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Summary: Sometimes, when Eliot thinks he's alone, he pulls out a well worn photo and stares at it longingly. Sophie lets him continue to think that none of the others know about it.

Pairings: Eliot/Sophie friendship, Eliot(Jack)/Annabeth, hints of Nate/Sophie

Photographic Memories

Part 1: The Photo

Eliot doesn't think anyone knows. He thinks that no one knows that when he's alone he pulls a picture out of… somewhere and stares at it longingly. Sophie lets him keep that illusion. If he wants to believe that no one his any clue about the picture. Well, that's his business.

Sophie's sure that the picture must have some sort of story behind it. The way Eliot stares at it… you don't stare at something like that if there's no story. Well… Parker might. But that's Parker.

She's not sure what that story is though. She assumes that it has something to do with his past. Eliot always has the picture on him, and anything any of them keeps that close, has something to do with their pasts. Parker has her bunny. Nate has the picture Sam drew. She has her storage lockers. Sophie had once made a comment to Nate about how they were all addicted to their pasts. Eliot was no more exempt from that any of the rest of them.

Sophie knows something of Eliot's past. Most cons do. He's something of a legend in the world of thieves. He's been active longer than any retrieval specialist before or since, performing retrievals that no other specialist would ever even dream of doing. Even before they went white hat, Eliot made his career taking down dictators, and stealing back the unstealable. He's got millions of dollars in bounties on his head and is wanted in over a dozen countries. The jobs he's pulled… Legendary.

Because he is so well known, Sophie knows that Eliot first appeared on the seen in 1998 when he was only 23. He quickly proved himself to be a highly skilled retrieval specialist, though his status was nowhere near the level it would one day be. He continued in that same vein, until late 2003 when he abruptly disappeared. At the time most people assumed he had been killed. It wasn't like that was an uncommon fate for hitters. Then, out of the blue, in spring of '06 he reappeared, no indication of where he'd been for the past two and a half years. It was only after his return that he rose to the status of legend, taking on bigger, and riskier jobs than ever before. Sophie sure that whatever happened during those years he was missing that caused his abrupt about face, it has something to do with that picture.

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