She and He and They

She watches him. He's dancing with one of their friends, and she's not happy. Not at all. She wants to be the one with her back to his front, with her arms around his neck, with his hands around her waist, with his head in the space where her neck meets her shoulder.

He knows that she's watching. He's sorry that he's not with her at this very moment. But he won't ever turn down a dare, even if it means hurting her. As much as he should be enjoying having his beautiful female friend grind on him, he can't. He should be with someone else.

She wants to be on the dance floor with him. She's shy, sure, but she will do anything for him. There's no doubt in her mind that she wants to be with him in every way possible. Her dress is as green as her envy. She's angry as well. This night cannot end well for anyone, but she doesn't care right now.

He sighs as the song ends. Now he can go find her, and maybe she'll dance with him. Nothing would make him happier. But he is forced to stare in shock as he sees her pull another man out onto the floor, a smile adorning her lovely lips, a gorgeous laugh gracing everyone in the vicinity with its presence.

She's not trying to hurt him. Well, maybe just a little. But she's tired of waiting for him to do something, if he ever plans on doing something. So she's going to enjoy herself, hopefully, and maybe make him jealous in the process. So she grabs her tallest male friend, and drags him into the crowd. She fakes happiness, and knows that no one will catch her lie. It's one she's dragged out too many times to be less than convincing.

He's furious. How could one of his best friends do this to him? One of his best guy friends is dancing with…her. The love of his life. This is not cool at all. He knew he shouldn't have accepted that challenge. He always makes mistakes when it comes to her, doesn't he? It will be amazing if she actually loves him. God, she better love him, or he doesn't know what he's going to do with himself.

She's grinding on one of her friends. Could her life be any more awkward? Apparently so, because she sees him stomping towards them, and he is livid.

He can't take it anymore. She should be with him, not one of their damn friends! He pulls her away from said friend, even though she's in mid-grind.

She's annoyed, but happy, as he drags her away. Could this be what's she's waiting for?

He's glad she's not putting up a fight. Anything to make this easier is overly welcome.

She widens her eyes as he brings her to a darkened corner of the club. She crosses her arms over her chest. Is he going to say it?

He notices that her breasts are emphasized when she folds her arms. Why is she taunting him like this? Does she enjoy it?

She tenses as he moves towards her, so they're chest to chest, and she can barely breathe.

He smirks as her face turns red. So, he does have an effect on her, after all.

"I love you."

They're in synch with their declaration. And they're in synch as they kiss for the first time, and it's everything they've been waiting for, and more.

A/N: I'm sure this fic idea's been played out a hundred times, but I wanted to write it, so I did. I listened to three songs while writing this (to get into the 'club mentality').

All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter

On The Floor - (Jennifer Lopez) ft. Pitbull

Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae [listen to this song if you want to feel happy!]

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