear a small knock at my door and a second later Rose's head popped in trough my door, "I can't sleep, I miss Emmett and all I

can think of is what happen to him, can I sleep with you?", "Yea sure Rosie, that's all I can think about too, I miss Edward so much it hurts, he is my soul mate and being away from

him is like being without air. I can't live without him Rose we have to find them, you know we are the only ones who can find them the police are no help I can tell you that for

sure." " I know Belly I know I feel the same about Emmett, and you are right we are the only ones that can find them. So what do you think we should do first?" " Well, I think we

should get some sleep then tomorrow we are going back to their house and go through ever room and I will touch every surface to see if I can get a vision to try and see what

happen there." "ok sissy, lets get some sleep then get up first thing in the morning, I love you Bells." " I love you too Rosie, I love you too." Then we drifted off into dreamless

sleep because if we did dream I would hate to think what it would look like outside when we woke up. Tomorrow will be day one on our search for our only family and the loves of

our lives.

Thanks for reading my new story, I know its short i think this one the chapters will be short. This story originally started as a reoccurring dream I was having and my best friend told me to write it. As you know and some other writers do the same but I see Bella as myself and Rose is one of my best friends and this is for her. Love you much sis.

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